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The Great White Jean Debate

Apr 26, 2012

Ever since seeing Gwyneth in her “perfect running errands” outfit. I have been convinced I need a pair of white jeans.   Well really I would like her whole outfit, but lets start with the jeans.   Problem is do the perfect pair of white jeans exist? Confession: I have never owned a pair of white jeans before.   Crazy, right??  I can’t seem to find a pair that is flattering and trust me I have tried on many different brands!  We all know white jeans accentuate everything and put it all on display way more than regular jeans.   I find most are too see through, don’t have enough stretch, are too short, or just plain unflattering.

Enter Rag and Bone. Apparently Gwennie is wearing their Skinny Bright White Jeans.

Now I am not delusional I know my figure is nothing like Gwyneth’s but these jeans look like a great fit.   They are high waisted which is key for me! And I am obsessed with my Rag and Bone Midnight Skinny Legging Jeans. Really beyond obsessed. They suck me in all the right places and make me look 10lbs thinner.   Seriously ladies try on a pair of these and you will be obsessed too.

Can their white jeans do the same?  Anyone own a pair and care to share?  Any recommendations for white jeans that fit well? I want them long,  skinny,  with stretch, and flattering.   Is that too much to ask?? And I need them soon so I can copy all these fabulous ensembles based around white jeans!

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  1. You are such a liar. Before you even said "my body doesn't look like Gwennie's." I was thinking to myself, "Nat's body TOTALLY looks like Gwennie's."

  2. these are also a great fit too- sorry to blow you up. i used to work in a high end contemporary store and we had to have "jean education" every month.


  3. Girl you totally are crazy for not owning white jeans. I have three pairs currently along with two pairs of nice white pants. They are a spring and summer staple. GO GET SOME! They're just as easy as colored denim to wear. Just find a pair that's thick enough and stretchy enough and long enough. Oh wait…But when you do find those, buy them. I have Paige, Citizens, and sevens and all fit slightly different and I love them all. GO GET SOME!!!

  4. How timely! I haven been thinking about this very topic a lot and pinned Gwynnie's photo asap (shirt is also amaze). Can't wait to hear what everyone says. I am thinking about trying JCrew's high-waisted skinny (really agree with you about smoothing power of a higher waist). Here's the link and they come in tall and are under $100. Has anyone tried these?


    XOXO Georgine

  5. Dina says:

    White jeans are my favorite spring wardrobe essential! I'm a LOFT shopper all the way, all their clothing fits me perfectly, so mine are from there! Good luck!

  6. My white jean leggings are from The Limited of all places, um…hello high school! my bootcut pair is the ag angel and i love them as well….your mission should u choose to accept is to find out who makes those fabulous sandals gwyneth is sporting

  7. Jill says:

    My problem would be trying to keep them clean for the entire day!! Let me know what pair you find

  8. Surprisingly, I love the LOFT ones that I just picked up last weekend. They're the modern skinny, and with 40% off, I think I paid a whopping $36. I was surprised at how much I liked the fit on them.

  9. Leslie Ann says:

    They aren't skinny jeans but I got the earnest sewn hefner's that anthro carries.

  10. Alicia xoxxo says:

    If anyone can pull off white jeans and look like Gwennie it would be you my dear!!! Go get a pair or 2! Piperlime is offering $15 off $75 or more. Let me know if you need the code. You def need a pair for summer!

  11. Like Me Some says:

    Soo cute! I got a pair of skinny white jeans at j crew and love them!!! Keeping them clean…that's another story!!!

  12. Sara Mueller says:

    love white jeans! I am sure you will find a pair and look amazing wearing them!

  13. Kyle says:

    The Rag and Bone look awesome. I am loyal to JBrand and have their most comfortable and flattering pair of white jeans. I live in them through late spring/summer.

  14. The Hawkins says:

    White jeans are totally a must! I wear mine all the time. Have a pair of Jcrew, Paper Demin, and Sevens. Hope you find some soon!

  15. Courtney says:

    Got mine from Jcrew last year for $40!!!

  16. I love white jeans so much {I wish they looked better on me!} + JBrand is my favorite. They have a good denim/spandex ratio + always make me feel smooth!

  17. I love a good white jean although mine are JBrand and so STIFF! Definitely in the market for a replacement. XO

  18. Kerr says:

    I found a pair at forever 21 and I was shocked that they have become my favorite. They are long and have stretch and aren't see through. And they were only 12 dollars so im not worried about ruining them!

