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Let’s Talk Fabric- I Need Help + Winner

Jul 25, 2013

I am slowly but surely crossing things off my house to-do list for 2013. Painting the den and hallway was such a huge task looming over me and now that it is done I am ready to focus on seating in our den.  My parents have a great upholsterer in Charlotte who is super affordable.  He made my mom and sister in law some custom ottomans for a steal that look awesome – think small square nail head cubes.  Anyways I would love a pair for our den to have some extra seating.  

Here is our den layout right now.

This is the size and shape the ottomans would be.  My Den is not huge so I don’t have room for massive ottomans.


 I would use the two ottomans on the other side of the coffee table across from the couch. This would be more conducive for entertaining.  I also still need another cane back chair to flank the other side of the coffee table- if you find one let me know, I am still searching! 

I have narrowed down the fabric to three choices- but I open to suggestions if anyone has any.  I am clueless when it comes to decorating decisions.  




This is what they all look like on my rug to give you a better idea.  Our den is pretty neutral with the rug being the most colorful aspect we need to match.  The Cane back Chair is upholstered in navy velvet.  

So which fabric should I go with?  I was pretty sold on option two til I came across one, I think three is my least favorite.  And another option is to scratch the ottomans and recover my wing back chairs in one of these fabrics- it will be much pricier of a project though, but maybe I should do that first and the ottomans second.  I mainly want to do the ottomans first because we are desperate for extra seating!

In case you don’t remember our wing backs flank our TV (which is massive, thanks to Matt- men and their TVs).  They are a gold plaid fabric right now.  The fabric is in excellent condition I just don’t love it.  They will eventually be recovered too just can’t decide if I should do them in a solid color with some piping or a pattern.

Help a sista out and give me some decorating advice!!



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  1. caycee says:

    Fabric one no doubt!!! I would do the wing back chairs in a solid neutral. You can always dress those up with fun pillows!

  2. Amy Florez says:

    My favorite fabric is #1! I would love two square small ottomans in front of my fireplace too. I fell in love with two white calf hair beauties at the Coastal Living Showhouse. Swoon! Have fun decorating! It's one of my favorite things to do! Decisions are stressful though!

  3. Lesley says:

    Fabric #1 hands down!

  4. steffimarie says:

    I totally was for #1, then I scrolled down and saw all the fabrics laid out next to each other, and I say #2! It's a bold choice, but like you said, the rest of the room is neutral, and #1 is kind of a neutral. I'm sure whatever you choose will look fab though! For the chairs I would either do a solid, or a tight small print- something that from a distance looks like a solid/neutral, but up close has some texture/interest.

  5. I like one and three! One is super cute and fun!

  6. I'm torn between one and two! Both are great but I think I like two more since like you said everything else in your living room is neutral. Can't go wrong with either though!

  7. Sarah says:

    I think #2 is the boldest most modern choice. #1 could skew old lady to me, although I do like the way it looks with the rug. I would do the ottomans first then do your chairs in a solid with a funky pipe and crazy pillows.

  8. Definitely #1! I think #2 may be too busy and #3 just isn't "fun" enough to compliment all the other cool elements in your room.

  9. #3 is too close to your sofa, and I do love #2 but I think the white background is too stark for what else is going on in the room. So #1 wins for me!

  10. I definitely love fabric #1, but I actually think in your family room; fabric #3 would look best on the stools. Your rug is pretty and I think fabric 3 compliments it best without being too busy. You won't go wrong with whatever you decide, but I just tend to go less bold more times than not. Good luck!

  11. Do the chairs first, in a solid neutral. I know you want extra seating but that room isn't going to come together like you want until you get those chairs done. It's the same dilemma I have too!

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Number 1 for the ottomans, but I would do the chairs first. We had the same issue in our house and having the chairs done made a huge difference in making the room feel together.

  13. I really prefer the bold pattern of #2 because small stools are the perfect place to add a little punch to a room…buuuuuuut, I think the white on #2 is a little too white for the room. So, of those options, I vote for #1.

  14. tpatters5 says:

    I would do the chairsin a neutal because I think you will never be happy with them and in turn the room as a whole until they are done. For fabric. I would pick #1without a doubt. #2 is very nice, but too trendy and you will tire of it more quickly than you will like.

  15. I know that the price of reupholstering the wingbacks seems really daunting right now (especially since the stools would be less expensive) but I would vote to go ahead and do those first before the stools. It'll help the room really come together. Definitely a solid neutral — dress 'em up with fun pillows!

    Also, I immediately thought fabric #1 — even before seeing that you and many other commenters prefer that one as well. It's gorgeous!

  16. definitely hands down option 1- the colors compliment your other decor well!

  17. Definitely recover your chairs before the ottomans… And screw recovering them in neutral! Recover those babies in option number 1!!

  18. #1! Love your choices. We are desperate for more seating too, so I totally feel you on the ottoman front. I think those chairs would be gorgeous in that fabric, though! I'm no help.

  19. Hmmm, I think I'm debating between 1 and 2. As soon as I saw the first one, I thought "this one", but 2 is pretty too.

