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Nursing Essentials + Dressing While Nursing

Jan 17, 2014

 Nursing, its the hardest part of having a baby or at least it is to me.  It is a round the clock job for the first few months and it hurts.  You are restricted and you can’t go places because you have feed your baby so often and that is hard.  I had a really hard time nursing with Sterling he would never latch on and I had to supplement with formula from the beginning because my milk supply was low.  It was difficult and I eventually stopped nursing at 3 months.  This time I have had a crazy milk supply and it is just easier all around so I am powering on.  But I am over having huge boobs, I keep waiting for them to shrink some but no luck!  You have to do what is best for you, if formula makes you a happier mom do that, if pumping is easier do that.  People can be very judgmental about nursing or not nursing, so you have to not listen and do what works for you, I learned this with Sterling when I felt guilty after quitting nursing but it was the right thing for us and ultimately I was happier.

I have had several requests for me to share nursing essentials and clothes that are easy to nurse in.   Nursing on the go can be hard.  With Sterling I was super funny about nursing in front of people this time I just don’t care.  Thanks to my Hooter Hider, which I highly recommend I can basically nurse wherever with privacy.  If you have never seen one of these it goes around your neck and drapes in front to cover your chest area while nursing.  It folds up and can be easily tossed into your purse for on the go nursing.  I use mine if company is over and occasionally out in public like yesterday I used it at Chick Fila.

||Hooter Hider ||

When I know I am going to be out for awhile I will pump and bring a bottle.  But let me say I hate pumping, I would much rather nurse.   But nights when Matt and I go out I need a bottle left behind for his parents to feed Frances.  I own this Medela pump which I highly recommend.  I bought it with Sterling, then my sister used it and now it is back to me.  It holds up well and it is still working great. 

|| Medela Breast Pump ||

 As far as bottles I am loving the Dr. Browns bottles.  Added bonus they screw right into the breast pump so you can pump directly into the bottle.  

||Dr Browns Bottles ||

Don’t forget nursing pads you will need these to wear daily and at night because trust me your milk will start to leak.  I have tried pretty much every brand and really don’t love any of them.  I like the Nuk brand because they are thinner but then I leak with them.  This time I bought the Target Up brand and they work well for the price.

As far as dressing while nursing, I still wear all my regular blouse and sweaters but a must for me is a nursing tank.  I wear one under almost everything.  They are easy to unsnap and nurse in.  Plus I feel like the tanks help smooth out and suck in extra flab which is ever present post baby.

My favorite are the Bravado line.  I own one in black and white and wear them all the time.  Right now they are 25% off so stock up!

|| Bravado Nursing Tank ||

I have heard these Yummie Tummie nursing tanks are awesome because they are like spanx and suck you in. I am debating picking up one to try. I also like that they look like they are longer.   Remember Heather from RHNY?  This is her line:)
|| Yummie Tummie Nursing Tank||

I  love the Bravado nursing bras.  I own these two. 

|| Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra ||

This bra is like a sports bra and so comfortable, I sleep in it at night as well. The bras are also currently 25% off.

|| Bravado Allure Underwire Bra ||

This bra looks more like a regular bra and has underwire which I like for some days and under dressier clothes.

I still can’t fit back in my regular pants so if you need some in between jeans, I highly recommend The Skinny by 7 For All Mankind.   I own these in a size larger than what I normally wear and have worn them after both pregnancies.  They are high waisted and suck you in plus they have alot of stretch which you need post baby!
|| 7 for All Mankind The Skinny Jeans ||

As for what I wear over my bras and tanks I find blouses that button up are easiest for nursing because you can just unbutton them and easily nurse.  I also have been wearing loose sweaters and tees that are easy to lift up. This way with my tanks under them, I just unsnap the tank and nurse.
The JCrew swing sweater is great for nursing.

A few options.

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  1. Angie says:

    I highly recommend JAG jeans at Nordstroms. I got post baby after my body was basically back to wear I'd get it. I own the keg goings and ones that button but since they're a bit higher up they cover the pooch. Wonderful!

  2. Dina says:

    Nursing never worked out for me first time around so I didn't even give it a try the 2nd time. I'm so glad it's working for you! Ok so this sounds nuts, but my girlfriends and I discovered the Old Navy Rockstar Mid Rise super skinny jeans, and we're in love with them! They sit higher on the waist and suck in the inner thigh. Let me know if you try them and what you think!

