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My Pregnancy This Far + 40 % Sale at Hampden

Nov 8, 2013

15 days til my due date.  That is plain crazy ya’ll.  I am freaking out a little.  This pregnancy has flown by.  I was just going back and reading old posts and I re-read my post from January about our struggle to get pregnant,  crazy how fast things change and now here I am with a full heart and full belly getting ready to welcome our second child. I am filled with so many different emotions right now from being so excited to being scared shitless to somewhere in between.

If I am being totally honest pregnancy the second time around for me has been much harder.  For one I was so nauseous in the beginning, then the varicose veins started popping up and they are really painful.  Plus from the get go I have had extreme pressure in my pelvis.  Nothing that requires bedrest or anything but still it has been hard.  Add a three year on top of that and I am constantly exhausted.  My mom said the other day ” you sure sound tired, are you? ” and I said Mom the answer to that question is always yes I am freaking exhausted all the time.  I hate to even complain when others are on bed rest and have much worse issues but this pregnancy has definitely been more taxing on my body.
I snapped this picture last weekend, it feels like a basketball in my stomach!


With Sterling I walked 4 miles everyday.  This pregnancy I have hardly worked out, it is too painful to walk for long.  Up until about 6 months I did the Tracey Anderson DVDs about 2-3 times a week but then exhaustion set in.   After taking care of Sterling and tending to the house I am just too tired most days to workout.  I do have a routine I do 4-5 nights a week which consists of leg lifts, squats, arm exercises and stretches.  It is really the only exercise I do just trying to keep things toned.  I just don’t have it in me this time to be very active.  I do look forward to breaking a good sweat with a run post baby and getting my figure back.


With Sterling I gained 37 pounds while I was pregnant,  totally in the normal range but I still didn’t want to gain quite as much this time.  My goal was 25 lbs but uh that was unrealistic for me obviously:)  I am at the 30 lb mark now at 38 weeks and hopefully won’t gain much more than a pound or two.  I have eaten pretty healthy this pregnancy besides my major indulgence of sweets and kids cereal.  Seriously I am obsessed with kids cereals, I eat a bowl most nights after dinner.   I have found with your pregnancy your body is going to gain weight and do what it needs for the baby so don’t stress about it.  You will gain weight but it will come off afterwards.


So many people have asked if we have a baby name picked out and yes we do.  I actually knew from the moment I found out it was a girl what I would name her.  Our close friends know the name but I probably won’t reveal it until she is born.


For me this is two fold.  It has been hard being present and in the moment with Sterling during this pregnancy.  I am most tired in the afternoons and just want to turn on the tv and lounge. It is a whole different ball game being pregnant with another child at home.  I have had a hard time with this and felt guilty for resting when I should be entertaining him.  I just don’t have the energy like I used too.  Equally as hard I have missed my wine and vodka.  After a long day a glass of wine had become my go to stress relief.  and it was not just the wine I miss it was the happy hour aspect of chatting and catching up while you enjoy your drink- and no mocktails aren’t the same.   


I really have not bought any maternity clothes this time around, I found them unnecessary when so many clothes are made to fit loose these days.  I did splurge (and I mean my parents splurged ) and bought me the JBrand cut-off maternity shorts.  Worth every penny I promise you.  I have worn the heck out of them since I was 11 weeks pregnant.

Other maternity favorites are Old Navy Skinny JeansDavid Lerner Coated Leggings, Vince Ribbed Poncho,and Demylee Swing Tee Shirts (this exact shirt is actually packed in my hospital bag:)

This time around too I have been about showing the bump off in form fitting clothing.  This is the only time we don’t have to suck our stomachs in so why not show it off!  Two of my favorite dresses to showcase your bump (and both are non maternity so you can wear after as well):

Phillip Lim for Target Leopard Dress || T by Alexander Wang Jersey Dress

It is crazy this time around I am much more anxious about labor and delivery and I have done it before!  You would think I would have been more scared the first time around.  I just hate needles, and IVs, and hospitals.  I feel like a ticking time bomb. 
I have talked with my doctor about a possible induction before Thanksgiving if she is not born before then,  anyone had an induction before?   It sure would make planning things for Sterling easy. 

Other than being nervous I am so uncomfortable and so ready to meet our baby.  I even started packing my hospital bag this week- and yes that is wine a necessity post labor and delivery!  So stay tuned on this crazy ride hopefully in the two weeks or so I will be happy to announce the birth of our precious daughter!


