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Pawleys Island Posh: Design For Sterling’s Big Boy Room

Aug 16, 2012

To finish off Sterling’s big boy room series I have my real life friend and blogging bestie,  Julia from Pawleys Island Posh.

 I seriously adore Julia and I am so sad she no longer lives right around the corner from me.   She is a sweet Southern girl with two of the cutest kids around.  I am already scheming ways to get Sterling set up with her gorgeous daughter Wells.   Julia can do pretty much anything and she does it all well.  She cooks, she paints amazing art, she is always working on some fabulous DIY projects,  she has great taste in fashion, and she puts together a mean mood board.  Girl can really decorate.   I am so happy to have her here today sharing her vision for my sweet boy’s room.   I can already tell you I need a piece of her artwork in his room!  Thanks for an amazing design Julia!

Hey friends!  I’m Julia from Pawleys Island Posh and I’m so thrilled to be here filling in for Nat while she’s in Pawleys.  I actually live in Richmond now so I’m super jealous of her sandy beach trip!

She’s asked me to design a little board for Sterling’s Big Boy Room to share with all of y’all.

For those of you that don’t know our girl Natalie in real life, let me tell you she’s every bit as pretty and nice as she seems on her blog.  And Sterling is even cuter in person.  Let’s chat about that.

His big eyes and longer than life eyelashes, curly hair, cute clothes, and that smile.  

He immediately made it onto Wells’ very short approved dating list!

It’s a very masculine little man room.  I’m not into children’s rooms that are dumbed down with “kids themes” just because they’re young.  I think this promotes adventure and imagination.  And it’s full of pieces with good bones that can grow with him.  Pretty much all of this can be used in his first apartment in college so your investment is well spent.

It’s very similar to how I plan to design my baby boy Tagg’s room when he upgrades from his crib and changing table in a few years.

But without further ado, here’s my interpretation of Sterling’s new room!

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  1. Julia, awesomeness right here. So lovely seeing you here with this gorgeous nursery design (um when are we going to see Tag's??). Fletcher has that map in the navy color, we get more compliments on that baby… xx

  2. Yep, I knew it would be flipping fabulous. Julia's gotta gift doesn't she?!

  3. Carly says:

    Love this room? Is there anyway we could get sources?? Especially for that dresser:) beautiful!

  4. Love the decor ideas! I read both of your blogs and have to say, Wells and Sterling would make quite the couple!

  5. The top one is my fav and I LOVE maps in a room, which were featured in both!

  6. Hi Julia! I love guest post. Now I have another great blog to follow. Thanks. I do agree with you, that you don't have to make a child's room kiddy just becasue they're a child. I love some of your ideas. I especially love the maps around the room and the baskets. I'm definitely a basket kind of girl. They fit perfectly almost anywhere. Thanks for sharing your ideas. šŸ™‚

  7. The Now says:

    You are amazing!!! The room design looks great! I just love that elephant print!!! SO CUTE!!!

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  9. Chimmy says:

    Beautiful room, Julia! I couldn't agree with you more! I think you can create a whimsical and imaginative space for children without looking like a toy store display.

    I also think it makes for an easier transition as children grow up.

  10. I am loving ALL of these big boy designs! So many talented chicks and so many adorable ideas. Hope you're having a blast in Pawleys! Can't wait to see more cute Sterling photos (like that one of him in the water bucket? Killed me it was so cute, ha!) !!! : )

  11. This is a great room. And I have to say, I don't have kids yet but it's so nice to hear someone else say you don't have to do cartoon themes. Is it bad I really don't even like cartoons on their clothes?!?! I just wrote a post on the anti-theme theme, kind of goes along with what you are saying here. Thanks for sharing! Lindsey – Peaches Burlap Sack

  12. Bud and Leo says:

    love love love the maps!

  13. So, if i'm not a big boy…can I still rock the rug?