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Aug 9, 2011


I saw this outfit on shopbop and now I am obsessed. I need that blouse and those high waisted jeans. The blouse is Elizabeth and James and the jeans are Lover. I am so ready for fall and I think this outfit would be the perfect addition to my closet.


Ever since seeing this baby appear on several blogs, I am convinced I need one for my entryway table. I think this little sea urchin may be the perfect accessory! This beauty can be found online at Furbishstudio.com. The Furbish store is in Raleigh, so if any of you live nearby you should stop in, it looks amazing!


I ate lunch the other day at Carolinas, one of my favorite local restaurants and they served us lavash chips with homemade hummus when we were seated instead of bread. I loved the lavash chips so much. They are like pita chips but thinner. I found these at Costco and they are amaze. I have been dipping them in everything! They are seasoned with Rosemary, Sesame and Olive Oil and taste great dipped in hummus.



I have recently really been into Chardonnays which I previously thought I hated. I still love LaCrema but while we were in Hilton Head I tasted several Unoaked Chardonnays and really liked them. If you don’t like the oakiness of Chardonnay then you should try Unoaked Chardonnay. They were very smooth with no hint of oak at all. The only name I can remember that I tried was Saddleback Unoaked Chardonnay and it was great. However I am sure if you ask at your local wine shop they have several varieties.


Normally I am very loyal to my Chanel lipgloss, but my aunt, who is a make-up artist recommended this lipgloss and gave me a tube and I absolutely love it. It goes on really well and gives your lips the perfect hint of color. It is a little stickier than Chanel’s lipgloss, but I think it lasts longer. I read this is what they always used on the Sex and the City girls while filming. I have the color Guava and love it, it is the perfect pink.



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  1. I have one of those brass urchins and I love it! And love that outfit for fall

  2. Kyle says:

    Cute fall outfit. I found a great pair of high waisted jeans at Madewell this spring. LaCrema will always be a favorite wine.

  3. Jill says:

    I want that blouse too for the fall!! I love la crema but I am always open to new suggestions:)

  4. I love Stila gloss! It really does last a long time!

  5. gonna have to try that stila lip gloss…

  6. I'm thinking I need one of those tie blouses as well (c: I'm always a sucker for those guys…the bow is just so fun and feminine! And I'm really going to have to try that Stila gloss now because I've heard nothing but rave reviews! Thanks for the recommend!

  7. That outfit is a must! Perfect look for everything! Can't wait for fall!

  8. definitely agree…that Fall outfit is fabulous.

  9. I love that you posted about the lavash chips because I have been crunching them up and eating them in my Greek salads at lunch and they taste amaze! And I am obsessed withbthe Greek salad for lunch idea too!! http://www.pinkbowbathboutique.com

  10. Bud and Leo says:

    Loving that outfit! I can't wait for fall!

  11. esl828 says:

    Natalie – they did have those urchin things at Croghan's for a long time, they were super inexpensive too.

  12. My brass sea urchin thingy that I won just came in the mail yesterday! I'm pumped.

  13. Ooo I want an urchin…oh and I LOVE that lip gloss…so pretty!

  14. I LOVE that top and your brass urchin!!

  15. I have the urchin…I love it so much! and i made another batch of your blueberry banana bread yesterday. i'm not kidding