One thing I know for sure and what makes me most excited is knowing this little guy is going to be the best big brother ever!

Lastly, I have to give one shout out for the sale that starts today at Hampden Clothing, my favorite local store!  Tons of stuff just got marked down to 40% off!  Locals you must stop in and non-locals you can shop online,  they always offer free shipping!

A few of my favorites!  I own the Rag and Bone Stripped Dress and love it! It works great for pregnancy too!  But what I really want is the first Rebecca Taylor Blouse.  Just scroll thru and click on pictures to take you to website:)
Happy Friday Friends!

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  1. Jill says:

    I love how you have documented this pregnancy, I swear I feel like I am having a baby in 2 weeks!! So excited for you.

    I know all about those veins, I ended up having surgery on mine after Scarlett was born.

  2. Congrats, Natalie! Even though it's been hard, I know you are so excited to meet Baby Girl. You've been an inspiration (non-maternity clothes, food choice, etc.) to all of us as your shared your story, and I know we are all thrilled for you to add to your family. Hang in there! xo

  3. Mary says:

    You look fantastic! I was induced twice. It's not the best with the pitocin causing crazy contractions, but I' m sorry to say this……everyway sucks so just go with it! Ha ha! I liked being able to plan having my others cared for! I was induced for medical reasons both times but a lot if my friends just do it for convenience which is great. Good luck just remember it is so so worth it!

  4. Jodi says:

    I just had a little girl in June with a three year old boy running around and it is hard. She came on her due date and I was so ready at 37 weeks! Good luck!

  5. It is SO much harder being pregnant with another baby at home. I honestly think about having a third baby and am so nervous about the being pregnant/newborn part that I'm willing leave well enough alone at two. ha! I can't wait to meet this perfect angel that God has blessed you with. You will find new ways to cope with the exhaustion and use your energy when you can. Sterling will understand. Let's face it, he's probably getting extra bribe treats to sit and watch his shows. Wells probably wishes I would get knocked up just so she could snack and play on her ipad all day šŸ™‚

    good luck mama, the home stretch is here!

  6. sooo excited for you! it's almost time šŸ™‚ thanks for mentioning your favorite maternity pieces — i pinned them for the future! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  7. You look gorgeous! I can't wait to meet that sweet little baby girl!!! I can't believe she's almost here!!!

  8. Mandy says:

    Love your blog…I live in Mt.P and my husband is an attorney as well;) You will do great…I was more nervous about my 3rd than any delivery…ignorance isn't bliss anymore but you will do great…I have three kids 8 yr girl,4 yr boy, 15 month girl and they LOVE each other and adjusted well at births;) I was induced with all three and it went fast and great! I loved having a plan…you will do great…many blessings to you!!! Mandy

  9. Mandy says:

    Oh, I was induced for non-medical reasons w all 3 at 39 wks…they were just all huge 10lbs…all of them;) Mandy

  10. Good luck with everything!!! We're rooting you on!!!

  11. caycee says:

    You got this mama! You will do great, and I know your delivery is going to go smooth! Now hurry up and this baby so I can spoil and hold her all the time, and so I can have my booze partner in crime back šŸ˜‰

  12. I was just there and I can tell you that you will feel soo much better once you have that baby. Physically and emotionally. I was really nervous and sort of bummed because no one ever has anything wonderful to say about having a second kid. It's always, "get ready! It's a game changer!" I haven't found that to be the case at all. It's been much easier having the baby than being pregnant. You'll have a lot of help too! Hope everything goes well! So happy for you!

  13. Nat says:

    You're so close!! Hang in there girl- you look awesome! Can't wait to hear the announcement that baby girl is here!

  14. You look great! Final countdown! I've been eating a lot of Lucky Charms, too šŸ™‚

  15. Jill says:

    In my non-medical opinion induction if you are effaced=success but induction if you are not=c-section. I am so nervous about being pregnant with a toddler!

  16. Looking amazing!! And you're sooooo close!! My first niece is due the day before you, and I'm ecstatic! Counting down the days. That little girl will be worth every bit of pain and all the veins in the world. xoxo

  17. It's going to be so fun to see a new side of Sterling as a brother, that must be really nice to experience šŸ˜‰
    You're looking amazing šŸ™‚

  18. Jen says:

    You're so close!!! I think not being able to devote all of your time to Sterling due to exhaustion isn't necessarily a bad thing. It will help him get accustomed to you spending time with the baby, also. Thank you for sharing so much of your pregnancy, it's as if we were all on the ride with you!

