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Let’s Talk About Hair | Extensions + Products I Love

Apr 5, 2019

Besides my dating life my hair is the second most frequently asked about topic. I just recently got extensions and I have to say I am totally obsessed with them. I don’t have bad hair per say it is just really thin. Totally hereditary, my mom and sister both have thin hair too. I mainly wanted the extensions to bulk up my hair and to add a little length. Ali Moakler came highly recommended- she is the queen of extensions here in Charleston and really knows what she is doing (you can follow her at @alisonmoaklerstudio and see some of her work or text her at 412-527-5723)

The extensions come in packs of 8-10 pieces depending on the type of extensions you order. I highly recommend doing the rooted extensions meaning you can’t see the tape at the top. Below is one pack of my extensions. You can see how the hair goes right to the top of the tape. It is also a little darker at the roots to blend in with your natural hair as it grows out.

This is what it looks like when she tapes them in. They blend seamlessly with my real hair. At first I ordered 2 packs but then I decided I wanted one more so I now have 3 packs in my hair meaning about 24 extensions spread throughout.

I have two different colors mixed in my hair to give it dimension. There are so many different options for every hair type- wavy, ombre, colored anything you want! Below are just some of the options Ali has.

I do the tape in but Ali also does beaded extensions that look like this. Instead of being taped in they are attached to a bead at the top of your head. There are different advantages to each type so it just depends what you prefer. Some people say it is easier to wear your hair pulled back with beaded extensions.

Extensions vary price wise depending what you order and how many but I would estimate most cost between $150-$250 a pack, so an investment for sure. However the extensions are reusable and will last up to a year. The only maintenance is as your hair grows out they need to be moved back up to your roots. I come in every 6-8 weeks usually when it is time to highlight my hair and we remove them and then apply new tape and re tape in. This where they are stored when we are moving them up.

A little before and after magic. The extensions truly made such a huge difference.



and then curled:)

The extensions are the best because they don’t get greasy so I feel like I can wash my hair even less and they don’t get frizzy either. They do feel funny at first but you get used to them quickly. Now I don’t even notice they are in. Ali truly is a hair extension genius she will help you pick the right color and type. She an eye for it. I just love mine so much.

A few hair products and tools I swear by.

R + Co Thickening Spray– First of all this stuff smells amazing. I spray this while my hair is wet it helps to thicken and plump hair.

Drybar Curling Wand– I have been using this for my loose waves and love it. So easy to use.

Texturizing Spray– this stuff is a game changer. Best texturizing spray I have ever used. I spray this before and after I curl my hair and it really helps my hair hold curls.

Heat Protector Spray – this is important to use before using a straightener or curling iron it helps protect your hair. I spray this on when my hair is wet before I dry it.

Drybar Round Hair Brush– This is my favorite brush for drying my hair.

Wet Brush Shine Enhancer– this is the brush I use to comb my hair after I shower while it is wet. Works so well. It is a little different from the regular wet brush because it has two different kinds of bristles.



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  1. Mary Beth says:

    Your hair looks great! I have very fine hair, and have thought about hair extensions. I have been hesitant because I worry about damaging my natural hair. Have you experienced any issues?

  2. Melissa Marovich says:

    How does washing your hair with them work? Has anything changed from your routine in that aspect?

  3. Courtney says:

    Wow. I love the extensions!! I also have fine hair and have been on the hunt for a product that helps with volume. Wet brushes are amazing and I too have started using a heat protectant by L’oreal that I love! It has been a game changer when it comes to flat ironing my hair.