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Kroma 5 Day Reset

Jan 13, 2023

Last week we completed the Kroma 5 day Reset. You may remember back in November we did the Kroma 1 day Reset and really liked it. You can read my post HERE about the 1 day Reset. Kroma reached out to me and gifted me the 5 day Reset to try. It is expensive the Kroma reset is $390 compared to Prolon being $170 so about double the price. I will say this cleanse/reset was so well done. From the packaging to the Superfood meals it all is so good. I was very impressed with everything. Tell me you haven’t seen a more beautifully branded and packaged cleanse!

For the reset you will need a handheld frother, blender and a way to heat up your non dairy milk and water. We put our electric kettle to good use! If you order the VIP kit it does come with a frother, Kroma tumbler, a travel pouch and Fasting tea.

You get 10 packets per day (below you can see what is a typical in a day) so 50 packets in all. You get two lattes, two broths, a hydration drink, a green drink, a smoothie and a bedtime magnesium drink. You also get a container of the OMG Cookie Butter which is a blend of almond butter and goji beans. You are allowed up to 2 tablespoons of this a day and it is so delicious. I am still eating it post cleanse.

This reset you really are fueling your body and not starving it. There were times I was hungry for sure but by the time I was hungry it was time for another drink or broth. Most of the packets remain the same daily except the lattes and broths change daily. The lovely thing about Kroma is you can add in fruits and veggies if you like. You can customize the reset to your needs. We added berries to our porridge, I snacked on celery and one day we added zucchini and chicken to our broth.

The breakfast porridge with added berries below.

On this reset I had energy and didn’t feel super deprived. I will say day 3/4 I had some detox symptoms a headache and just feeling weird overall but by day 5 I felt amazing. I worked out the entire time I was on this reset because again you are not super deprived so I had energy.

Most days I didn’t even finish all my packets we actually still have some left. I only did the smoothie one day out of 5. If that gives you an idea of how satiated you are during this reset. It does get redundant by day like 4 I was getting a little tired of the packets but that is how it goes with any cleanse. I will say I loved most of items that were part of the reset. After the reset I went online and ordered the beef broth, matcha, and spicy passion latte to incorporate to our daily diets. I love that Kroma has a shop where after the cleanse you can purchase the items. After the cleanse we realized we missed some of the packets we enjoyed them so much!

So many of you asked how this compared to Prolon. It is more expensive but you get so much more with this reset vs Prolon. This has more variety and I enjoyed the experience more overall than Prolon. Prolon I felt really tired and starving most of the time. I didn’t exert myself much on Prolon, on Kroma I did some sort of exercise everyday. Post Kroma I am down 5 pounds and Evans lost 7. We both feel way less bloated my holiday tummy pooch is almost flat again, we feel clear headed, and have more energy. My mood has also been really good. Post cleanse we are both inspired to keep up these results with minimal to no processed foods, no refined sugar and limiting our alcohol intake. I also plan to incorporate the lattes in my daily routine when they arrive. Would we do this cleanse again? Yes absolutely. I asked Evans if he would do it again and he said “I would do it tomorrow I felt so good on that cleanse. ” A+ from both of us.

If you want to try Kroma they graciously gave me a discount code you can use NATTY15 to save 15% off the cleanse.

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