  20. Jackie says:

    i might be the only one who thinks 2 or 3! i'm more drawn to the geometric pattern and i like that #3 resembles an animal print.

    would you be willing to share your upholsterer source in charlotte?

  21. Ashley says:

    #1 I absolute love! It would look amazing and tie some colors from the rug in.

  22. #1 for sure! I also think it should go on the wing backs. Everything else is neutral, go bold on the big pieces!

  23. DeClaire says:

    #1, for sure. The #2 swatch is great, but I think would make me dizzy on a piece of furniture!

  24. Christina says:

    I immediately thought #1, but when all were next to each other, I started to love #2…so one of those. šŸ˜‰

  25. Shannon says:

    I love love option #1! And I would also really like to know the deets on this super cheap upholsterer in Charlotte… šŸ˜‰

  26. Katie says:

    Option 1 is my pick. Would work nicely with the other colors/patterns you've got going on. My hubby is just like yours with the big TV obsession. We even have that size in our bedroom…..yup!

  27. I vote 2! It's bright and bold and great for those little pieces. Will make quite a statement!

  28. EM Design says:

    I like #2 because more modern & bold. I also think you need new pillows on your couch that are in navy & a little bigger with the leopard. Have you seen Caitlin Wilson's pillows in navy with white detail? Also, the wing backs need to be slipcovered & skirted in a linen fabric. Free design advice:)

  29. Katie Gunter says:

    I also vote for option 1. It is fun, but won't compete with your rug (which is fabulous!). Would you mind sharing the source for your upholster in Charlotte? I had a bad experience with one, and the others I know are not reasonable (le sigh).

  30. Michaela says:

    One or two definitely my faves!! If I had to choose, I'd say 1!

  31. Megan says:

    #2 for sure, it will go great with the tradional/modern vibe of your room, especially with the pop of animal print I spy! Lovin' the mirrored piece, we have a big mirrored dresser in the bedroom, hands down my fave piece in the house šŸ™‚


  32. Julia says:

    My mother-in-law is in search of someone in Charlotte to do some upholstery for her. Do you mind passing along the name of the person you're using?

  33. You can't go wrong with any of the three, but I'm seriously loving fabric #1! Would love to have the name of the upholsterer for us Charlotte girls too! šŸ™‚

  34. #2 is fabulous! I agree with some of the comments about doing your chairs in the fabric and do the ottomans in a more neutral color. I adore your blog and sense of style!

  35. I'm with everyone else…fabric 1 is my absolute favorite and would be the perfect accent to your space! I would love that fabric on the wing backs and a neutral fabric on the ottomans! Just another idea to really confuse you šŸ™‚

  36. Melissa W. says:

    Chairs first! I would use a linen fabric on the chairs (slip-cover them)? As for fabric, I like 1 & 2. I am a huge fan of contrasting piping on items. Gives them the more custom look. Good luck!!! Now iam off to read the other comments (I did not want them to sway my opinion)! Xo

  37. I like 1, but against your rug, I would say 2. Both are divine.

  38. I LOVE option 1 – LOVE IT, but I'm wondering if option 2 wouldn't work better with the navy cane back chair. Are you willing to share the upholster place? I'm in the QC. And I love the idea of recovering the wingback chairs in a solid with piping!

  39. Topperlett says:

    Recover your wing chairs. Use fabric 1 on the outside and get a linen or linen-like fabric for the inside seat and back of the chairs that's in the same tone as the seat of your caned chair. Anything else will really fight with the rug.

  40. Topperlett says:

    Recover your wing chairs. Use fabric 1 on the outside and get a linen or linen-like fabric for the inside seat and back of the chairs that's in the same tone as the seat of your caned chair. Anything else will really fight with the rug.

  41. Rita says:

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  42. I would say to recover the chairs first in a neutral linen, maybe with a bronze nailhead trim. And then go for the ottomans…I love #2 but you can't go wrong with #1 either!

  43. None of them!Go for neutral because you have too many patterns in your room you dont need one more different pattern ı think.If you re-upholster your wing chairs in a neutral then no:1 i would prefer.

  44. None of them!Go for neutral because you have too many patterns in your room you dont need one more different pattern ı think.If you re-upholster your wing chairs in a neutral then no:1 i would prefer.

  45. I totally am voting for Option 2 and I think you should go for it! I like 2 b/c it would really be a punch of color.. fabric 1 would blend in more. And fabric 2 has black in it which would pull out the depth in the rug. It would look AMAZING, esp on little ottomans that are meant to be a fun pop of color!

  46. aliciadpo says:

    Fabric #1….love the contrast

  47. I just option #2! The pop of color would work well in your living room.

  48. Emily Amy says:

    #2 is best. PLEASE pass along the upholstering place that you recommend in Charlotte! I would be eternally grateful.

  49. Fabric 2!! I have it and love it. You need a little bit of a bolder print!

  50. Tobe | BIA says:

    you are on top of things!! i am just now scrambling to address fabric in Baby Reed's room. Definitely not a good planner over here. I love all of your options (for both rooms)!