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My Running Journey + Workout Favs

Jul 16, 2018

Today is all about running!

I posted this picture yesterday on my instastories and got so many comments and questions so I thought I would dedicate a post to my running journey and workout favorites.   I asked you guys to DM me questions so I am going to do this in a question/answer format.

Why start back running?  

I had been in exercise rut.  I honestly had been pretty lazy about working out before I started running.   I would do a barre class here and there but it was not consistent.  Every time I put on my swimsuit to go to the pool I just felt gross.  I knew it was time to make a change.   I figured if I made myself run everyday it would become a habit and it has!  The occasional day I have to miss makes me sad.  I just feel so much better mentally when I run.  It really helps with my anxiety as well as my mood for the day.  I am considering signing up for some sort of a race just to challenge myself even more.

Have you always been a runner?  

Yes and no.  I don’t really consider myself a runner because it does not come naturally to me.  The people who say it gets easier after each mile, that is just so not me.  It is a struggle for me the entire time I run.  I am always tired but I just push myself because I feel so amazing afterwards.    I have been running on and off for the last 8 years or so.

How far do I run?  

I usually do between 3-4 miles.  I am trying to work up to 4 miles consistently each time but I always do at least 3 miles.  I do walk some.  I try and run as long as I can and then I will walk for 30 secs or a minute never longer than that.  My goal is always to run more than I walk.  My miles end up being around 10-11 minutes this way.  As I said I am a slow runner.  I do try and sprint a little bit while I run to get my heart rate up.  This is from the app I use called Endomondo,  to track my runs.


How do I hold my phone while running?  

I have this arm phone holder.  I don’t actually wear it strapped to my arm although you can, but I put my phone in it and then loop it through my hand.  It keeps my phone from getting sweaty and protects me from dropping it.

Iphone Case (under $10!)


I use these wireless headphones with my phone and that case while I run.

Do I run everyday?  and what do I do with the kids while I run? 

For the most part yes.  I think I have skipped 2 days maybe since I started back running.  The kids have been in camps and my parents have also been down here quite a bit and they have helped to watch the kids.  I also have a good friend and we switch off watching each other’s kids and I run then.  If Frances is at a playdate Sterling will ride his bike with me while I run.  I also have had my neighbor Rick watch them- I send them over to his house with Ipads and he will watch them while I get a quick run in.  I just try and make it happen however I can! That is why I usually run in the afternoon because it is when I can squeeze it in.  The mornings are usually busy with the kids.

Do my hips and legs hurt after my run?  

I will say my knees occasionally hurt, but the key is stretching.  I sometimes don’t stretch right after a run but I do try and stretch before bed at night.

Have I lost any weight since running?  

Yes I have lost 5 pounds so far.  But the main difference I can see and tell is that my body is just more toned, less flabby.

What is my go to fuel before a run?  

If I run in the morning I have been loving the Daily Harvest smoothies.  They are just so easy and convenient, plus they actually taste amazing.  I don’t like to run a on full stomach as it makes me feel sick so a smoothie for me is the perfect meal before a run.  If you have never tried Daily Harvest you can use this code RE-S5S66L8 for 3 free cups!   You can order the smoothies HERE- they also do soups and bowls in addition to smoothies!   I did the three free cups my first time and it is great way to try out the service, which I am now addicted too!  Added Bonus the kids love them too:)

Do I wash my hair after every run?  

If I don’t have plans later that day I do not wash my hair.  I just keep it pulled back for the day- I know that is gross but I hate to wash my hair too often.  However lately I have had so much going on I have been washing my hair pretty much everyday.  Normally I would use my hair as an excuse not to workout if it was clean, like well I don’t want to have to wash it so I would skip a workout.  Not any more, I just suck it up and wash it.

What happened with Faster Way to Fat Loss Program?  Did I like it? 

