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What Not To Do

Nov 26, 2011

I came across these pictures on Pinterest (don’t even ask what I was looking for in the first place, sometimes that site takes you in a whole different direction). and they had me dying laughing. They are all great examples of what not to do for your Christmas Cards. Take a close look at the first picture- Yep that is the Kardashian Clan. I bet they are regretting that picture now, except for Bruce he looked pretty good before all his whack surgery! Can we please discuss all the shirtless pictures- that is never a good idea ever, especially not for a Christmas Card picture. Enjoy!

I also found two more gems in the awkard pictures category.
Why are the two people in this picture not wearing pants, and which couple just had the baby? Did the husband need to take off his shirt while she was delivering? Did they deliver the baby in their bedroom? So many questions….

Look how excited this couple looks to have just had a baby, they seem thrilled. I mean why do they look pissed off? I was tired post delivery but I sure did manage a smile for pictures.



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  1. Those are absolutely awful!! I was crying from laughing so hard! Who would send out cards without shirts/clothes on…weird! Oh, and the post delivery pictures…priceless (and scary!)

  2. Those cards are so creepy! There are so many weirdos out there it's hard to even comprehend. I can't wait to show this to my husband!! šŸ™‚

  3. ok, i just laughed so hard.. seriously where do these peeps live??

  4. Wow…those are awful. The one where everyone is piled on top of each other naked is waaaay weird. Calling Child Services…

  5. This is actually amazing. I am so disturbed/laughing so hard. Incredible!!! Hope you had a great thanksgiving!

  6. AHAHAHAH!!! Too funny!! I found some funny Christmas shots on Pinterest too…one that involved a man in a argyle sweater and his cat! šŸ™‚

  7. McKeever says:

    Bahaha! I am dying laughing!!

  8. emily says:

    Hilarious! What are people thinking!?

  9. Baahaahaaaa! These are hilarious. I think that you and Matt and Sterling should totally do a pantless Christmas card.

  10. Val says:

    OMG~I seriously laughed out loud!!

  11. Bri says:

    THESE. ARE. HORRIFYING!. gahhh! thanks for sharing šŸ™‚

  12. Blue Turtle says:

    Lol! I enjoyed your post today. It manage to make me smile though I'm dead tired of going through websites to websites.

    jeavon @ Interior Design

  13. The shirtless pictures are RIDICULOUS! I can't believe someone actually thought that was a good idea…

  14. Cam says:

    oh my goodness. why is that whole family naked? what's with the pissed off parents? so many questions!!!!!!!!

  15. LOL. Well, at least they gave us a good chuckle.


  16. Dana says:

    OMG! I am DYING laughing at those pictures! So funny!

  17. SADBBLOG says:

    I'm dying! this is just too funny!

  18. Bud and Leo says:

    DYING! This are beyond amaze— seriously why in the world are all of these peeps naked?? I am at a loss for words- thanks for this šŸ™‚ hope yall had a happy thx! xo Lisa

  19. The naked pics are soo creeepy! It's amazing that people would actually take pics like that AND THEN actually send them out! haha thanks for the laugh.

  20. Emily says:

    oh. my. each one is worst than the last!! how could they be serious?!?

  21. This is Hilarious!!! I can't believe the naked family stacked on top of each other! SICK!

  22. Hilarious!!!! Laughing so hard!! favorite is the one of the two couples-one in bed, one with no pants on!!!! So many questions is right!

  23. Taylor says:

    This is the most amazing post EVER!! Seriously horrific!!! Who are these people!?!

  24. hahaha so bizarre! can't believe those moments were captured on camera! Imagine all the weird stuff that happens that we don't get to know!

  25. So i've seen a few of these pop up on pinterest and have busted out laughing and even had to share the computer to Josh. But I hate you a little for posting this right now b/c I was just about crying laughing through these…. you know I'm in pain right? Stomach pain… Laughing or crying is very painful. So yeah, not the post to read but bahaahahahaha. I have so many questions about that one too.