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Our Staycation

Aug 27, 2010

As many of you know my hubby was laid off a few weeks ago. The good news is he quickly found a new job, but still had a few weeks of downtime before he started back to work. So we have been having a staycation right here in Charleston. We have been trying to do all local things that we never seem to have the time to do!

First on our list was a visit to Charlestown Landing. The oldest spot in town where the first low country settlers landed in 1670. It was neat, they had a zoo filled with bison, bears, deer, bobcats, and turkeys. Sterling was very intrigued by all the animals. They also had a re-creation of the original settlement and a trading vessel from the era. It was fun minus the swarms of mosquitoes and 105 heat index. I stupidly tried to dress cute in my Rebecca Taylor blouse that was later covered in bug spray and sweat.

This was a cool monument at Charlestown Landing

Matt and Sterling (Matt has clearly sweated through his shirt at this point.)

Me in my cute sweat soaked blouse and sweet baby boy

Next we went to a local Mexican restaurant, La Carreta, to celebrate a friend getting into nursing school. On Friday nights they do free tequila shots, so we all had a very good time!

Sterling loved the mariachi band!

Sterling putting the moves on an older baby, Maggie. We have a flirt on our hands!

Our next local spot was Folly Beach. We live literally 10 minutes from the beach but we never go to just relax! We have never taken Sterling to the beach before and he absolutely loved it!

Finally we ended up on Matt’s dad’s sailboat at the Ashley Marina downtown. We enjoyed a few beers with a spectacular view. Overall our staycation a success.



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  1. Mama L says:

    Um, I have a question. When you’re not a fab mummy, are you a SUPERMODEL in your down time? Wowzers! Are all of Brooke’s friends gorgeous or is just southern women in general?

  2. Kimberly says:

    I ABSOLUTELY love your blog! This was so fun reading about your staycation! Johnny even liked it and he also wants me to make your seafood lasagne! Stay fabulous girl! Love ya!