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Thoughts For Friday

Jun 15, 2012

If you are looking for an easy delicious entertaining dessert then look no further.  Lately this has been my go-to dessert.  Best part it is only two ingredients: Pistachio Ice Cream and Butter Crisps.

All you do is spread a thin layer of the ice cream on the crisp and pop in the freezer til ready and you have a tasty restaurant quality ice cream sandwich.  I made these last night for my girls Supper Club and they were a hit.

Speaking of Supper Club how amaze is this cheese tray I threw together?  I am a freak for a pretty cheese tray.   Nothing makes me happier.

I finished the first 50 Shades of Gray book and I loved it, really did.  But I am wondering what is the second book going to offer?  More of the same?  Not sure I want to read that much more about the red room of pain.  But speaking of the movie I think Josh Duhamel would be the perfect Christain Gray.  He is so darn hot, tell me you don’t agree.

I am pretty sure this fabric needs to happen somewhere in Sterling’s room.  I am thinking pillows…

I got my new issue of Elle in the mail yesterday and was surprised to see Selena Gomez on the cover.  I actually thought she looked really pretty and mature.  I will be interested to see if she opens up about The Beibs in the article.  I think I am like the same age as her mom which is weird and makes me feel old. 

Have you heard of LemLem?  My friend Katie introduced me and now I am convinced I need a LemLem Dress.   Lemlem is founded by model Liya Kebede and the line consists of Ethiopian hand-woven cotton scarves, women’s clothing and children’s dresses made by traditional artisans in Liya’s hometown. 

I left Sterling alone for a few minutes yesterday morning while I emptied this dishwasher and this is what I came back to.  All his Little Tykes people were face down in his cereal bowl.  It kind of made me chuckle especially the one that he decided to leave face up.  Hope this isn’t a sign of some weird fetish when he is older….


This is a quote that resonates with me for many reasons. I love it.  Hvae a great weekend!

Oh and Happy Father’s Day to this special guy.  You are a good daddy Matt and we love you!

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  1. What's the pepperoni-looking things on the cheese tray? Looks delish. Happy Father's Day to Matt šŸ™‚ and cannot wait to hang out in a few weeks!

  2. Hahaha I swear I laughed out loud about the cereal bowl and the little ones!
    Loving those boconccini and tomatoes sticks, and yes that Josh is a hottie!

  3. I am almost finished with the first book too, wow… Who do you think would play Ana? I have a hard time visualizing her

  4. I love pistachio ice-cream so I am definitely going to try making those little ice cream sandwiches!!


  5. Okay, I'm just on chapter three but now I'm already nervous about the red room. Oh lawd. Though I'm totally loving this visual for Christian. Also, that cheese tray looks delish. I'm a sucker for cheese trays too.

  6. There's not as much red room stuff in the second book…..there's a little more story. I just finished it last night.

  7. That tray looks fantastic!! Josh is so gorgeous!

  8. Love the fabric. And that cheese tray? Um it's perfection.

  9. Beautiful cheese tray! Wish I was eating some of that! Lol

    I just finished the 2nd 50 Shades book and I loved it almost as much as the first! The plot thickens in the 2nd book, so I highly recommend you keep reading. I felt like the shock value of all the sex wares off a bit, but I feel like the story develops much more in the 2nd book. I can't wait to start the 3rd! Is it kinda predictable, yes, but I still love it!

    Happy Friday!

  10. Too funny, i always picture actors when I read books…I was going to post the same topic! I agree with HG Countess, if they made this a movie I be they would pic Kristin Stewart (VOMIT). I'll post about it.

  11. Natasha says:

    the cheese tray looks amazing lady!!! nothing better than that and a big glass (bottle) of wine!

  12. Caroline says:

    I can't remember how I found your blog but I just love it and had to comment about fifty shades. šŸ™‚ The second book is even better than the first (in my opinion)!! I've also heard that Ian Somerholder (sp?) may be Christian Grey in the movies, and he'd be pretty perfect.

  13. Courtney says:

    I just finished the 2nd Book (52 Shades) this one is more about how their relationship progresses…def not as graphic as 1! p.s. that app tray looks delish!


  14. That cereal bowl and your comment made me laugh out loud at work. You're a hoot!

    I read all 3 Shades of Gray and I think it was an epic waste of time. If you want to know what happens I'll email you. Not a whole lot…

    I LOVE a good cheese tray too. I'm from Wisconsin and a Cheese head. šŸ™‚ I always add those pretzel crackers to mine as well. They are so yummy. I also add those little hot peppers that look like mini bell peppers. I can't remember what they are called? You should try them b/c you'll love them. YUMMY. Have a good weekend!

  15. Viviana says:

    Wait, we need to discuss Fifty Shades. I just finished the second and it's so much better than the first! You should definitely keep reading… haha.

  16. Hello, This is not related to the post, but can you tell me if the navy Velvet by graham and spencer maxi dress you have shrunk after washing and drying? I got the petite size but it's still a bit long. I am debating on returning it, but if it shrinks a little it might work. Thanks for your time.

  17. Love, love that fish fabric!!! Would you mind sharing the source? I have seriously been looking for something so similar to that for an ottoman in the playroom! I'll send you a picture of the fabric I already have on a pillow and I am dying for more but don't know who makes it! Hope you have a great weekend!

  18. I am VERY impressed by the cheese tray!! Happy Father's Day to your husband this weekend…hope it's a great one!

  19. Taylor says:

    I just finished it this week 2! Didn't like it that much half way through bc he was too creepy and angry for me, but loved it by the end. that dessert + cheese tray look too yummy. hope you have a good weekend šŸ™‚


  20. That tray looks wonderful with wine! Keep reading, the story gets better between Ana and Christian. I liked it and not as shocking as the first book.

  21. totally agree about him being perfect as christian — he is sooo sexy! and on another note, your cheese board looks amazing and has just made me hungry! have a lovely weekend šŸ™‚ xx

  22. Leslie says:

    Your supper club food looks amazing and I love those adult ice cream sandwiches! I hope your husband has a happy Father's Day!

  23. Josh would be a perfect Christian!! He is damn hot!

  24. Rachael says:

    Love your blog! I stumbled upon it perusing another blog and I'm so glad I did. Those ice cream sammies look delish! And I can't wait to start 50 Shades of Grey.. just finishing a book and that's on my list next!! I don't even know the charachters but my vote is always yes for Josh! Hottie!

  25. Lindsay says:

    I made the butter crisp ice cream sandwiches! SO GOOD! Thanks for posting! Also agree with your choices for Christian!

  26. Tessa says:

    read the 2nd book!! it's the best of the 3!!

  27. Bud and Leo says:

    1) this post just made me so hungry! that cheese tray! 2) the second 50 shades book is sooo much better! less red room, more love šŸ™‚ 3) i heard ian somerhalder is in the lead to play fifty… but josh would be awesome too- or david beckham ahahhaha

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