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Working on My Fitness + Zella Favorites

May 15, 2014

I have decided it is finally time to get real and lose the last of my baby weight that is lingering.   Everyone said oh, nursing will burn off all that weight just you wait.  Well guess what it never did.  Then people told me once I stopped nursing I would lose the last of it because my body was holding on to it while nursing.  I stopped nursing 3 weeks ago and still no magical weight loss.  The truth is I have found it really hard to lose the last of the weight with baby number two.  I have also had a hard time finding the time to exercise with two kids.  I am run ragged most days and don’t have the time or energy to get to the gym.  I run about once a week on the weekends but that is the extent of my exercise these days.  I know I need to make exercise a priority not only to tone up and shed a few pounds but for my mental sanity.  I am a happier person when I have some physical activity in my life.  I am writing all this on here to try and hold myself accountable.  My plan is to wake up early two days a week and run while the kids are still asleep and then also run once each weekend.  Now that it is lighter in the morning I am hoping I can get my butt out of bed and take advantage of the extra daylight.  In addition to that I would like to do a Tracy Anderson video or Barre class once a week.  That gives me 4 days of exercise and I would be happy with that.  Any tips from moms on scheduling workouts, finding the time and holding yourself accountable?

I decided some new workout clothes were just what I needed to inspire me.  I wish Charleston had a great department store but sadly we don’t.  So last weekend when I was in Charlotte I hit up Nordstrom and checked out the Zella line in person.  I have heard nothing but amazing things about Zella and the clothes did not disappoint.  I took my mom with me and tried on almost every piece they had in stock.  I needed an honest opinion on what looked good and what didn’t- that is what mom’s are best at, telling you the truth!  It was hard to narrow down what to buy because I loved it all.  These were two of my favorite pieces I picked up.

Zella Tank Top | Zella Streamline Capri Leggings  also in purple | Puma Tennis Shoes

I just love the capri pants.  They fit like a glove and I felt like they really helped to suck in my flabby stomach.  I honestly had a hard time deciding what color to go with.  If you are between sizes go down a size for the extra support.

  I chose the navy version because it was different from my standard black ones.  The live in slim fit capri is the style I am wearing.  It also comes in this gorgeous purple color.

I almost bought these leopard ones, I kind of loved them and they will probably be my next pair.

I also really loved the space dye version as well.  It comes in three fabulous colors.  All are the same style as the navy ones I am wearing.

The tank top is plain awesome.  I can usually find pants that I like but tops are hard for me.  I hate nothing more than a workout top that is too clingy and shows all your lines and bulges.  This top fits great not too tight, not too loose- the perfect fit.

It comes in five different colors.  I really love this royal blue color too.

For the price it is such a great workout top.  I am wearing a size medium for those curious.

Double Scoopneck Tank

I also loved this compression tank.  It is super cute on.

Seamless Compression Tank

Just so you can get a good laugh and see me being really “active” in the clothes here you go!

The best arm workout is lifting this guy!

For those curious my shoes are Puma but they are an older version.  This is a similar version and a great running shoe!

Puma Narita V2 Running Shoe

and how amazing are these hot pink pumas?

You can shop my whole look below and my other Zella Favorites!

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This post was sponsored by Nordstrom.  All thoughts, opinions, and clothing choices are always my own!



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  1. Love a good workout outfit. I pretty much don't workout. But we're always running around playing or going on walks. I try to purposefully wear cute workout clothes at least three days a week because I find myself saying yes to more neighborhood walks or games of chase if I'm in running shoes.

    Love the combo you selected!

  2. caycee says:

    Get it girl!!! I am so excited you are going to join me at the gym this summer!!ps Kelly is going to teach the bare class sometimes, so now you have to join!! And you look HOT in those pants!!! xoxo

  3. First of all, you look amazing so soon after having your baby! I started a barre class in January two days a week- and go with friends- so we keep each other accountable. If you were in Charlotte my instructor GIna is wonderful!! Also, leaving the house helps, I have never been one who could workout at home- too many distractions!! Those sweet babies do a number on our bodies don't they!?!

  4. I don't see any flab at all, but we're always our own worst critics. There's a huge difference between having a baby in your 20s and having one in your 30s! The weight doesn't just fall right off! The clothes look great!!! I'm hoping to have more energy and feel better soon to get my booty back in gear too!

  5. You look amazing but I completely understand the feeling of wanting to be back to where you feel comfortable. Loosing the weight from #2 was the same way for me and I heard both sets of comments too!! I think it's all about exercise so maybe find a gym that offers childcare or a cute neighborhood teen this summer that you can trust with the kids for 30 min while you go for a quick run! Good luck!

  6. The BEST motivation is music. Download spotify for free and listen to my Pump Up the Jam playlist. I pay $10/month so I can listen to the app wherever I go. It is WAY better than Pandora and I have playlists for everything!!!

