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Keeping it Real

May 18, 2012

TGIF.  I am so darn glad it is Friday.
Today I am in a bit of a blogging funk. 

I am tired.  I have a mile long list of things to do on my to-do list that never get done.
I washed my hair today for the first time in 4 days, pretty gross right??

Where does the time ago? I swear since having a child I hardly have time to respond to emails let alone come up with something interesting to write about. That is why most of my posts are random because that is how my crazy mind works. Usually I am always dreaming about clothes and food- and maybe Zac Efron and Adam Levine.  Ok and maybe wine too.


This week I have eaten like a heifer.  No restraint at all,  plus my only workout has consisted of a 3 mile walk one day and I have done the arms series on my Tracy Anderson DVDs a few times.  Not enough to compensate for all the food (and wine) I have been consuming.  I feel lazy.

My house stays dirty.  How do people with kids ever have a clean house?  My couch is crusted with god knows what and every week I swear I find a new stain on my dining room rug.  My floor constantly feels like I am walking on crumbs.  I keep finding pieces to toys I didn’t even know we had.  I need a playroom, plus a cleaning lady but we can’t afford either.

Feels better just to vent a bit.  I know I am lucky to be a stay at home mom but sometimes the days are long and this has just been one of those weeks.  I count my blessings everyday for this sweet face but sometimes I just want a few hours alone.   Or really I would be happy just to shower or pee alone!

Now on to a brighter topic.  I don’t want to get everybody all depressed I mean it is the weekend!  My Bauble Bar Necklace finally arrived and I love.  So worth the $28.  I am pretty obsessed with Bauble Bar these days.  Great prices on all their jewelry.

I just ordered this dress.  Hope it fits me as well as the model.  Love the colors.

C&C Colorblock Maxi Dress

I am officially obsessed with Jenny’s art on MFAMB.  Girl has got some major talent plus she is freaking hilarious.  She is my girl crush.

Sometimes when it is Friday they only song I can think of is Rihanna “Cheers to the freaking weekend, I ‘ll drink to that.”  (that was for you Melissa).

I am pretty sure these Minty Lime Frozen Mojitos will be made this weekend.

Thanks for listening to my Friday Rant! xoxo

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  1. Taylor says:

    haha I feel like that a lot – at least it is friday and hopefully you can relax a bit! rihanna is always a good way to start the weekend. In love with that color block dress!!!!

  2. Val says:

    Girl, I feel you!!! I get in blogging funks…daily. I love your necklace. That would lift my spirits. Gorg. I hope you have the most wonderful weekend.

  3. Tasha says:

    Thanks Natalie for being so honest!!! Life is hard to say the least!! The weather in Charleston this past week sure hasn't helped matters any!! I was just curious what do use on your non shampoo days? I have tried dried shampoo but find that I have to use so much for my thin blonde hair not to look greasy. Thanks again, I love your blog and always look forward to your daily posts! Enjoy your freaken weekend!! Cheers!!:-)

  4. Christina says:

    I adore you for this post. Not that I didn't before of course, but this just made you so much realer. Your venting = real life issues. šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ Let the house stay messy, pour yourself another glass of wine, and laugh about it later. In the end, a bit of dust on your coffee table isn't hurting anyone, is it? Haha. Have a great weekend!

    Oh, and thanks for posting both Zac and Adam. Drool.

  5. I KNOW you feel better now that you've gotten all of that off your chest. Thanks for sharing!!! Totally me on Monday, the day after you get back from vacation stinks! not to mention looking back on fat pictures from the trip- boo!! Oh well, as you always say, time to chug water, exercise and cut back right?! We have a cleaning lady and if you can swing $100 a month, you can have a cleaning lady. It is HARD to realistically get a deep clean without one (IMHO). I'm a huge advocate of help!! They're not as expensive as you think and we have ours come 2x month. Otherwise, for daily (though I'm not a stay at home mom (yet) but do work full time and grad classes and married) I have been super inspired by the chore list floating around Pinterest and that Jenny blogged about? http://littlegreennotebook.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2012-03-07T05:30:00-05:00&max-results=3&start=9&by-date=false

    PS- You are so cool!! I probably sound like a super fan, but you are!! So let's drink to that šŸ˜‰

  6. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for keeping it real! Life isn't always roses – especially life as a mommy. And this dreary Charleston weather isn't helping my mood, either. I think being a SAHM is WAY harder than being a working mom. Soooo, that's why I work. I hope you have a good weekend!

