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May 21, 2013

:: R E B E C C A  T A Y L O R  S N A K E  P R I N T  M A X I ::

Rebecca Taylor is one of my all time favorite brands.  She always makes the most feminine pieces that fit really well.  This skirt is no exception.  Best part is it has an elastic waistband so I am sure any of you preggos like me could rock thiis while pregnant and after!

:: A S O S  M A X I   I N   M E X I C A N A   P R I N T ::

Another fabulous find from ASOS.  I am becoming addicted to that site.  This maxi has my name written all over it.

 :: G A P  L I N E N   T- S H I R T   D R E S S ::

I spied this dress in a fashion mag over the weekend and became obsessed with it.  It is online only so no trying on in store, but Gap stuff usually runs true to size.  It looks like the perfect casual Summer Dress- looks really similar to Lem Lem.  Thru today you can get 25% off your order with code GAPSUMMER.

:: M A D E W E L L   S I L K  C A R G O  T A N K ::

This is such a great versatile tank for Summer.  It even looks loose enough to wear while pregnant.  I am drawn to the black and white because they would go with everything but equally love the coral and yellow. How great would they look paired with white skinny jeans? 

:: B A U B L E B A R   M E L ON  A R T   D E C O  N E C K L A C E ::

I have been stalking Baublebar waiting for this beauty to get back in stock and it finally is!  Such an awesome necklace for only $38.

 :: G A P   P E R F O R A T E D   S T R A P P Y  S A N D A L S ::
I bought these sandals in the calf hair version earlier this year and love them, I get compliments everytime I wear them.  I love this new version with the perforated leather.  Thinking for the price I need a pair of these too!  You can get 25% off these as well with code GAPSUMMER.

:: J O I E  P E R I  T A N K   D R E S S ::

This dress is so simple but so perfect.  Love both colors it comes it.  I love that you could wear it during the day with flip flops and then out at night dressed up.  Joie dresses are my favorite,  they hold up so well and always fit nicely.

   It would look so cute paired with the Gap Sandals above for running errands.

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Aug 21, 2012


I have been obsessed with this Rebecca Minkoff jacket since last year when I spied it in the red version.  Now I see it is back and in one my favorite shades of green..  I need this jacket for fall. It would look cute with everything!


This is the new flavor of Pretzel crisps that was recently released and they are awesome!  They have a slight bite to them and are so good dipped in hummus.  They are my latest snack obsession.


I posted about these a few weeks ago and my mom ended up ordering Sterling a few pairs for back to school.   We got the gray and green ones and I could not be more obsessed with them.  I hate little boys in baggy loose jeans and these are a more slim fit which I adore.  Sterling loves them too, even though it is hot outside all he wants to wear are his “green pants.”  Order these for your little men ladies, you will love them.  Plus they are on sale right now for $23.


Love this blouse in a major way. It would be perfect for fall with my skinny jeans.  I am can’t decide what color I love more!  I always love royal blue but I am leaning towards gray because I am smitten with it for fall with colored skinnies.


Ladies someone please tell me where I can find stools similar to these.  They would look perfect in my den!

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Feb 21, 2012

Happy Tuesday Loves. I hope many of you got to enjoy a day off yesterday!
How cute is this top? I am always a fan of navy and white stripes, so classic and chic. My favorite part is the back. Love the bow and the sexy peek of the back.

Can you tell I am obsessed with Trader Joes? These crackers are my newest find and I am hooked. They are the perfect combo of sweet and savory and taste great with any cheese you can imagine. Go buy some you will be obsessed too!

This is my newest design obsession. Pretty sure this is going to happen in Sterling’s big boy room or perhaps when we have another baby.

This show is my newest TV obsession. It is so much better than American Idol. Matt and I just started watching last week and we are hooked. Plus looking at Adam Levine ain’t so bad.

Jennifer Zeuner is one of my favorite jewelry designers. I love how feminine and delicate her pieces are. I own one of her monogrammed necklaces and wear it almost everyday. I am in love with this cross necklace and bracelet. They are so simple yet stunning at the same time. I could see myself wearing these everyday.

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Dec 21, 2011

5 days til Christmas and I could not me more excited. I love this time of the year! As I am typing this Sterling just walked over to me and says “poo” and he was holding a piece of dog poop- I am not kidding. Great way to start the day off!
I am convinced this dress needs to be mine for the Summer. Love everything about it!

Peanut Butter Twix
If you have not tried these you need to immediately. They are my newest addiction.

How amazing is this purse that is actually a laptop bag? This stylish yet oh so functional laptop bag was designed by Alesya. Alesya is from Charleston, so I always love to support my local girls! The bag is available in Eggplant, Equestrian Tan, and Kelly Girl Green. But if you want one you better hurry the Eggplant is already sold out! You can check out Alesya’s fabulous blog and shop HERE!

Added Bonus, how cute is the wrapping paper that Alesya uses to package the bags?

I love that Copper is making a comeback. The Copper lights are perfection in this Kitchen!

The LayOver
Anthony Bourdain’s new show the LayOver is awesome. I have recently watched the New York and Miami episodes and he featured so many great places I want to hit up next time I travel. The best part is this is one TV show the hubs and I can agree to watch together!

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Jun 21, 2011

It’s that time of the week again for me to share my current obsessions, so here it goes!

I have been wanting a Chanel purse for as long as I can remember. I can’t decide if I like the bigger version better or the smaller quilted one. Lucky LC owns both. Either way they are both on my wishlist!! Hopefully I will own a Chanel purse one day!

Ever since seeing my girl Gwennie in her horn necklace I have been on the hunt for one. I think it looks cute with everything. I found one cheap one at F21 and a bit more expensive one at ABS. Thoughts on which one is cuter?