  7. Liz says:

    confession – i sleep in workout clothes (comfy ones that I can do tracey anderson in). that way you can roll out of bed and get a workout in. though this morning i totally hit the snooze button and bailed on the workout, so i looked crazy rolling out of bed in workout gear just to make coffee šŸ™‚

  8. Mandy says:

    Love Zella workout gear…wearing it now as I am home from the gym. I like to exercise, but with 3 kids(1,5,8) something was always getting in the way and I could not be consistent. So a year and half ago I started going to the gym 4-5 days a week at 5:45-7am. I do not miss, have no excuses, and it has changed my life. I mainly work out w weights and run on treadmill bc I like my music;), but they have boot camp, spin, and barre classes at those times. Now, I am a natural morning person so I do have that going for me;) Mandy in Mt. P

  9. Mandy says:

    Love Zella workout gear…wearing it now as I am home from the gym. I like to exercise, but with 3 kids(1,5,8) something was always getting in the way and I could not be consistent. So a year and half ago I started going to the gym 4-5 days a week at 5:45-7am. I do not miss, have no excuses, and it has changed my life. I mainly work out w weights and run on treadmill bc I like my music;), but they have boot camp, spin, and barre classes at those times. Now, I am a natural morning person so I do have that going for me;) Mandy in Mt. P

  10. I found while nursing my daughter, who is now almost 3, that the weight came off easily early on, but once my body adjusted to nursing, the weight stopped disappearing. I'm now nursing my second, who is a month old, and the weight hasn't dropped as quickly. Now that I'm recovered from my c-section, I can start working out again.
    And PS> you look fantastic, and I love the leopard pants! I need those!

  11. I am a Lu Lu Lemon lover, but I may have to try this brand!

  12. Keely says:

    So many good things here!!! I don't want to blow-up your comment section so I'll send you an email with some workout info. Pre-move and our second child, I was a Personal Trainer, so if you need info or have questions I would be happy to help! First and for most, you do look awesome!!! I know how we feel about ourself is what matters most, so do what you have to do to be happy! I'm in the same boat, trying to lose baby weight and just feel good about myself again. What works for me is…Getting up at 6 AM before my husband and kids get up (Luckily they all sleep till 7:30 AM). Now a lot of the time sleep wins (It's actually more important than working out, can't lose weight really when you are sleep deprived). I try and exercise for an hour run/walk and some strength training (I keep it simple with a few key exercise that you can do with no equipment, or do a Spinning class at our gym…but that is 5:30 AM! Hope your kids allow you a break for yourself! I know its hard to get going that early, but I do feel mentally more organized for the day and just feel better after. Best way to start all this is with new clothes! Love the outfit you picked out! I have been looking more and more at Zella, rather than Lulu. Go luck girl!!!

  13. I wish we had a Nordstrom, I always order online from them, and luckily they have a great return policy! I've been hitting up Dick's, Old Navy, and even TJ Maxx for cute workout clothes. All 3 are kind of hit or miss, but I did find some cute warm up jackets and legging type pants. I've been wanting to try a Pure Barre class too- they are so expensive though, and I do not understand why!! Good luck with the exercise regime, you can do it!!


  14. I need to try this line…those capris look perfect and I am in desperate need of a new pair!

  15. Lili says:

    haha! sterling is a great workout buddy!

  16. Irene Toohey says:

    so cute! And I love the price point! So much better than Lulu! Like half the price. Love that!l

  17. You look too cute! I am trying to get back into the running routine too! I have a pair of Zella leggings and they are the best–I am dying to add a top, and that one looks so flattering!

  18. Good for you for making the extra effort of working out more! I used to loathe running, but I am so addicted now and love it. And new work out clothes are always a booster. If you love Zella, you will love Lululemon! Check them out online. It is all the rage in Cali.

  19. girl, you have no bumps and lumps!!!! you look so cute!

  20. You look fabulous! Great picks- love them all! (now I need to get motivated haha)

  21. Nordstrom has the BEST workout gear! i love love your picks… especially the leggings. xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  22. Lisa Boutell says:

    Love the pants and especially if they have good compression….trying to get rid of the jiggles from no. 4 (6 months). I live in workout gear and try to workout daily…YouTube is the best! 12 minute athlete, xhiit and fitness blender all have short intense workouts under 20 minutes. I do it when the baby is taking her first nap…the 2 year old does burpees with me. I also try to squeeze in 20 minutes on the elliptical during the toddler's nap and homework time while baby rolls on the rug. I make the time for the workouts, but then I can't get a shower in or change clothes until before bed so I look a mess all day šŸ™

  23. You already look amazing Natalie!! But go get it!! šŸ™‚

  24. I have been really trying to work out but it is hard with two kids! I love the tip one of your readers said about sleeping in her workout clothes. Thats half my problem for working out in the morning is I am too lazy to change! Thats pretty sad. I have been doing youtube workouts…I tried Tracy Anderson and almost died but I am loving the Tone It Up girls, a little easier. You look awesome!

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