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New Line You Need to Know: Pippa

Apr 30, 2012

No, this line is not named after Pippa Middleton.  It is actually created by the peeps who run French Connection and it is my new favorite line.  While I was home in Charlotte I spied the line at Belks.   It is not carried in many stores yet,  but you can find it online at Bloomingdales  I think you all know how much I love blouses well,  Pippa has great blouses and the prices are super reasonable.  Nothing is more than $220,  and most of the blouses are right around $100. The line has super fun prints and everything fit really well.   I found it ran true to size if you order.  The sales lady told me the line was designed for young working women to double as work and evening clothes.  I can see why the pieces are smart and sophisticated but fun at the same time.

 {Pippa Red and Tan Silk Stripped Top}

 {Pippa Silk Stripe Long Sleeved Top}

Lucky for me I still had a Belk giftcard from my birthday so I used it to buy the red and tan stripped shirt and my mom got the Turquoise one so we can trade.  I am really thinking about ordering the black/tan stripped dress as well.  I think it could double for a church dress and then funk it up for a night out.  Some other favorites from the line:

Silk Stripe Dress, Peacock Feather Print Blouse, Silk Solid Blouse, Ikat Spot Silk Dress, Belted ColorBlock Dress, Scales Blue Blouse, Scales Dress, Silk Short Sleeve Blouse in Lemon

So tell me what do you think?  Have you heard of this line before?  I am pretty smitten with it!



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  1. I have NEVER heard of this line before and I am absolutely obsessed. That red and tan top needs to be mine! Thanks for the introduction.

  2. I bought a Pippa red and cream colored blouse that has little umbrellas on it. I stalked it forever and it was finally 20% off and I had a gift card. Although I love it, I was disappointed that the color has started coming off the red buttoms. Oh well, I still wear it anyway. That line is adorable!

  3. I will have to be on the look-out! Super cute clothes!

  4. I really like this! You know I'm always on the hunt for good blouses, and your posts always provide! I would never have though to go in a Belk but might have to venture on over! PS-Can I keep Sterling for a weekend? His curls are killing me.

  5. Absolutely love all of these. Such great basic silk pieces.

  6. Alicia xoxxo says:

    I have never heard of that line but I really like it! Thanks for letting us know about it! You need that black and tan dress!!

  7. Love this line! Will have to check it out. We have a Belk in McKinney so I may have to head over there this week and see if they carry it!

  8. Funny, I blogged about a clothing line today too. Never hear of it either but SUPER cute. Looks like you had a little escape artist with you!

  9. Nat says:

    I've never heard of this line- thanks for the intro! I'll have to check out Bloomies since we don't have Belk here.

  10. I just noticed it has been popping up, but didnt know it was a french connection line! I love that first blouse!

  11. Amy says:

    I've never heard of it before,but I love it! And I'm 99% sure Kelly Ripa was wearing that green dress this morning on her show!!

  12. Girl you have met your match. This line is straight up your alley. Cute top on you!

  13. No, I had no idea. I seriously want that turquoise striped top. It is so so darling. Thanks for the intro.

  14. Ooo what a fun line! I love the striped blouses you bought as well as some of the dresses! Super cute!! Thanks for the tip!!

  15. Oooh! I love love love those blouses!! The cut is so cute.

  16. Natalie – you always find the cutest clothes – so glad I have your blog to get great ideas from!! hope you are having a good day!

  17. Taylor says:

    I haven't ever heard of that line and I'm SO glad you shared it!!! those tops are gorgeous, as are the dresses and other tops at the bottom of the post! LOVE.

  18. This line is super cute! Looks great on you!

  19. This line is super cute! Looks great on you!

  20. Alexa says:

    Oh I love this line! Hadn't heard of it before! Great items!

  21. I hadn't heard of this one, but I love it already! That red color-blocked little dress is *fantastic*…as is your new acquisition, LOVE the striped blouse! I think you actually might be responsible for my new fascination with filling my closet with blouses now that I come to think of it! (c:

  22. Oh my goodness I LOVE this line. Time to go shopping! xo

  23. LOVE. And I love French Connection so this is bound to be awesome.

    P.S. I need that cocktail from your last post šŸ™‚ xo

  24. Amanda says:

    Mmmkay, now I need to go shopping! LOVE these pieces!

  25. Ahhhh the last thing I need to know is another clothing line!! Seriously… You look so adorable I think I need to snag it!! šŸ™‚

  26. Jess says:

    I love this line! I've never heard of it before but I'll be on the look out next time I go shopping! Also love the green blouse on you!

  27. I haven't heard of it but really love it!! Thanks for sharing!! šŸ™‚

  28. Bud and Leo says:

    sold sold and… sold. I am always looking for going out blouses that double for the office too- and love that they're around one hundy- I'm going to bloomies tomorrow!