    As far as birth options go, at the end of the day you need to make the decision that you feel is best for you and baby girl but also know there is a huge increased risk (67%) of having a C-Section with inductions. (Link: http://www.parenting.com/blogs/natural-parenting/taylor-newman/scheduled-inductions-raise-c-section-rates-should-hospitals-ba)

    That said, I had a medically necessary induction and it went perfectly fine. Just do your research and figure out where your heart lies in all of it. I hope this wasn't too forward.

    Best of luck through this homestretch! Thinking and praying for you and baby girl!

  19. Val says:

    I have truly enjoyed seeing your pregnancy journey.
    Thank you so much for sharing this special time in your life with us.

  20. blants says:

    I'm 22 weeks with my 3rd and am totally stealing that "wine in the hospital bag" idea šŸ™‚ I love your pregnancy style — but of course I have a bit too much Kim Kardashian going on in the rear to wear all those cute dresses. That Philip Lim one looked awful on me! Haha.

    Anyway I have been induced with both my previous pregnancies and for me, it's incredibly fast and painful. Like 0 to 60 in no time. If you can let your body make the decision, I'd say go for it!

    The third time around was by far my most difficult pregnancy — I have a 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 year old at home, and I have been a wreck. So it's nice to know it isn't just me!

    Oh and when you post those bowls of cereal I totally play the preggo card and make my husband run out and get them. Hahaha. The power of suggestion!

    Best of luck to you! Thanks for taking us all along on your journey!

  21. McKenzie says:

    I was induced both times with my boys– first time was medically necessary and the second time was convenience! The first time around was a breeze but the second time.. we had a scare. Most everyone that is induced has a different experience. Some great and some not so great, but you have to do what's best for you and your family! It will all turn out great!

  22. You look so good! My second is a month old and it has been a little hectic with a three year old too but not as bad as I imagined. I have had to let go of feeling bad about my son watching tv or playing iPad while I feed the baby or do housework. I was scared to about labor the second time around but it was fine. You can do it!

  23. Lucy says:

    My water broke at 37 weeks and then nothing happened labor wise so I had to have pitocin to get things moving and it was not my first choice by any means but all's well that ends well. Both my sister in law's were induced too, one by choice at 38 weeks and had absolutely no problems, and one 10 days late and ended up having to have a c section after 24 hours of being induced. I think everyone has a different reaction to it- do what's best for you and your family!

  24. Christina says:

    i love everything about this post. the honesty is so refreshing. you are such a beautiful girl inside and out. can't wait to hear the baby's name. wine so soon!! i'll join ya!

  25. So excited for you and the family! Looking forward to hear the good news that you have welcomed your baby girl into the world! I honestly don't know a single girl who has looked better throughout an entire pregnancy! Oh, and with H I was induced a week early and only had seven hours of active labor and pushed for 20 min. People tell me I was lucky, for she was the first baby. I went two weeks early with J (on my own) and barely made it to the hospital. I bet you will have a speedy delivery, too. xox

  26. you have looked wonderful your whole pregnancy! can't wait to see your little girl! I'm sure Sterling will be obsessed with her too.

  27. Wow What a collection! I seriously like your choice of handbags. Would you share the name of the site or shop from where you buy these all. I already have lots of collection but want one more so please share the designer handbags

  28. Lauren says:

    I was induced at 38 weeks because I was pregnant with twins. This was my first pregnancy and to be honest it was not as scary or as hard as I was told. I went in on a Wednesday night and was hooked up to monitors and IV's and Pitocin was started. Moved to my room about 10:00pm (I had to be checked out first before everything started we arrived at 7:30) By 8 am the doc broke my water. By 8:30 I was asking for pain meds because I do not do pain well at all! Once administered everything was great, we watched TV, played on the computer just passing time. By noon I was 10 cm and was allowed to start pushing at 1:15pm. I had to wait to push because I had to be transferred to an operating room (standard procedure with a twin delivery, just in case something happens to Baby B after Baby A makes their appearance)At 2:20 baby A was born and at 2:30 Baby B was born. It was a lovely experience and knowing that I was going in at a specific date/time relieved me of anxiety. My only complaint was I had to pee all the time overnight because of the fluids they gave me! Taking off the monitors and wheeling my IV bag was a pain! I also know that one child was sitting on my bladder which totally did not help! Good Luck, you are going to rock your delivery!

  29. 15 days!!!! Holy cow, that's insane! She'll be here before we know it! Sit down and put your feet up, friend. xo

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