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Feb 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day! This post is going to be short and sweet as the Mason household has fallen under the dreaded stomach bug this weekend. That’s right, all three of us. First Sterling got sick Friday, then Matt and I both caught the bug Saturday night. Remember the vows “through sickness and health?” Well, we got a strong dose of that this weekend. We have both never been sick at the same with a baby to tend to, it was BRUTAL. And let’s just say Matt is the worst sick person ever. You would have thought he was on his deathbed the way he moaned. Men are such wussies when they are sick.

On a lighter note, I was excited about the Grammys all day. I loved Juilanne Hough’s Dress. Gorgeous.

Heidi Klum was another of my favorites in her gold sparkly dress. She looks amazing after having 4 kids!

Loved the Cee-Lo Gwyneth duet! Girl can do no wrong. She looked and sounded amazing!

I was also was thrilled that my favorite band Mumford and Son’s preformed!!

Who did ya’ll love?

I will leave you with this picture of me from last Valentine’s Day hours before I went into labor. We’ve come along way this year. I was literally about to pop. I did wear tights with dress when we went to dinner, I realize it looks especially short for a preggo lady to wear!

Here’s to hoping we can keep our meal down tonight! I hope you all get spoiled rotten today and have a fabulous Valentine’s Day! xoxo

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  1. Loved the Grammys!! And yes, Gwyneth was amazing although CeeLo's bird suit worried me. Your pics from last year are too cute!!

  2. caycee says:

    Bless Your Heart girl! I hope you start feeling better today!! I know how bad it sucks with a baby! You looked AMAZING when you were prego!!!!!

  3. I love Gwyneth's long sleeved dress. Gorgeous. And you look amazing 9 months preg! Hope you have more fun tonight

  4. Alicia xoxxo says:

    Oh I feel so bad for you that you and hubs and Sterling are sick! That has got to be the worst! And men are babies when they are sick! I hope you feel better very soon!
    PS-you look AMAZING in your preggo pic!!!

  5. A couple of things… So sorry to hear ya'll are not well. That Stinks!! Secondly, you may be one of the hottest prego ladies I've seen.

  6. Carly says:

    I loved Cee Lo at the Grammy's! Ha, I didn't know it was possible to out Gaga, Gaga. You were such a cute pregnant lady!

  7. Christina says:

    i love that dress pic! how adorable (and hot!). i will be calling you for fashion advice when i'm preg šŸ™‚ happy v-day to you and your family! šŸ™‚

  8. Hope you guys feel better! You look too cute before you went into labor. I love Cee lo and Gwen. That was my fav!

  9. Lisa Fergus says:

    Hope you and your family feel better!! and….um…..you were the thinnest pregnant person ever! You were all belly!!! show off! lol
    Great fashion picks! I agree with you all the way!


  10. There is nothing worse than being sick with a sick baby (or two, I know, my hubbs is such a wimp when it comes to being sick!)! Here's to a speedy recovery and hopefully a nice Valentine's!

  11. KatiePerk says:

    Oh no! Feel better! You might have been the cutest pregnant person I have ever seen! Happy Valentine's Day!

  12. lizziefitz says:

    Ha! I think as was as pregnant out the back as you were in front! Ah good times. Those days are behind me, pun intended. Happy Valentine's Day!

  13. kindrathings says:

    Feel better! The pics from last year are slamming. Happy Valentine's Day:-)

  14. You looked so awesome pregnant! I loved Gwyneth's performance too. Hope you feel better!

  15. How cute were you! The stomach flu is THE WORST, especially when your little one has it too!

  16. Jill says:

    Look how cute you are pregnant!! I loved Gwyneth's song as well, she is just smoking, I am dying to find her earrings

    Have a great V day, sorry you're not feeling well, hope you get something sweet from your hubby!!!

  17. Michaela says:

    OK you're the cutest pregnant lady. Ever (:
    I adore Julianne and Heidi's dresses. I hope you feel better soon, girl. Happy Valentine's Day!

  18. Megan says:

    Hope you and the fam are feeling better soon! happy valentines day!

  19. Mama L says:

    oh you poor things! I canā€™t imagine the horror. Hope you feel better now:) Meanwhile, will totes be trying that beef stew for my hubster. Looks delish. And can I just say, you look H.O.T for being that preggo!!!!

  20. awww I feel your pain, our household was hit byt he stomach bug this past weekend too! not good with a 2yr old and 5mth old prego mummy!!! but i loved the grammys too, and LOVE gwyenth!!! BTW you look stunning in your mini-dress!!