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Health and Wellness Favorites

Jan 28, 2020

Since I am home sick I thought I would share some health and wellness favorites.

8 Greens Vitamins– I love Molly Sims and always watch her videos and she recommended these so I ordered and love them. They are packed full of rich greens. They are sold out most places but I found them on sale!

Bath Salts– these are the best bath salts.

Goop Detox Superpowder– I like to drink one packet of these in the morning.

Sakara Probiotic Blend – a friend recommended these and I love them.

Beauty Chocolates- I also love and take these beauty chocolates. They are filled with collagen and I like that they are chocolate because I use this a sweet treat after my meal.

Foot Massager– my neighbor had this and I used it one night and promptly ordered one. Trust me so relaxing and great for sore feet.

Acupressure Mat– I have had this for 2 years now. Great for back and neck pains. Feels weird at first but it works.

Elderberry Syrup– this is made locally here and I love it, you can also order online.

Wellness Formula– this came highly recommended by so many of you! Great to take when you start to feel sick or run down.

Ice Roller– I love to use this in the morning. I think it is great for depuffing skin.

Zarabee’s Tea– my mom got me hooked on this and I love it. I have been drinking it twice a day since I have been sick. I love the taste.

Liquid Vitamin C – I started taking these last year. It contains 1000mg of Vitamin and you absorb it quicker than pills.



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  1. Sharon says:

    Hi Natalie! I wanted to ask if you have noticed any side effects from all the antibiotics on your wellness goals? I have been on a long term antibiotic for rosacea and trying to transition off as I think it might be contributing to some weight gain. Nothing major, but curious if you had noticed any of the same. I had never noticed (or had much choice!) with shorter term antibiotics. Regardless, I’m going to try cycling off and use a good probiotic.