I blogged about this wine a few months ago. Last week I was lucky enough to be sent samples of the Chardonnay and Cabernet and they did not disappoint. I loved the Chardonnay. You can’t beat a wine that is only $7.99 and for every bottle you buy a pair of shoes is donated. A genuis concept really. I will be serving flipflop wines at all my playgroups!

These pickles are made locally here in Charleston (not sure if they are sold in other cities in the South yet, so sorry to tease my non-local readers). They are cold pour pickles meaning the pickles are pickled without heat. This results in a pickle that retains it’s color, structure and taste without any preservatives or chemicals. and they use organic cucmbers! These are the freshiest pickles you will ever taste. If you love pickles you must give these a try. I snack on them daily for my salty fix.

Anybody else totally hooked on this site yet? It is addictive. It is such a great way to catalog things you love! It is filled with so many fabulous ideas, pretty spaces, and great recipes! A few of my recent favs:
Crock Pot Mac and Cheese, umm yes please

Adorable party idea. Who doesn’t love sweet 16 doughnuts? Totally doing this at Sterling’s next birthday party.

One of my favorite spaces

Seriously if you havn’t started pinning you should!

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  1. Cait says:

    omg i would LOVe to have a channel purse as well šŸ™‚ hehe love this girl! happy tuesday!

  2. Love Gwen and the necklace!! I have one that I wear a few days a week and it's from Stella & Dot — you can pick your charms (I have a feather, letter J and P, for Jenny & Pat and the May birthstone for both of our birthdays and wedding date…you should check them out!)

  3. You had me at wine and pickles! šŸ™‚

  4. I am obsessed with Pintrest! And always in love with every Chanel bag. So timeless

  5. Kyle says:

    Flip flop wines looks perfect for summer and beyond. Any additional ideas for a great hostess gift for my friend who is having us to her beach house this weekend? If I can find them in the tri-state area, Flip Flop wines will definitely be on the list! Also, can you take part in Pinterest if you do not have a FB or Twitter account?

  6. I too will one day own a chanel quilted bag! I'm totally doing the donut thing for Wells' Birthday Brunch next month, I think I'm stealing all my ideas straight from pintrest!

  7. megan says:

    I need to know where you buy those pickles!

  8. Christina says:

    I'm so glad you put those pickles on your obsession list. I have only had them at restaurants that use them (Ahem, Midtown) but I plan to buy them soon!

  9. Sara says:

    I want a Chanel purse so bad. I will definitely be trying that wine, that is a very cool thing for a company to do.

  10. Taylor says:

    Pinterest is a close second to blogging – I could go through all of the images all day long! And I dream about the day when I can have the small quilted Chanel! Love that that wine donates shoes – I'll be on the look out in Chicago!

  11. Jill says:

    I just started on pinterest and I literally spend hours at that site!!

    Go for the big Chanel, it's soooo purdy!!!

  12. I would LUV a Chanel bag too! I would get the F21 necklace. You may get over it too soon to spend too much. I am on Pinterest but I can't pin anything… trying to work that out!

  13. Carly says:

    I picked up some Flip Flop wine (pinot grigio) at Teeter last week when it was on sale. I'm a fan!

  14. I would love to own a Chanel purse too! And Pinterest really is the best…I'll need to find you on there! šŸ™‚

  15. My dream bag is a Chanel purse too!

  16. Andee Layne says:

    that decor in the last pic looks like the Viceroy decor …love it! thanks for the tip on the flip flop wine. Cant wait to check it out…sounds like bare foot wine that im a huge fan of as well!

  17. Val says:

    I was just telling my husband this weekend that I want a big Chanel bag. I will definitely be buying that wine. Thank you.

  18. Oh Chanel. How you tease me so!!! Yeah, that is one that is going on my bucket list "own a chanel purse"…because there ain't no way on the green earth that my hubby would let me buy one right now! (c: And Pinterest has me throughly addicted. It's actually quite pathetic…

  19. I didn't know about the local pickles! And those donuts are brilliant, I just saved that picture too šŸ™‚

    Hooray for good wine!

  20. Love all on this list! Would love a Chanel purse. I adore the horn necklace. The ABS is my favorite. Perfect wine for the summer. Very addicted to Pinterest! I have had those pickles before and they are great! The donuts…that might be a great idea for my son's 6th birthday. He wants a Sat morning party with a breakfast buffet, cartoons and all the kids in their pj's šŸ™‚

  21. Bud and Leo says:

    Totally need to get on this pintrest thing! And anything LC and Gwenny say is cool, I will do.

  22. Ashley says:

    omg these are all fabulous! especially the chanel! oh and look who was finally able to follow….via twitter….when there's a will girlfriend….there's a way! haha

  23. I desire a Chanel purse as well. Someday…maybe… =) I'm intrigued about the Flip Flop wines and such a nice cause.

  24. I'm with ya, loving horn necklaces and who doesn't want a Chanel bag? šŸ˜‰

  25. I've been in love with the idea of a black quilted Chanel purse for as long as I can remember… someday!
    I need to start following you on Pinterest! What's your username?

  26. I like the smaller Chanel purse better and the second horn necklace better as well, however, if it's a huge price difference, I'd go with whichever's cheaper! I've also got to get myself some of that Flip Flop wine–I've always loved the Toms concept but just hate Toms shoes, I'd much rather donate shoes through wine consumption, ha!

  27. Hannah says:

    Ahhh, yes, I am obsessed with Pinterest. I could spend hours just looking at images. I'm with you on the Chanel. Would LOVE one, but don't know if I would like a large or small one. When money grows on trees I'll get both. You are teasing me with the pickles. I am a huge pickle fan and they look yumm.