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Time Out.

Jan 15, 2012

I couldn’t help but laugh at this chair with an hour glass underneath for time out. Then I got to thinking maybe this is really a genius idea. You see we have hit the terrible two’s early. Tantrums all the time. If we don’t get the car shopping cart at the grocery store a full on tantrum occurs. If we are out of fruit snacks screaming ensures. Oh and he also likes to pull hair, which hurts pretty bad for such little hands! And to top it off my little man’s favorite word is “no.” Do you want to take a bath “no”, do you want to eat dinner “no”, should we go to the store “no”. You get the idea. It is exhausting around here.

Anyways I am starting to think he is at a good age to start Time Out. I need advice. How does this work? How do you get your child to actually sit there and for how long? Where do you keep the time out chair? So many questions! So lay it on me ladies and give me all your honest advice. I want to start teaching my little man some discipline and manners, because we all know nobody likes a bratty kid.

How chic is this time out chair?
Hour Glass Time Out Stool via Wisteria Lane.



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  1. Jill says:

    Ok, love that prayer!! Yes we are in the same boat with Scarlett, she can be awful some days. I have a time out chair and I set her in it, look right into her eyes and then tell her "we do not hit" (or whatever she has done to get her in the chair) then walk out of the room. Realistically for a 2 year old about 2 mins in the chair is all your gonna get and really all you need sometimes. I think the most important thing with 2 year olds is the consistently, if they do something wrong, they go in the time out chair every time!!
    Good luck from one momma to another!!

  2. The main thing I did with my girls now 15, 11, 8… never ever ASK them if they want to do something..just state what you are doing..they really need to have structure and follow your lead..obviously I learned this by girly number 3!! You are a good mom based on your posts..it is so trial and error..I love that little time out stool!

  3. Val says:

    Amen – to the time out chair!!

  4. Love it love it love it! I need the Time Out Chair and the prayer beside the bed at all times. xx

  5. Love it love it love it! I need the Time Out Chair and the prayer beside the bed at all times. xx

  6. Can I get a direct link to these responses into my inbox. Wells won't be 18 months until the end of the month but she's already starting bossy demands and tearful cries when she doesn't get her way. Ahhh!!!

  7. MAS says:

    Haha, I swear I could have written this post! My oldest is 20 months today and my youngest 2.5 months so I'm right there with you in this craziness! Love that chair…may have to DIY one soon…

    Good luck with the time out! I think the hardest thing is consistency and being willing to drop what you're doing to enforce it.

    Oh and your comments about jeans. I swear I had the exact same conversation with my sister the other day when she wanted to buy my older daughter a pair!


  8. Hahahaha hilarious chair! Natalie I'm on the same situation here!!! Exactly as you described! Matthew just says No, no no no no. Is not just 1 no, is 5 no's at a time, I'm going insane!
    I've been thinking to maybe start with his high chair, for 2-5 min? Then eventually move the time out to another spot but just want him to get the idea..
    Will be checking back on this post to read everyone's suggestions šŸ˜‰

  9. HAHAHAHA!!!! I'm dying over that prayer right now…hilarious, probably because I think I really do say that before I get out of bed in the morning (c: And honestly, it seems like every kid is different…I swear, I don't know if I've ever gotten a single piece of advice from someone that worked like the charm it did for them )c: But I would definitely say the whole consistency is a biggie…and darn it if it isn't the biggest pain in the you-know-what, too!!!

  10. Francis says:

    Ahh the terrible two's. Did you know they actually last till they are about 5. Yep. Two is just when they start. I don't remember doing time out at 2 yrs old but I did read that if you want to start at that young age, then the key is to be consistent. He's going to want to leave the designated spot, so you have to make sure to just keep putting him back.

  11. Francis says:

    I meant to add doing time out for my 9 yr old daughter when she was 2. It sounded like I meant myself lol.

  12. sampenner says:

    Girl my heart goes out to you! No kids yet but I am sure it is a test of patience all the time. That stool with the hourglass is fabulous!



  13. Melanie says:

    OH GIRL, I feel your pain. I thought we were out of the terrible 2's and now we are in the Terrible 3's! My pediatrician recommended the crib as a time out spot. And it worked great. That way they can't get out! It never affected him wanting to get in there to sleep at night,or anything like that. Now that he's older we put him in a dining room chair and set the timer. good luck šŸ™‚ and have a glass of wine!

  14. Too funny!! That's a great prayer:)

  15. We just started doing timeout too, and it's not easy.

    I need that hour glass chair.


  16. I had that time out seat pinned too. I think it's so hilarious.

  17. The Hawkins says:

    That chair is too funny! Our baby is only 3 months so I have experienced it yet but I have heard people swear by the book Toddler Tamming.

  18. Jackie says:

    As a Mom of three, I agree with just ask Beth. don't ask your children. firm positive statements. Something helpful. Before walking into grocery. mommy has 6 items to buy. We are using a magic silver cart If you act out in the store we will go home. ( you will only EEC to leave once or twice—). Never threaten without follow through. Never repeat yourself over and over. Never give umpteen chances. The books Positive discipline (for toddlers, for preschools etc). Changed my "parenting" life. Follow advice of Moms you respect and admire. Ie who have children whom acts as you would like yours to act

  19. I love Jill's comment. I put my kids in their rooms (in their beds) for time-outs. I leave them in there until they settle down which is usually a couple minutes. It seems to work.

    My kids are crazy for fruit chews too. šŸ™‚

  20. Laura says:

    I second the crib! My LO is almost the same age as sterling and I have to say once I started using the crib for about a one minute time out, tantrums have really been cut down. I don't call it time out or treat it as punishment, but rather I say, "you are getting really upset, and mommy can't seem to help you so maybe we just need a little quiet time." Then I put him in the crib and walk out for like 1 minute. He usually screams like a crazy banshee when he is in there but when I go back to get him, I say are you feeling better? Ready to get out and read a book with mommy? And he gets out and the tantrum is usually over. I'm hoping eventually just talking about going to have quiet time will start to diffuse the tantrum, but only time will tell! GL!

  21. I feel your pain. Meredith will be three in April but the terrible two's have hit our house as well. I'm not sure we are going to be allowed back in the Stonebriar Mall in Frisco. It ruined mine and my 5 years old day to have to go home but I had to follow through when the tantrum hit. Jonah never had tantrums in public. You could always reason with him. Meredith on the other hand is a different story! Two minutes in time out is what we do around here in a dining room chair. Wish I had seen the time out stool. Love it! Good luck from one Mom to another. I have to tell myself regularly this too shall pass!

  22. I have seen that hourglass chair in Wisteria and want it for my kids (by the way I'm not even married yet so this is way down the road, but I want to buy it now and put it away for years to come, haha). Through babysitting a lot of different kids (some angels, some brats), I've found that being direct and consistent is most important. One rule that a lot of parents use is that time out lasts as long as their age (so for your man 2 min). Immediately after the behavior, correct them, say "You are going to time out because _______" and then put them in it. Another big thing is to NOT talk to them during time out–I babysat for one mom that would talk and answer her son's questions, etc the entire time he was in time out, so basically he had no time out. I know I'm not a mom yet, but hopefully this helps!