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Annoying Pet Peeves

Feb 15, 2013

A few weeks ago when I was home, I was having happy hour with my parents and the topic turned to pet peeves.  It was a pretty interesting happy hour topic.  Dad at first said he had no pet peeves but then once mom and I started rambling off our list he had quite a few to add.  Here is our list of our top pet peeves-  now please indulge me and tell me what annoys the crap out of you!

– Celebrities that create a perfume- why does every celebrity feel the need to create a perfume?? They all smell like ass for the most part because they are not trained in that field.

– People talking on the phone while paying wheter in a store or in a drive thru line.  Its rude get off your phone for 5 minutes.

– People that say they don’t watch what they eat and are just “naturally skinny”  They blame it good metabolism. I don’t believe that for one second.  Just be honest and say yes I carefully watch what I eat so not to gain weight.  Celebrities are the worst about this.

– When someone is eating a bowl of soup and they keep scrapping the bottom trying to get every last drop out.

– The family stick figure stickers on the back of cars.  You drive a minivan/ SVU of course I know you have kids.

– Equally as annoying the round stickers with the abbreviations of all the places you traveled.  I don’t care to know where you vacationed the last 5 years.

– Socks with Sandals.  What is the point?  Just wear closed toe shoes if your feet are cold.

– When people wear foundation or too much bronzer and their face is way darker then the rest of their body. 

– People that act like their kid is the best at everything.  Always trying to one up your child.   Well my kid started talking two weeks before yours, my kid rolled over at 2 weeks- you get the point.   All kids do things at different times

– People that drive in the left lane of the highway really slow- get over in the right lane that’s what it is for.

–  Status updates on FB detailing what you ate that day or what you did- this ecard sums it up.

   – When you dine out with someone at a restaurant and they don’t order off the menu.  They ask the waiter to make all sorts of changes for them.  I understand dressing on the side of a salad or if you are allergic to something leaving that off,  but we have been out when someone has basically requested an entirely different meal than what was on the menu.  Don’t eat at that restaurant if you don’t like anything on the menu.

–  Texting and driving.  People please stop doing this its so dangerous and stupid!  I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a car serving to look over and see someone texting and not looking at the road.

– When you stop your car to let someone cross the street and they purposely walk as slow as they can and then don’t wave thank you.  It is only ok for the elderly to walk that slow.

– People smacking and chewing with their mouth wide open.  This one really grates my nerves.

– When you are waiting in line to check out and the person in front of you needs a price on some item they are buying.  Please go to the customer service desk and don’t hold up a regular line asking for them to look up a price.

– Lastly, Chevron annoys me.  Over it.  It is everywhere, lets find a new pattern to love.

Please make my Friday and tell me what annoys the crap out of you!
Happy Friday!  We have a super busy weekend, filled with family,  friends and celebrating our sweet Sterling’s 3rd Birthday!

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  1. Happy birthday Sterling! I was laughing so hard at this post because so many of these are pet peeves I constantly complain about! Lip smackers, kid competitiveness, the stick figures on cars, and the Facebook updates… this is such a great list of things that I probably think about on a daily basis. Love it!

  2. OH my gosh, you pretty much covered all the bases here. So funny and so true. I guess a lot of things annoy the crap out of me!

  3. Larve your peeves! I have so many that a blogpost could never sum all of them up. Those stick figure bumper stickers are one of THE worst. My biggest pet peeve is someone coming into a stall next to you in a public restroom when there are 15 open stalls. Its weird.

  4. Jill says:

    OMG I love this today and I agree with every single one of your pet peeves. Here is mine and I have had this for years

    I cannot stand when you are on the escalator and a group of people are a few steps ahead of you, they get to the top, get off, then all stand right at the top and talk about where they are going to go. Seriously, get out of the way, when I get to the top I either now am in the middle of your circle or I am close to falling backwards!! I swear this happens all the time

    last one…

    I cannot stand a group of slow walkers that take the entire sidewalk so no one can walk around them…again get out of my way!!

    Have a great party for Sterling!!

  5. Funny! My biggest pet peeve is when you are shopping at a store and the person working there acts like you're bothering them. It makes me crazy! Happy Birthday Sterling!!!

  6. Maia Price says:

    These pet peeves are SO HIGH up on my list. I try not to let things bother me, but these just push the limit!

    Something that also bothers me is when people buy an entire cart of groceries in the speedy check out line!

  7. Liz says:

    First, Happy Birthday Sterling! This post is hilarious and I agree with all of them. In addition, I hate when stores have their open sign on, but they are clearly closed; my hubby constantly takes his shirt off with his undershirt inside it…take them off separately because they go in two separate laundry piles! Mongrams on cars…really? šŸ™‚

  8. Julie says:

    I hate the group text messages where you get everyone's replies for hours!

  9. This seriously cracked my up!!! Stick figures on the back of cars are the WORST!!! : ) I am also not a fan of…"my son/daughter is an honor student" bumper stickers. On occasion, I have witnessed people clipping their nails in public, which makes me want to vomit!

  10. Sarah says:

    HAHAH!! The on the phone comment while paying is so true. I work at J.Crew and this happens ALL THE TIME – really, you can't chat with your mom after the two minutes it takes me to ring you up??

  11. This made me laugh! I totally agree with all yours and I can probably add a few.

    I can't stand when people are talking on the phone while grocery shopping and they can hardly push their cart. I understand calling to see if you need to get milk but not on the whole time. I also can't stand people saying cray cray, YOLO etc. can we not speak plain english?

  12. Ha I second the stick families and the chevron! Most of my pet peeves are in the office. I posted about them here: http://thehoustonhouse.blogspot.com/2012/08/annoying-work-habits.html?m=1

  13. Natalie, I LOVE it!!! I absolutely agree with yours and will indulge you with a few of mine:

    -bike riders who don't notice that cars are behind them and are chatting on their cellies

    -have to echo you re: letting pedestrians cross and they take FOREVER, but what gets me even more is when they don't acknowledge it with a smile or wave

    -drivers not using their turning signals

    -Christmas cards that brag on the accomplishments of the children with abandon, or whatever trip was taken, such as "August in Monte Carlo" under the family photograph.

    -when women have long, unmanicured finger nails and one breaks, and they neglect to file the rest

    -the sounds people make when trying to discreetly clean their teeth by sucking or using the tongue

    I'm sure I've got maannny more but that's what's popping up now! Happy Friday and happy birthday to sweet Sterling!!!

  14. Anna H says:

    People that text at a red light and then you miss the light b/c they don't go!!! ahhh…ok, i feel better now ; ) tgif! Happy bday to Sterling!

  15. I agree with all of your pet peeves. I wanted to specifically talk about:

    -stick families on cars — I have a friend who has a facebook album of all the ridiculous stick family stickers on cars she sees — my favorite so far is a stick figure couple with bags of money around it instead of children.

    -people who are constantly comparing children – I have a friend who would constantly compare her newborn with others — "Oh, but she's so big — I wish she was smaller." It made me so mad!

  16. Diane says:

    Love it! I completely agree about the gum smacking, scraping the bottom of the bowl and those stupid stick figures. I just don't get it. But I love your blog! I look forward to reading it every morning!

  17. Georgine says:

    Don't you feel so much better now?! My turn…
    Recently, I've had a few friends get into blogging and I know they are receiving free stuff, but then they blog about it like it's their FAVORITE item EVER! Now, i'm suspicious of everyone. If you have "an arrangement" with a company, then full disclosure please!!

  18. Diane says:

    Love it! And I completely agree about the gum smacking, the scraping of the bottom of the bowl and the silly stick figures. I don't get it. But I love your blog! I look forward to reading it every morning!

  19. Sarah says:

    well that pretty much sums it up for me! lol the only other thing to add to the fb status are the ones who try to ambiguously start drama or draw sympathy.. like " i wish some people would…"

    parking lots, like when people park in the middle of 2 spaces b/c apparently their ford explorer is such a superior vehicle to the honda civic next to it.. my husband and i have these "i park like an idiot", easy peel bumper stickers reserved for those lovely drivers

  20. Love this! Reading all of these got me so antsy!

  21. Love all of your peeves…we have A LOT of the same ones! I absolutely HATE when people smack their gum. It drives me CRAZY. Cannot handle it.

    And I agree about the whole celebrity/perfume thing…although someone did tell me they tried Rhianna's perfume the other day and it smelled amazing.

  22. Keely says:

    Great list!!! I agree with all of them… My top are: when someone is chewing and smacking their gums when they eat (So irritating), when people don't wave to say thank you when you hold traffic to let them pull out in front of you or walk across the street, and last one for now…when people walk through the door, elevator, etc before they let people out. Common sense right! Happy weekend to you and your precious Sterling!

