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Master Bedroom Progress

Nov 9, 2010

I am still working on my never ending quest to update our master bedroom. I am still majorly loving the zebra rug. Makes me happy every time I go in our room. I didn’t realize how tired I was of our old rug! This past weekend, I put my dad to work hanging some new things for me. My poor dad, every time he comes in town I have a long list of projects for him, but the man is a genius. He can paint a room without taping it, hang pictures perfectly evenly spaced and pretty much fix or build anything. Sadly my husband is not that handy, but that’s what dads are for right?
I had my dad hang two mirrors I found at a consignment store years ago for $40! They had been just sitting in our garage collecting dust. I had seen a picture of a bedroom that was symmetrically designed and I loved it. It had two mirrors flanking each side of the bed, so that is how we hung these mirrors. I think it really opens up the room.

My mom also found me a great piece of artwork. This picture had been $395 and my mom found it for $35 at this great design store in Charlotte that was having a clearance sale. Gotta love my mom, she knows my taste so well! I love the seashell print and it matches our room perfectly. Kind of wish there were two matching ones but it’s not too bad with the other watercolor.



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  1. Averill says:

    Lovely! Your paint color is very similar to the one in my own bedroom. And I agree — symmetrical design has a lot to recommend it! It's classic and oh-so-eye-pleasing.

    And thanks for visiting Odi et Amo today!

    PS – Have you thought about drapes for the window behind your bed? I think they'd add a lot of interest and softness to the room and create a very impressive looking bed!