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On My Nightstand and Sterling’s

Jan 10, 2014

I have really been into reading lately. Since I am up late night nursing Frances, I bring my Kindle in her room get cozy in the rocking chair and read while I nurse her- FYI if your Kindle is not back lit and mine isn’t you can download the kindle app for free and read on your ipad or phone. It automatically sincs up all devices which is nice. This way I can read in the dark while I feed her.
 This is a list of my recent reads including a few new cookbooks that I love. 


CALLIES BISCUITS AND SOUTHERN TRADITIONS–  I am a huge fan of Callie and her delicious biscuits.  She is a Charleston girl after my own heart with her amazing recipes.  This cookbook is awesome and side note if you see Callie’s Pimento Cheese or biscuits at your grocery store buy them they are amazing. If your grocery doesn’t sell them you can order the biscuits HERE and Pimento Cheese HERE.

GIADAS FEEL GOOD FOOD I received this book as a Christmas Gift and immediately devoured it front to back.  Not only does it have really gorgeous recipes but it is also filled with health and beauty tips from Giada who at 40+ looks pretty freaking amazing.  I have tried several recipes from here and they were all awesome and full of flavor.

REAL GIRLS KITCHEN This book is by Haylie Duff, Hilary Duff’s sister. I bet you are thinking it is random she has a cookbook and it kind of is, but the cookbook is legit.   I first started following her on instagram where she posted some really delicious looking recipes which got me intrigued.  Her cookbook is actually pretty awesome.  I have made a few recipes, the veggie sandwich and kale salad which did not disappoint.  The book is paperback and I usually prefer hardback cookbooks but it is a nice size.

AERIN LAUDER BEAUTY AT HOME- I have a major girl crush on Aerin, love her and her style.  This is one gorgeous coffee table book.

THE HUSBAND’S SECRET- I mentioned this book Monday but it was one of the best books I have read in a long time.  I devoured it and was sad when it was over.

WHAT ALICE FORGOT- This is by Laine Moriaty as well and also a really awesome thought provoking book.  Alice falls and hits her head and forgets the last ten years of her life.  She is currently in the middle of divorcing her husband but only remembers from when she was first pregnant with their first child.  It is a really good story that makes you think about relationships.

THE SILVER GIRL– I have really been into Elin Hilderbrand books since this Summer.  I think I have read 5 of them so far.  They are all easy reads and the characters are easy to relate to.   This one is about a woman whose husband pulls a sort of ponzi scheme and she is left penniless and shocked that the man she new did this without her knowledge.  During the prosecution and trial she goes to Nantucket to live with an old friend and rediscover herself.

THE LAST ORIGINAL HOUSEWIFE– I loved this book.  Another relationship story about a woman ending her 20+ year marriage to her husband.   Part of it was set in Charleston which I especially loved.

TORI SPELLING: SPELLING LIKE IT IS– I am a bit embarrassed to admit I read this book but it was actually pretty interesting.  It talks about Tori’s last pregnancy which she nearly died from and how she lost all her money.  I read this in two days.  It is from Tori’s first person point of view so it feels like you are talking with her in person. and don’t hate but I am a Tori fan.

I think my love for reading is hopefully rubbing off on Sterling.  He loves story time.  I read to him before his nap and at bedtime Matt and I each read him a book.  These are our all time favorite books they are aways on heavy rotation in our house.  The Peter Brown Books are awesome I highly recommend them all, they are cute and funny.  Dragons Love Tacos is our book we always read on Mason Taco Night:)

kids books

Please send some new book recs for me and Sterling our way!  We love finding new favorites!

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  1. The Wades says:

    Mary Kay Andrews is a great author and her books are easy entertaining reads. She also has a great series under another pen name Kathy Hogan Trocheck (Homemade Sin, To Live and Die in Dixie, etc). Wild About Books is a cute childrens book.

  2. megan says:

    I must say, I have never been an avid book reader, but after reading your descriptions and reviews I really want to read a lot of those books!

  3. Thanks for the recommendations! I want to download Giada's cookbook on my iPad because she always has great recipes! I

  4. giada is one of my favorite cooks! good to know you liked her book…adding it to my reading list! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  5. Emily Clark says:

    Have you read Tori's other books? I'm wondering if I should start from the beginning!

  6. Jodi says:

    I really want that Giada cookbook. And I love reading to my kids. Connor loves book. My daughter is 6 and a half months and she just wants to bite the books instead of look at the pics. Hopefully this will change soon šŸ˜‰

  7. caycee says:

    Ok so I love Tori like a lot, so I think you may have just convinced me to read my first book šŸ˜‰

  8. Morgan S. says:

    Have you checked out Hands Free Mama? It just came out, but seems like a good read!


