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Lets Talk About Shapewear: My Top 7 Pieces

Mar 3, 2014

As anyone knows who has had a baby it is all smoke and mirrors the first few months to hide the flab and look good.  I am a HUGE fan of shapewear, I have a drawer filled with Spanx that I wear often.  I thought I would share my top 7 favorite shapewear items and hope you will fill me in on your favorites!


This is probably my most favorite shapewear piece and the one I wear most often.  I wear it under almost all my dresses especially the thin tee shirt and silk ones.  It sucks you in like no other.  I have a size small, you want it fitted not loose so order accordingly.  This is such a great slip. 



I know these probably seem Granny to you but they are awesome under formal dresses and skirts.  They smooth out any love handles.  I bought these before my wedding to wear to our Rehearsal Dinner and have been using them ever since.


These camis are great to wear under blouses, tee shirts, anything you don’t want to have a bulge sticking out.  My mom swears by these too and wears them daily. 


The best tights ever for a sleek sucked in look.  I have these in black and love them.  The only tights you need!  It is worth investing in one nice pair of black tights.


For when you need a lighter weight slip with spaghetti straps this one is awesome. 


I don’t wear this one as often as the tank versions but it is really nice to have on hand when you have a strapless dress to wear.  Back when we used to have alot of weddings and events to attend I wore this one all the time.


I have sung the praises of these leggings many times but had to include them on this list because I lived in them post baby.  I swear I think they helped my stomach flatten back up quicker because they kept everything sucked in.  What I like is that they have a band at the waist that keeps everything tight and smooth.  I had the full length version but sadly it looks like they are sold out on most sites.  But I did see they just came out in this Capri version- I am definitely getting these for this Spring,  Also available in different colors here.

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  1. I honestly cannot imagine you need these! šŸ™‚ I, on the other hand, desperately do… and am definitely going to get the capri leggings. What a great idea!!! Wondering if they are comfortable though?

  2. blants says:

    What an awesome post! I am filing this away for the day after this baby arrives, haha. My husband thinks I am insane for wanting to order a compression girdle (I think I am going to spring for the medical-grade one — this is baby #3 and I just have no confidence that things are going to bounce back without a little help). But honestly, I will be a happier woman and a better mom if I feel comfortable in my clothes!

    I'm a shortie so I am hoping those Spanx leggings will look like regular leggings on me, haha šŸ™‚


  3. THANK YOU for this post! I'm going to have to break down and get some of this stuff. My belly is out of control and I don't want to gross anyone out when I start wearing more form fitting, warm weather clothes. That cami and those leggings will be mine! I have trouble with the slips riding up. Do you have any tricks for preventing that from happening?!

  4. I can't imagine you needing these either because you look amazing! I have the Spanx tight end leggings are they are pretty amazing…and the strapless slip but it is more annoying to me! I need to get the tank version so it doesn't roll all around! Thanks for the post!

  5. Seriously, a drawer full of these? as if you need them!!! šŸ˜‰

  6. Morgan S. says:

    I will definitely be using some of these after baby!


  7. B says:

    I swear by Spanx Skinny Britches. They are light weight biker shorts with the right amount of compression and are silky so fabric doesn't stick. You can also layer them for more support.

  8. What an amazing post; thank you!! Do you have a trick for keeping the slips from riding up when you walk? I've tried some in the past, but found that they bunch up or move around too much when I walk. xo

  9. i need that spanx spill! like now!

  10. Thanks for sharing all of these picks. Cannot wait to look into them for that extra oomph ;)! xx.

  11. Akgorno says:

    Do you wear any of these pieces in the summer? I'm due with #2 in May and am already sweating at the thought of braving a Lowcountry summer dressed in tight layers. But the thought of letting it all hang out is equally as scary! Haha

  12. Keely says:

    Great post! I pinned almost all of these for future reference! I need that cami in black and white!!! Thank you!!!

  13. I really cannot see you needing these. Did you do anything while pregnant? I'm six months right now and I have a few tighter things but I'm starting to think I really can't wear them because it's just not pretty and smooth (especially the hips and backside). You always had such a great figure to show off (and still do). I'm definitely investing in some of these for the summer (and do you still you the band you used after the delivery? I need to look back and see what it's called, just wondering if you still liked it).

  14. I need to invest in some shape ware. I just worry the slip dress will ride up on my hips.

  15. I have the Spanx leggings and they are the best leggings I have ever bought. Expensive but worth every penny!


  16. Tate O'Rouke says:

    Did you end up buying the Yummie Tummie tank you wrote about last month? I'm about to have twin boys and am going to need all the help I can to get things back to normal. Thanks and LOVE your blog!

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