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Trip Home

Jul 15, 2011

I have been home this week visiting my parents and it has been lovely. I was able to get a mani/pedi which was a real luxury since I never really have time to get one these days. I did my nails in OPI Bubble Bath one of my all time favorite neutral colors.

I did my toe nails in OPI My Chiuaua Bites. A great reddish coral for the summer.

While I was home we enjoyed a delicious bottle of red wine, Midsummer Cellars Cabernet. It was one of the best bottles of red wine I have tried lately. My mom found it on special at Harris Teeter for $34.99 but it had originally been $50. I highly recommend this wine, if you find it somewhere you should def pick up a bottle.

My mom and I did some shopping and hit up Marshalls, one of our favorite bargain shopping spots. I am really regretting not buying this patterned blouse and yellow silk jacket. Don’t you hate when you have buyers remorse? Now I am back in Charleston so I can’t even go back and try to find them. Guess it wasn’t meant to be!

When I got back home and was unpacking my little man got his hands on a pen and pretty much colored on everything white in our house. My pillows, my vanity stool, and white leather desk chair. I guess that now that I have a kid the white furniture needs to go. My poor vanity stool:(

I am thinking about making either this Loaded Baked Potato Dip or 7 Layer Greek Dip this weekend. Has anyone made either before? I found both recipes on Pinterest. They both make my mouth water so I am having a hard time deciding!

BTW does anyone think it is funny that Kate Hudson had a boy after the whole time she was pregnant she kept saying she was certain it was a girl. Goes to show you mother’s intuition is not always right. Trust me I know because I too was convinced I was having a girl. What about the name they chose, The little guy’s name is Bingham “Bing” Hawn Bellamy. It reminds me of Chandler Bing, but I think it is kind of cute and I love that she used her mom’s last name. Congrats to them and Ryder for becoming a big brother!

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! xoxo
I am also guest posting today over at Lisa’s fabulous blog, Stilettos and Diaper Bags, doing what I do best and sharing my obsessions! Check out the post here!



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  1. Kyle says:

    I am fortunate that my parents live about an hour away from us. I visit often. That patterned blouse and jacket are amazing! Yellow is definitely your color. My daughter did the same thing this spring. Took her crayons and had a ball on our new kitchen banquette cushions…ouch! With some magic they came out. Loving your vanity stool. : )

  2. A couple things – love the Marshall's blouse (bummer!), mani/pedi looks great (esp with the tory burch sandles!) and lastly, I've heard that if you crush up a tylenol and mix it with water, it gets anything out of white. Good luck!

  3. I love the nail color choices! I always love a pale pink on the fingernails too! And the yellow blazer was gorgeous! Buyers remorse stinks, but you never know- you might find it there again next time! Happy Weekend!

  4. Val says:

    It's always so nice to visit parents!! I'm glad you had some alone time to get a mani and pedi. Love the color choices. Btw, I have those sandals but in black ; ))

  5. megan says:

    That yellow jacket looks awesome on you! Go with the Greek dip..I've made it twice for parties and it was a huge hit!

  6. oh my! i love that yellow jacket and blouse! now i want to go to our marshall's to see if they have them too šŸ™‚

  7. Love your nail color choices. And I am so sad for your white little stool, just reupholster it in something dark and safe šŸ™‚

  8. I'm scared to have children after seeing that stool – I have lots of white in my house:) Ha!!! Thats hysterical! LOVE that jacket – hope you can find it again! And those nail colors are fantastic! Have a wonderful weekend with your beautiful fam!!!

  9. Looks like you had a fantastic time!! I tried Bubble Bath on my nails too after a friend suggested it, and I loved it! It's now one of my favorites. And that Greek Dip looks amazing! I'll have to get the recipe and serve it for our next party!!

  10. Make the baked potato dip!! Yummy!

  11. How dare you leave that Yellow jacket! I want it! Love the polish and those sandals. Did you did when he wrote on your chairs! Peyton has a stash of crayons… I am so nervous.

  12. Ok that 7 layers Greek dip looks so cute! And I love your newly manicured nails…I'm in desperate need to get mine done!