Honestly I think the program is great it just wasn’t for me.  That is not to say I may not ever try it again.   I think if you really follow the diet and workouts you will see results.  I personally got tired of tracking my macros and trying to balance fats, and proteins.  I didn’t like being restricted in what I could eat and cook.  I would rather just eat smaller portions of what I wanted to.   I do believe in the intermittent fasting part and still do that occasionally, but I also like to have breakfasts somedays and you fast everyday on that particular diet.

Favorite running shorts?

I have a few go to pairs.

Brooks 5 inch running shorts– I wear a medium in these.

Nike Dry Temp Running Shorts– I wear a medium in these as well, you can’t beat the price.

Lululemon Hotty Hot Short 4 inches– I wear a 6 in these.  I have this same pattern and love it!

Favorite sports bra?

So this is a new purchase and I love it.  I have a few lululemon sports bras I love but I ordered this one off amazon for $20 and it is legit!  It offers amazing support.  I have the black but I am going to order several other colors.

Sports Bra

Favorite running shoes?

I always wear Nikes, they just fit me well and feel comfortable when I run.  This is the current pair I have and love.  I also listed two great pairs down below part of the Nordstrom Sale.

Nike running shoes

Running Playlist?  

This is my current playlist.  I usually switch up playlists every few weeks, but I am digging this one right now- any other great workout songs I should add?


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has some great workout gear on sale.  Here are a few of my favorites!

Zella Crop Leggings– the best leggings trust me!  I wear a small in these.

Tank- I just ordered this looks like the perfect loose tank for running.

Nike Tank– I also like this Nike tank.  I wear a medium in this.

Favorite Hoodie– bought this last year, so soft and cozy!

Convertible Pullover– I love the idea of this!  So many ways to wear it.

No Show Socks

I love these no show socks!

Zella Tee– This is great for running or paired with leggings.

Nike Running Shoes– Nikes are always my favorite running shoes.  I love this color.

I also like this style as well.

Nike Shoes

A few of my favorite corkcicle products are also part of the sale!  These make great gifts to save!

Stainless Cup


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  1. Aja says:

    Love your comments on the FWTFL. I know it’s so trendy right now, but it caused some health issues for me that I had never dealt with before. Several dr appointments, tests and $$$ later, my dr strongly believes it was the fasting and diet that caused those issues. No diet is for everyone!

  2. Katharyn says:

    Which liquid base do you use for your smoothies?!

  3. Amy Schoonover says:

    Thank you for that post! My son is a student at the Citadel and I thought it would be fun to do a half marathon or a 10k sometime when I visit him (we live in Kansas) but I am not a serious runner I do it for all the same reasons you listed so I didn’t want to sign up for a hard core competitive race. Just something fun. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!

  4. Liz says:

    Get it girl!!

  5. Emily says:

    I have been running consistently for about 3 years, inconsistently for 7-8 years before. I am also a slow runner, (about 10 minute mile) but I am persistent. I have done several 5ks and did my first half marathon earlier this year. I highly recommend doing a race. Some people are competitive but I think more (myself included) are just competing with themselves. They are just really fun and make you feel great. If you do a half marathon you need to train to get your legs prepared for the mileage but it’s really worth it if you can put in the time. It makes you feel like you can do anything!

  6. CA says:

    If you ever feel like you are in a rut try the Aaptiv app. It’s like soul cycling for running. I run but am not “runner” and its helped me improve a lot and get over humps. I’m a very slower runner but have done a couple half’s (Kiawah is great bc there are no hills and the bridge run is really fun), so try one! The Charlotte 1/2 in Nov is great! I sprained my ankle this spring and now have a broken arm, and I really have noticed how therpudic it is for me and I am really missing it! Going to order those brooks shorts now! Always trying to find work out shorts that aren’t crazy short!

  7. BmutRJ2Oq1vU61St6ZZz/iWHf5M1EMB9cfgRC2AHZ7M= says:

    I run every day too, and I have a hair comment. I wash my hair with shampoo every other day, and on off days I just rinse it and scrub it with my fingers in the shower (to get the sweat out, I guess), but don’t use shampoo/conditioner, and style as usual. I feel like my hair is getting a break from the product, but I still feel clean.