  7. Keely says:

    Feel the same! Hubs asks what's wrong and then says "Life's sooo tough"! They have no idea and completely miss the point! So thanks for venting to us… Just be thankful you have all those wonderful clothes and accessories and get to shop all the time. I am restricted to Tj's/Marshalls & Target like stores now that I am a stay at home mom. Not that those stores are bad, but I miss shopping at Nord's . Keep doing such a great job and being a inspiration for fashion, style, & being a great mom/wife.

  8. Ah good luck getting your blog mojo back! We dont have any kids but I cant stand a dirty house (and all the dog hair). Having a housekeeper come every couple of weeks is the best $60 I've ever spent!

  9. I think we're week twinsies. I'm right there with you. Thank goodness for children to make it all worthwhile….crumbs and all. I just ordered that same maxi yesterday! Have a fantastic weekend!!

    Xx. Patience

  10. Oh Natalie,

    I hear you on the ranting šŸ™‚ And I'm constantly stepping on something crunchy around here. And it's just not possible to keep the house clean. And on the bright side, yes Jenny's art just gets better and better, I'm obsessed too.

  11. 17 Perth says:

    Thanks for keeping it real–haha–and I feel you on the never ending cleaning…and still dirty? What? Today is a must hair wash day—haha. It is day 3 for me. And I am planning it today because if I was it today–it will still be clean by Sunday for church. Yep–I plan it like that. Haha. Jenny's got mad talent. Love her work too.

  12. Kaitlin says:

    ha, this post just made me smile. I haven't worked out since last Friday, have eaten like crap since last weekend when friends were in town, and I'm exhausted b/c my toddler has decided she no longer wants to sleep in her bed all night. Glad I'm not the only one struggling today…cheers to a relaxing & re-energizing weekend!

  13. I so appreciate your honesty!! I usually read your posts and wonder how the heck you do it all?! You always look so cute, make amazing dinners, write witty posts, and just seem to have it all together! Whereas for me, my kids may e pulled together but our house and meals are a hot mess these days! And I would do anything to have time for a pedicure and privacy while getting ready! Just remember that we all have those moments where we just want some "me" time, no matter how much we love our kids and how grateful we are to be home with them!!

  14. Girl, I don't know how you even blog every day given your crazy schedule! You're such an inspiration to me as a mom-to-be and all moms! Keep it up and know how much we LOVE your blog!!! XO

  15. Jill says:

    sounds like you need an adult only vacation!!

  16. Hehehe…that last one totally made me grin (c: And honestly I got a little teary-eyed reading the top part because I can't tell you how many times I feel that way but don't really have the balls to admit to it. I appreciate it and can relate more than you know, girl! Definitely time for some mommy alone time! (c;

  17. Court says:

    I love that you keep it real;)

  18. I think you are adorable and presh. You are my hero.

  19. i just found your blog and i have to say i looove your style of writing and your honesty. you are hilarious!

    hope you have a SUPER restful weekend filled with those delish looking mojitos. ps i have the baublebar necklace in yellow and im obsessed! xoxo

  20. Children are physically exhausting and emotionally draining. If they weren't, it would mean you weren't doing a good job! As far as a cleaning lady–your necklace would have almost bought one cleaning. Think of it that way-is it worth sacrificing some of your "fun" money for it? It might be. I decided to wait on that until I went back to work full-time…it may be worth it for you now. I pay $55 weekly near Charlotte. It can be done, & honey, when I get home from work on cleaning day I feel like I am on top of the world, it's the best!

  21. I feel ya! It's been the longest week ever! I feel like all I ever do is clean, do laundry, reorganize my to do list to make myself feel better and then dream of all the places I would like to be shopping, all the amazing dishes I would like to be cooking and all the rooms I would like to be redecorating in my house!! Darn you Pinterest!! LOL My necklace came in the mail this week too! Can't wait to wear it!! Have a great weekend! Oh and I had to go pin your mojitos bc they look delish!!

  22. That makes me feel so much better about my life today!! It has been one of those weeks around here, too… with my car being hit today in carpool as the cherry on top! Maybe one of those mojitos will make it better! Cheers!

