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Home Life | Our New Air Purifier

May 29, 2020

I have always wanted an air purifier, I heard so many amazing things about them. When TruSens reached out and wanted to send us one along with their. speciality Allergy and Flu filter to try I was so excited. Sterling and I both have really bad allergies, especially to dust and mold so I knew it would be great especially for us.

TruSens is amazing for so many reasons. First of all I love the sleek modern design. It is not an eye sore at all and easily blends into any room. It is also super easy to move (not heavy at all) so you can change rooms if need be. We placed it in our family room because that is where we spend the most time.

TruSens works by capturing allergens in the air like dust, pollen, and mold. It also captures pet dander if you own a pet and odors. They have a DuPont 360 degree filtration system that allows air to be pulled in all directions and filtered. They also offer a speciality Allergy & Flu filter that captures 99% of airborne allergens and viruses.. Friends this device is a game changer.

It comes with a SensorPod that you can place anywhere in the room. The SensorPod counts the particles in the air and communicates with the air purifier. On the face of the air purifier it has a LED display that will show the number that reflects the quality of your air. It has 3 different colored rings that rate the air quality, blue is good, yellow is moderate, and red is poor. As you can see below ours is blue.

It works quietly, occasionally the fan will speed up to filter the air but it is so quiet it doesn’t affect us at all. I love that is is worry free and I know our air is as clean as it can be. I have to say Sterling was experiencing lots of allergy related headaches and they have been much better since we got this air purifier.

You can learn more on their website as well, but TruSens has been amazing for our family!

Thanks to TruSens for partnering on this post.

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