  13. Well hello pretty Momma! Ohhh man that Greek dip looking amazing..I have never heard of it before but something I would def make

  14. Love the polish colors especially with the sandals šŸ˜‰ Super cute top! Both dips look yummy so I say make both, one on Saturday and one on Sunday! Meredith apparently had a hidden stash of pink markers because I noticed yesterday the ottoman in my living room is now donning hot pink stripes!

  15. I'd go with the Greek dip since you like greek salads so much! And speaking of that, I made your greek salad the other day and the family LOVED it! Also, at least your little man didn't draw on your purse collection too.


  16. DARN IT on the Marshall's finds! I especially hate passing on things at those places because you know the chances of finding it again are slim to none! And OMG…I would've gotten a good cry in after the discovery of the little artist's masterpiece…but I guess that's life with little ones, no? (c: Have a great weekend, dollface!

  17. Chris says:

    Always love reading your posts! Two have really hit home and today I felt I had to comment! My Morning Jacket is my ALL TIME FAVORITE band. Going to see them in Charlotte next month. Also….just found out this week we are having another girl and I just KNEW it was a boy. Was it just so I would be done and I could drink wine again??!! Personally, I've never known anyone that the Chinese Calendar didn't predict correctly…but here's your 1%. Have a great weekend! (And I also have the Tory shoes in black!)

  18. Bud and Leo says:

    Love those polish colors! I hate to say it, but you should have bought the shirt and jacket! You look so stinkin cute in both of them. Buyer's remorse is a bad lady!

  19. can I just tell you how much I love that coral shade of nail color??? It's fab.

    Oh, and that baked potato dip had me at hello.

    xoxo, Chrissy
    The Perfect Palette

  20. Lisa Fergus says:

    LOVE this post! And thanks for doing a guest post on my blog today! For some reason, I can't find your original email when you sent me the post! The link for the peanut butter cups is not active!!! Can you email it to me and I'll link it?! THANKS AGAIN!

  21. Natalie says:

    i hate buyers remorse! i always know that i should have bought something when i'm still thinking about it that night. that neon jacket is incredible! and boo that your son got the pen all over your white furniture! šŸ™ maybe you can get it out?


  22. wow, a mani/pedi is such a luxury these days! Love your color choices. Bubble bath is my fave!
    I can't believe you left those pretty tops at the store, such self control!!!

  23. Whitney says:

    My Chiuaua Bites is one of my favorite OPI colors. I currently am rocking it on my toes. and that dip looks yummy šŸ™‚

  24. Oooh I like both of those colors! I am getting my nails done Monday and might go with both of these! Although I really want to try the gel look so it lasts longer… have you tried that?

    PS. Your poor stool!! : ( Not washable markers, I take it?

  25. Hi, I just discovered your blog after I saw your guest post at stiletto's and diapers. I'm a mommy of two boys and always love connecting with other fashionable mommies šŸ™‚ You have a great sense of style (like that yellow blazer look awesome on you!) and really enjoy your blog thus far! You have a new follower šŸ™‚

  26. lizziefitz says:

    My two year old daughter just "decorated" our house with Melissa and Doug cupcake decorating markers. Worse than a sharpie, I can't even get the marks to fade. Tried EVERYTHING! ;( PS you must go and find that yellow silk jacket , you look amazing!!! Send your mom on a mission?

  27. Love your toenails!! Marshall's is one of my favorites too and I HATE, HATE, HATE buyer's remorse–maybe it just means some better finds will come along!

  28. I too love neutral on nails. And that loaded pot dip would be my vote!

  29. That jacket looked fabulous! (sorry I guess this is the last thing you want to hear!).
    My boy did the same last week, we have a very light beige couch and he took a red pen and scribbled all over it! Thank goodness I'm not taking this couch with me to Toronto…

  30. Laura says:

    love the nail colors…brights for toes is so summery and fun. cute TB sandals. your go to nail color is perfect. have you tried shellac yet? 2 week manicure= amazing! buyers remorse totally sucks, and i'm sorry about your son's cute art on your furniture, dang it!

  31. Michaela says:

    Love your toe color!! I think I've had that one before (: