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Travel Essentials

Jul 23, 2020

Over the past few years I have invested in some travel pieces, that make traveling organized easier. These are a few of my favorites for traveling.

Weekender Bag– I love the size of this bag! Quality is fantastic. Great for a short getaway. Comes in 3 colors and I love the monogram.

Sly Beauty Ever Need Case– I love this for transporting my hair products! It has a brush case and dividers. You can also use this for taller beauty products like contact solution, face wash etc. I like that all the items stand up straight.

Aerosal Case– I also just ordered two of these for liquids and kid’s stuff like toothbrushes and toothpaste. Since they are clear I think they would also be great for the pool bag for googles and small dive toys.

Make-up Caseā€“ This is the best for organizing make-up while traveling. Only $18! I have two of these at home just for organizing my make-up.

Travel Set

I ordered this set before my Bahamas trip last year and I just love it. I love the sleek look and it is the perfect size for all my tioletries. Not pictured but it also comes with a smaller matching pouch which I usually use for my hair clips and jewelry.

Travel Bag Set- I ordered these a few years ago and love them especially for my underwear and dirty clothes while traveling.

Travel Mirrorā€“ This is a game changer. It is slim and easy to pack and I love the light. Often times I find hotels don’t have the best lighting for make-up and this really helps.

Yeti Tote– If you are vacationing at the beach or pool this tote is awesome for transporting towels and toys for the kids. We gave my Dad one for Father’s Day and he loves it as well.

Henry Dry Goods Weekender– This is the best large duffle. I want to order my kids one of these as well I love mine so much. I use this every time I travel.

Garmet Bag- this is great for hanging up clothes and currently on sale.

Travel Bingo– This is great for the kid’s on road trips. Mine loved playing this on our drive this week.



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  1. Dixie says:

    What is the dress or is it a blouse you can see at the top of the page where you are holding the weekender bag? Beautiful