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Real Housewives of BH

Nov 2, 2010

Ok, so am I the only one whose guilty pleasure is all these Housewives Reality TV Shows?? It seems the previous one ends, just as I am getting sick of all the cat fights and weirdos (can you say Michele and Tareq on DC Housewives, seriously delusional people), and a new cast sucks me in! The girls of Beverly Hills are no exception, I am hooked as usual! It angers my hubby so much that I watch all these spoiled women, but I can’t help it!! I am slightly envious of their lifestyles. I can’t imagine shopping and traveling like that; but sometimes it isn’t as it seems as poor Teresa of NJ filed bankruptcy.

A few notes on the BH ladies. Kyle is my favorite, she resembles Demi Moore, has fabulous hair, clothes and a cute husband. So far, she seems to have the best marriage and personality. Camille Grammer is a spoiled spaceball- I mean 4 nannies for two kids?? Almost as ridiculous as her dancing. Taylor seems nice enough, but married to major nerd. It cracks me up that she acts like she didn’t marry him for money, I mean come on! Kyle’s sister, Kim has social issues and is too dependent on her kids. Adrienne and the British lady (I can’t remember her name, I think its Lisa?) are ok and at least entertaining to watch. Do you watch this show?? Tell me I am not the only one loving these ladies!!

My husband is seriously going to be pissed I wrote an entire post on these ladies. But all this thought about voting and campaign commercials has given me a headache and made me need a reality break.



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  1. Amanda says:

    I'm obsessed…I love Kyle and Adrienne the best!

    Real Housewives of OC and NYC were easily the best 2. I never got into Atl, and the DC women were too mental for me!

  2. Jill says:

    We clearly love the same shows!! I cant stop watching the Real Housewives and I hate to admit it but I laughed a little when I found out that Theresa filed for bankruptcy especially watching her and her ridiculous christening party. I agree, Camille is definitely going to be the one to stir the pot!!

  3. Melanie says:

    These girls are right up there for me…right along with the NY housewives. I love Kyle, I think she is the most "normal" of the group. If that is possible? I get anxiety just watching her sister Kim, poor girl is so socially awkward. It's embarrassing.

  4. litzenbure1 says:

    This is our favorite show at my house!! We love it!! Kyle is our absolute favorite (although we think she should cut her hair a bit)

  5. You took the words right out of my mouth! I love this trash!

  6. Erin says:

    I completely love it. Love Kyle. And her caftans. What about Lisa buying a $1000 chocolate bunny for kids that she doesn't know? Obsessed.

  7. ModernMom says:

    I have not seen this one! Those reality shows are such an escape and I have to admit…the clothes are to die for!

  8. Charlie says:

    beverly hills might already take the title as the best housewives show so far. however i do LOVE a good real housewives of OC too!

    camille grammer is an idiot and seems high all the time!

  9. LOVE IT! I only watch RH of NY, NJ, and now BH. NY is my all time fav.

    The British lady cracks me up – I think she's funny. And I sit in amazement of the likes of Camille & Taylor…that these kinds of women really exist.

  10. GiGi says:

    you, my dear, are not alone.
    i love the show, and wish it was on daily!!
    i don't know what's so "real" about any of them, though.

  11. AO xoxxo says:

    Love this show!!!! In fact I LOVE all reality tv shows! It upsets my husband too, he just doesn't get it! But that is ok! It is my escape from reality too. Love Giuliana and Bill too!!!!:)