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Jul 11, 2013

Have you guys heard of the site Lydali? Well I was introduced to this site thru a friend of my brothers. One of his dear friends started the site and it is pretty amazing. Lydali is a site where you can buy products made from artisans in remote areas of the world, and it is such awesome stuff!! So unique and made by such talented people in far corners of the world. A great way to globally shop and support these artists! 

I love their mission statement:
“Lydali’s mission is to share beautiful, ethical products and the stories of the artisans and designers who make them. We envision a world where every consumer is empowered to change the way the global economy works, bringing opportunity to craftspeople all over the world. “

The girls at Lydali were sweet enough to send me this Taupe Diamante Clutch and I love it.   Currently I have been using it as a clutch but once the baby comes I am going to use it to store diapers and wipes in my purse.  Such a chic little pouch with so many possibilities.  Plus it is only, $32!

  Lucky for you girls for the next week with code DBDD15 you can get 15% off
any purchases.  Trust me the stuff on Lydali is already great prices
but with the code it is a real steal!!  Plus a great way to support
these amazing artisans.  Any of these would make such thoughtful gifts for someone.  Visit Lydali and go get your shop on!

 A few other favorites from the site are:

Blue Kuta Clutch | Ofi Clutch | Wood and Gray Leather Bangles | Pink Agate Dusty Earrings 

Colorblocked Spatulas |

Pretty awesome stuff?  I promise their website is filled with all sorts of cool stuff!
You can shop HERE.

Dark Chocolate Kit Kats.  Where have these been all my life??  They are so darn good, way better than the regular. I have been eating these like it is my job.  So far the only place I have found them at is Target.  I am embarrassed to admit how many grocery and drug stores I have stalked for these.


Forever 21 Tribal Print Maxi.  I just picked up this dress and love it.  The print reminds me so much of Mara Hoffman.  Plus it is comfortable, any pregnant friends it is a looser fit and will totally fit your growing bellies.  Plus it is only $22!!


Target C9 Champion Workout Tanks.  I still swear by Lululemon, my fave workout gear but lets be honest we all can’t afford to wear that all the time.  I tried these tanks on at Target and they rock, such a great fit and not clingy in the belly area.  I picked up the purple color, our store had very limited sizes in stock so you may have more luck online.


Sabra, cucumber dill veggie dip.  This stuff is ridic,  Made with Greek yogurt so it is healthy.  Delicious with veggies or pita chips.  Such a great snack.


Dish it any other fun new stuff I should know about?


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  1. I love Lydali! Totally have been on the hunt for new clutches so SOLD!

  2. That clutch is gorgeous, I don't think I've heard of that site before. I rarely eat chocolate bars (not chocolate, just regulars bars!), but dark chocolate kit kats are the best! And I'm like you, I love Lulu but I have to admit I have a couple of tanks from Target that I love!

  3. Amy Florez says:

    Such cute clutches!!! I love Target's workout clothes! I have the other design with bra underneath and attached loose tank. Love it! I need to try the style you have too! I couldn't find any in my size in our store. I found a ton in Ohio. Have you tried the knee length workout pants? I have 2 and need more. They're the best!

  4. That dip is calling my name. Looks yummy. Love the Blue Kuta clutch. Always need a new clutch for summer!

  5. pretty clutch! Love target workout gear!

  6. I love that clutch! And love Lulu but have had to cut back… Old Navy had some good tops too!

  7. Christina says:

    I was swooning over the clutch they sent you, but then my heart skipped a beat for the second blue one! So pretty. Good heavens, I love Target's workout clothes. I have so much and they're all so comfy and last sooooo long. MUST get to F21 soon.

  8. CLP says:

    If you love Lulu workout gear like I do, you should totally check out Nordstrom's in-house brand, Zella. I went there yesterday (to shop the pre-sale) and was blown away at the quality of the zella clothes and how stylish they were. They look so much like Lulu I had to double check to make sure it wasn't. The sales girl told me one of the head designers at Lulu left and came to work for Nordstrom and that's why the Zella line is so awesome right now. The line is more expensive than Target but way more reasonable then Lulu and seriously the quality is pretty comparable. Check it out, with Nordy's anniversary sale going on this month the prices really aren't that much more than Target!

  9. My weakness is white chocolate kit kats. I picked up that workout top in green the other day! Love the fit and you can't beat the price.

  10. Oh, those clutches are awesome!! And you look fabulous, as always!


  11. Annie Malone says:

    LOVE that maxi dress! Great find and awesome deal. I just had my first child two weeks ago and maxi's were my favorite during pregnancy!

  12. Janet Smith says:

    What size do you normally wear in Forever21? I love the dress and I've never ordered online before. Thank you!

  13. What a great site! And love those workout tops!

  14. megan says:

    Is that dip similar to tzatziki sauce? I was at Publix yesterday looking for some and they didn't carry any. What store did you find that at? Also, do the drawstrings on those tank tops bother you? I wanted to buy one but didn't like that about them.

  15. Morgan S. says:

    great site recommendation – they are en pointe with the chevron/ikat trend. my aunt is FBI and would always send me stuff from places like Turkey and other Middle East countries when she was on missions (top secret ish…lol) but i always loved the ethnic and original look of everything. http://www.thegymbunny.com / http://www.styleoyster.blogspot.com

  16. Girl, I'm going to have to stopping visiting your blog on the daily…I'm trying to pay off my credit card debt and you make me want to shop instead!!

  17. Great post! I need those Target tanks (so sim to my favorite lululemon tank!) and that dip looks Amazing! Also, is it weird I miss being pregnant? It's such a special time. I too wore a lot of non-maternity dresses throughout my pregnancy.

  18. Thanks for the introduction…those bags are adorable!! Loving that maxi on your skinny minnie self and I need to try that hummus!!

  19. Oooh, I love sites like that! I think I need those earrings!

  20. Aman Birhman says:

    buy stylish range of ethnic jholas and potlis at best prices with yobags.com