  9. Meg says:

    I read one of "tori's" books. No shame. Kindle pretty awesome to keep trashy novels indiscreet. Though I still read paper.

    "are you there vodka it's me Chelsea" is hilarious. And old. Pretty sure you'd like it. And "freakin' fabulous" by Clinton.

    Keeping' it light!

  10. I love the name Frances! Congrats on your sweet baby girl!

  11. Love your book picks. So important to read!

  12. Thanks for sharing your reading list! I'm currently on the hunt for a new book too. I've been having a hard time really getting into something lately. I just picked up Sex and the City and it's totally not what I thought it was going to be. I'm struggling to get through it. My previous Kindle wasn't backlit either, so I did a lot of reading on my iPhone or iPad at night, but for my birthday I got a backlit one and I love it! Isn't Kindle/Amazon the best? They have such a great selection of Kindle books too!


  13. My boys are really enjoying Steam Train Dream Train. I think it's the same author as Goodnight Goodnight Constrution Site. Visitor for Bear and Bedtime for Bear are two other favorites as well. I'm going to have to check out Sterlings favs – we are always on the hunt for great books.

    And I'm a huge Tori fan too (although all the "tori" named stuff bugs me, but I think she is hilarious).

  14. Do you have any recommendations for pregnancy books for first time moms? There is so much out there and I would love a few suggestions.

  15. Meredith says:

    Perfectly timed post! I've been dying for a few new books to read, thank you!
    Another great cookbook is Against All Grain – full of healthy ideas.

  16. Alicia xoxxo says:

    Thanks for the book recs. I am always on the hunt for new books. Unfortunately, I havent been reading much lately. But this summer I read a book by Judy Blume (an adult book) Summer Sisters. Very good. Higly recommend. Also, I read to Owen every night as well. We have been reading the Pete the Cat series and he loves it. Have a great weekend and snuggle those precious babes!

  17. My favorite recent read was The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer. It's definitely long, but I absolutely loved it!!

    The Day the Crayons Quit is one of my favorite new children's books, that everyone seems to be loving right now! Great illustrations!

  18. Rita says:

    Beach Music by Pat Conroy is the best book..EVER!! Actually anything by Pat Conroy is great. You really must read this book…plus it's set in your part of the country. Also, Southern Fried Divorce by Judy Conner. It is absolutely hilarious!

  19. Hi Natalie- do you follow 'itsahuntlife' on instagram? You should check out her post of 3 days ago, watch the video and then get lost in her blog. You will love it!

  20. Brooke says:

    Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is an awesome book and is about to be made into a movie. Her other 2 books, Sharp Objects and Dark Places are good as well. All 3 are easy reading, page turners.

  21. Emily Amy says:

    Hi Nat,

    Have you seen this article:


    And also, if you go to http://www.bookmovement.com you can see what books are most popular with book clubs; and it provides a good "reading list."

    P.S. – Your blog is one of my favorites! You got me started on kale salads (which now I am obsessed with) and recipes with brusel sprouts (which I never thought to shred with a mandolin- but then just did yesterday night)!

    Also, you mentioned you had several pillows made; do you have a recommendation for who you used?

  22. Tess says:

    I just started reading The Last Original Wife and I'm glad to hear it was a winner in your book.

    Have you read The Opposite of Me by Sarah Pekkenson. It's a great read – you should put it on your list if you haven't.

  23. I want all of these….I have so many books on my list to read but somehow I never get around to it! Must be better!!

  24. Alyson says:

    I love all your book recs! We love Potty Animals by Hope Vestergaard. My kids think it is absolutely hilarious!

  25. Funny I was just combing through your archives the other night for your last set of book recommendations! I just renewed my library card and one of my new year's goals is to get back to reading more. Thanks for the recs!!

  26. Laura says:

    loooove elin hildebrand. my favorite book so far is "the blue bistro."

  27. Ann says:

    I got "The Day the Crayons Quit" for my nephew and it is a cute one! Great for kids with imagination. He is two so I think it was a bit over his head, but he'll enjoy it one day!

  28. Katie says:

    For the kids: 'Richard Scarry's Best Storybook Ever' Is one of my sons favorites (also mine as a kid!) Lots of cute short stories and Frances will surely love it too! My son also loves Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site, Good Night Beach, Giraffes Can't Dance and Corduroy.

    For you….I cannot remember if you read Rob Lowe's book or not. It's really fascinating with great celebrity stories and insight into the business of Hollywood. Great, easy and fast read. Highly recommend!

  29. Elizabeth says:

    Goodnight, goodnight Construction Site and The Day the Crayons Quit are two of our favorites. We also really like the Pete the Cat series.

  30. Taylor says:

    we are the same person w books! I'm always reading what you are too!!!