  3. Lindsey says:

    Thanks for this post! I had like the mother of breast milk supply with my first one, and your boobs eventually do go down! I nursed for a year because it burned a lot of calories without exercise (keeping it real.)Good luck with this time around!

  4. I am so glad it's working out this time around! I had trouble with my supply with my first and heard that with each baby there is more milk. I think you'll find once you hit three/four months nursing is a breeze – it's definitely those first three that make it sooo hard. If only you could formula feed the first few months and then nurse. I love the bravado bras too and I need to try their tanks. I've been waiting on this post bc I always wonder how fashionable people nurse (I need something to aim for otherwise I'm in tees and shorts daily). I did see an Alice and Olivia wrapped cardigan at Nordstrom that I'm dying to try as a cover up (hooter hiders are kind Of awkward for me to use). Thanks for sharing this!!

  5. Beth Walker says:

    Nursing did not work out for me the first go around, either. However, the second tIme I made it the whole first year. It was easier and I was so much less stressed out about it. I think that helped. You are so right about the tanks! That is all I wore. I loved how if I had to pull my shirt up, my belly was still covered.

  6. I'll have to forward this post to my best friend who is going through this struggle. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Morgan S. says:

    I have that same pump and I love Dr. B's bottles. Thanks for all the rec's on tanks, bras and the Hooter Hider. I need to stock up now for May, so that 25% off looks good to me. I have never made it more than 6-8 weeks BFing and I really want to make it longer this time. I am an on-the-go person, so feeling tied down is the hardest. Plus when your boobs are full and painful, it's harder to get a good workout! But I'm going to do my best to power through. I just definitely need stuff like this so I don't have to be tied to the house! šŸ™‚

  8. Heidi says:

    Ah, the big boobs. So hard to dress normal, right?! Just wanted to share that I got the Yummie Tummie nursing tank and while I liked the slimming effect of it, the holes for nursing are really obvious, so you definitely can't wear it under certain shirts. Just wanted to pass that on. I hardly ever wore mine for the reason, unfortunately.

  9. I had the same experience with my first son: it killed, we supplemented him and I was done at 3 months. This time around it is a lot easier but this little guy won't take a bottle! He only wants ME!! Two of my best friends had the same problem with their second babies, one swears it's second child syndrome already sinking in! I am over my huge boobs too but I guess I can make through the winter/flu season:) Those bras look super comfy! Thanks for the tips.

  10. blants says:

    I feel like no one "pro nursing" tells you how incredibly painful it is at first. I would have given up day 1 but I was really stubborn. But seriously for all the talk of how "natural" it is, it's not something that comes naturally to you or baby. Oh and each kid is different. I am already nervous about #3 — first labor then latching! Eek.

    Anyway just wanted to say I really love Anita nursing bras. I got fitted for one at Intimacy and found it to be the most comfortable and flattering, especially when your boobs are gigantic. Once I had my size I ordered them on amazon! Haha. Expensive but so worth it to feel more like yourself and even moderately sexy. They are especially great in the summer bc they aren't bulky.


  11. Nat says:

    Amen about nursing being hard!! No one tells you how much of a commitment it is. I'm still nursing at 6.5 months (never ever thought I would get this far) but we're down to two feedings a day and the rest are formula. I'm so ready at this point to have my body back to myself!

  12. Nickie says:

    Glad to hear you are so encouraging about women doing what is best for them and their babies. Nursing can be so difficult and if you are nursing there is the whole issue of nursing in public. I am a very modest person and would choose to go sit in the car and nurse. It was much more comfortable to me and I could focus on my baby. I caught some flack about it though. Fortunately, my husband was very supportive on whatever made me happy.
    Great clothing suggestions. Thank for the great post!

  13. Thank you so much for this post, there are so many nursing tanks/bras out there, so it is nice to have the recommendations. I am slowly getting used to a new wardrobe that allows for nursing, and you gave some great suggestions. (I am a new mom to a baby girl named Gwyneth, we call her Winnie, born about 2 weeks after your sweet Frances) Very glad nursing is working out for you this time. Thanks again for being so thoughtful with your posts and suggestions! Blessings to you!