  23. jenny says:

    Ha! I can relate this week:) I have two kids that I homeschool (8and 10)and my sister has 3 kids around the same ages that she schools as well. Her husband has been in the hospital for a major surgery all week so I have had her kids (5 total under the age of 10)all week to school as well. Sweet ladies at my bible study have brought dinner over, but it has been terribly fattening casseroles and tons of sweets:( have eaten like a blimp and only made gym 3 times bc I couldnt get out of the house with 5 kids lol!!!Her youngest son, 6, is a booger wiper…so I keep finding dried up boogers on my walls, carpet, sofa you name it! And the upstairs…well lets not even get started! So as I sit down for the first time today reading your blog(wine in hand) you gave me a good laugh!:) I feel you sister! But as much as my OCD drives me crazy I have to remember…I honestly cant tell you where the last 10 years went??? And in just 10 more, my youngest will be leaving for college:( So… I know one day my house will be clean and perfect so for now I will just try to deal with the mess;) And btw, I love your blog and think you are hilarious! Hope you have a great weekend;)

  24. I completely feel you! I have had a horrible couple of weeks but keep thinking that no matter how hard it is, my life is good šŸ™‚ I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

    BTW, that song is perfect for my Fridays too!

    Love that necklace and those mojitos look amazing!

  25. megan says:

    I, too, am in quite a blogging funk. All that's on my mind is the wedding but I don't want that to be all I blog ab out. Plus I am trying to save save save so I haven't been doing any shopping..so I can't post on that. Eh, my life is boring. Oh well, I love it. šŸ™‚

  26. I can totally relate to the eating bad and lack of exercise this week. But I went for a run tonight after work and feel much better. A great cure when you feel so blah. That or one of those drinks! šŸ™‚

  27. You deserve a good rant every once in a while- and it always feels so much better after doing it! I love that Rihanna song and sing it in my head every Friday afternoon! I love you for keeping it real! šŸ™‚

  28. Sing it sister! If you can't say it here, where can you say it? I'm texting you a real life picture of my house I took last week for Katharine when she was feeling down too. It's impossible to keep our house clean. It's all I can do just to pick up most of the toys and wrangle dishes into the sink before Matthew gets home from work. But a few more baskets. It's easy to throw all the toys in them and makes the house appear less disheveled. But that's not cleaning. I run the dishwasher and quick/vac swiffer the floors during nap time because the crumbs and mess are overwhelming. I'm not sure when I'm actually supposed to find the time for laundry or real deep cleaning. It's impossible while the babies are awake and when they go to bed I jut want to crash. We all have moments that we get overwhelmed. We don't have a cleaning lady right now either and Wells and Tagg are home with me all day ever day. No MMO for a break. You're doing an amazing job and you need to vent so you don't lose your shit at home šŸ™‚ LOVE YOU!!!

  29. Alicia xoxxo says:

    I know EXACTLY how you feel! By the end of the day, I am drained. I have all these fun blog ideas in my head during the day while I am chasing Owen, and then by the end of the day I am drained and brain dead. Cant even remember what I wanted to blog about!I find new stains on my rug too! So glad you are letting us know how you feel, at least I know I am not alone! Those drink look amazing and I think I need one, along with that necklace!!! Hang in there honey! You are not alone!
    PS-I made your roasted tomatoes and they are amazing! I added cheese to mine!;) Hubs loves it

  30. HA, you are so funny. I totally know how you feel, I have a little boy who just turned two in March. The comment about wanting to pee alone had me cracking up…I have the same issue right now. Mine can't wait until I'm done to flush the potty.Oh the joys.

  31. I hear ya, I would have gone insane a long time ago if it wasn't for Matthew's naps. I love him to death but I need some quiet time for myself, especially here, where we only get Sundays as the weekend!
    Love the dress, I think it would look great on you šŸ˜‰

  32. Melanie says:

    you crack me up! I feel your pain… having 2 kids is CRA-ZY…right about what I expected, but I feel like I have zero alone time. Make a date night with your hubs, that always seems to make things better (and gives you some time away)Hope you had a great weekend with your adorable boys!

  33. I just read this, but I was totally feeling that way myself on Friday! I only hope my children won't remember how messy my house is more than how I never missed a game. Hang in there!