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Organizing by the Rainbow

Oct 26, 2010

Yesterday after Matt was already at work, I realized my keys were locked in my car. He couldn’t leave work to bring them to me, so I was stranded all day. I was so bored, no trips to the grocery store, Target or any errands. I decided to take advantage of my time while Sterling napped and clean and organize my kitchen. I cleaned out my pantry, polished all the stainless appliances, organized drawers and mopped. A very productive nap time. I was inspired by Megan at Honey Were Home’s bookshelves. They are organized my color and look gorgeous! Unfortunately we don’t have any bookshelves, but I do have an abundance of cookbooks that I decided to organize. I love the result, it makes me happy to look at this rainbow on top of my fridge. If you had seen the top of my fridge before covered with baby food, dog food, cookbooks, jugs of water, etc- this is a huge improvement!

I also found one of my mom’s old silver trays and used it to arrange my salt and pepper and oil shaker. I think this brings a bit of glamour to the kitchen!

Sadly, my kitchen only stayed immaculate for a few hours, once the dog came inside, the hubby got home, and dinner was cooked it was kind of a mess again!



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  1. Christina says:

    i'm fascinated that you have that many cook books in such a rainbow of colors! i have like 2. one is orange. one is blue. not as much fun as your collection!

  2. The Utseys says:

    story of my life. i could sit back with a cup of coffee and enjoy the millisecond of cleanliness before the dogs run in from the backyard with leaves in their tails, Van wakes up from his nap and takes toys to EVERY corner of the house and Derek gets home and just put things on any available clean space!!!!! But the chaos is happy chaos!!

  3. Thanks for the shout out girlie!! And looks like we have some of the same cookbooks- I especially love the Barefoot Contessa ones:)