  19. Erin says:

    Actually … Gap makes a "legging jean" in white, I have those and I absolutely love them. They have a nice amount of stretch in them, so they're great!

    I can't believe with all the gorgeous clothes you have there are no white jeans in your closet!

  20. Natalie, head over to the saks outlet they have a ton a brands and fit options! If they dont have your size they will order them for you! I just got a pair of high waisted joes for $70!

  21. Ok, you DO look like Gwynnie! And I am dying to try Rag and Bone now!

  22. I love white jeans! I have 3 pair- banana republic (boot cut very thick), Guess (skinny, soft and stretch), and Express (ankle fit). I love them all! You have an awesome body- they'll look great on you!

  23. Kara says:

    Love the white jean look, not sure I could pull it off-but girl you would rock it!

  24. Kara says:

    Love the white jean look, not sure I could pull it off-but girl you would rock it!

  25. I have to say- I agree 100% with you about white jeans. I love the look and I try so hard each year to find a good pair. But, they just don't work for me! I can not stand the way I look in them- (and I love my skinny jeans!) there has to be a balance between fitted, and but not too tight…
    I have settled for a white linen wide leg look to fulfill my white pant need. *sigh* but if you do find the perfect pair- please share!!

  26. Taylor says:

    oh my gosh you must get a pair immediately!!! I never realized how much I would wear them!! I found a great pair from BP section at Nordstrom for super cheap, and have a pair from JCrew but in my opinion the fit isn't that great. Love the pair that you picked!

  27. Ooo I say go for it! I have a pair of true religion but they're old! Would love to get a pair of skinny ankle denim. Let us know what you do!

  28. White Jeans are a must in the closet in my opinion. I have a crop pair, boot cut, cut off shorts, and a denim skirt – all in white denim. šŸ™‚ Gap actually has great white jeans and like someone else mentioned, Loft is good, especially for a skinny crop look. It can make any plain or not so plain top sexy! I am actually on the hunt for another pair – ha!
    – allthatsgoldglitters.blogspot.com

  29. You can definitely pull off white jeans! You should get some!!

  30. Tori says:

    You've got a killer body!


  31. Nat says:

    If anyone could pull off white jeans it would definitely be you- you're so skinny! I have a Gap pair but I'm thinking of adding to my collection. I love them but I swear every time I wear them I manage to spill something dark on them.

  32. Sassy says:

    I basically live in white jeans in the summer. I have a JBrand pair that I LOVE. I also have cream pairs from JBrand and Seven, plus 2 white bootcut pairs from COH. You and I are built very similar so hopefully one of those brands will work for you!

    You've gotten me all kinds of interested in Rag & Bone…I might have to go splurge on a new pair. šŸ™‚

  33. Kathryn says:

    I just picked up a pair of JBrand 811 in Snow. Awesome. I have too many pairs of the 811s in varying colors. They just hug in all the right places!

  34. A says:

    I have two pairs from J.Crew – one is their matchstick (skinny jean) for wearing with flats, and the other is their high-heel flare (for wearing with espadrilles and heels). Between the two you can't go wrong!

  35. I am right there with you- I have never owned white jeans! I think you have the perfect figure for them, though.

  36. I LIVE in my white jeans all summer. I love the long and lean version from the GAP and the legging jean from LOFT. I promise, you won't regret getting a pair!

  37. Tell me about it, I have tried on so many pairs and most of them are see through or just plain unflattering! If I find a great pair I'll let you know.


  38. I totally agree with you! I have always had the hardest time finding white jeans that I like. The only pair I ever liked were my Heidi Klum maternity jeans! Ha ha!



  39. You MUST get a pair of white jeans! I was wearing them back in 2011 during the summer! They just look awesome!

  40. I meant 2001! LOL! Like 2011 is so long ago…

  41. I *so* wish I was brave enough to do the white jeans…brave enough not in the sense that I don't think I can wear them, but in the it would make me cry when I completely ruined/stained them beyond all repair in the first hour that I had them on…and I'm *positive* this would happen! No, I'm not paranoid, why do you ask? (c:

  42. Bud and Leo says:

    white jeans are my go-to for summer! I need to try the Rag & Bone… I have a pair of Hudsons & Paige's that I love!

  43. jessica says:

    Wao love all the branded bags umm, and you are looking very pretty in your white legging, but its really hard to let it clean:( that's why don't wear it.

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