  23. Happy Birthday, Master Sterling! And a big ol' resounding YES to all of the above…and I'm just going to add Facebook in general right now…no one effing cares about, well, ANY of it (usually) and if I see another humble brag update about husbands/valentines day, I just might scream (c; Tell your husband you love him, not the FB community…for some reason I feel super hostile after that tirade…

  24. Kristin says:

    I couldnt agree more- especially about the stick figures! I also hate automated answering services- like cell companies- that ask you to say why you are calling and then they always get it wrong!

  25. Ashley says:

    haha I have so many of the same pet peeves! The stick figures on the back of the car drive me crazy. Why would anyone want those on there? Even better when they have 2 adult figures and then about 8 kids, 2 dogs and a cat on there. It's a circus going across the back!

  26. Kaitlin says:

    This list is perfect. I completely agree, particularly with chevron. So glad I never hopped on that trend. Happy Birthday to Sterling! We have our daughter's 3rd birthday party this weekend as well- time flies!

  27. I was giggling b/c I loved these so much! I agree with all of them but my #1 pet peeve is LATENESS or being "tardy".

    I think it's beyond rude to show up late to a dinner, event, home, movie. You name it. It shows no respect for the people you are meeting. Your time is more valuable than mine? It gets my blood boiling! :-0)

  28. Mommy, Esq. says:

    I agree with all of those!
    I also cannot stand it when people slurp their soup from the spoon. It's like nails on a chalkboard!
    I also hate it when you go to a nice, expensive restaurant and the waiter gets visibly irritated with you when you don't order the most expensive bottle of wine, or the most expensive appetizer. It's like they write you off right away as being the cheap table. I HATE that!!!

  29. Nat says:

    I HATE those stick figure families, for some reason they just drive me crazy. I also hate the round letter ones too, they are so over done! I also hate slow drivers in the left lane and I hate when people are turning but don't use turn signals.

  30. Alicia xoxxo says:

    Ohhh Happy Birthday to sweet Sterling!
    Your list is great! I have 2 more to add:
    When people are walking and looking down at their phone and texting like in a busy shopping center and you have to get out of their way. I just want to yell Get off your phone!
    And when I am pushing Owen in the stroller and I am struggling to get through a door and no one stops to help they just keep walking by. Help a momma out!

  31. LOVE this lost!! Here are a few of mine: All chewing noises are horrible!
    People who don't understand the concept of personal space.
    When you spend forever cleaning your house for guests and it's wrecked within five minutes of their arrival.
    When you let someone over In Traffic and they don't say thank you and wave.

  32. Tess says:

    This is freaking fantastic. Plus, I'm totally bringing this topic up at my next happy hour. LOVE it.

  33. Katie says:

    I could add several to this list, but one lately that has been on my mind is people who act more important than they actually are. Why can't they just be humble?

  34. I have two to add that really get under my skin:

    Forks with uneven tines (shudder)


    People who leave their empty fast food cups or Starbucks cups on the shelves of TJ Maxx, Target, etc. UGH. Come on, lazy people. Do you think they magically make their way to the trashcan? Selfish and rude!

  35. Lili says:

    happy birthday sterling! ok, i am reading everyone's comments and i am cracking up…..

  36. Love all of these! Speaking of stickers, monogramming is for your towels, not your cars. Oh, and I did see a car where the dad was missing-divorce maybe?

  37. First happy bday to Sterling!!! Second, OMG I am over chevron. Its EVERYWHERE!!

  38. Robin Green says:

    When people use their teeth to scrape the food off their fork or spoon–on every single bite–makes me want to scream!!

  39. Taylor says:

    hahaha i love this. before I even started reading your list the first thing that popped into my life was people driving in the left lane. it. drives. me. in. sane. I go nuts. and my greatest fear is being guity of the bronzer thing…. bc in the winter months i totally fake it w bronzer and cover my neck with it too- but then i think i look like a freak with a tan face and pale arms…. oh well. i cant help it!


  40. Nickie says:

    Poor grammer. That is my pet peeve. I will not correct a person when they use poor grammer but I certainly want to. Great post. Have a great weekend!

  41. When someone accidentally steps on the back of my flip flop! Love all yours you listed!!

  42. Julie says:

    When Sterling gets older you will notice this one….Moms on the cell phone while trying to back into parking spaces at the elementary school for pick up/drop off. Which also leads into people parking on the school lawn near the parking lot to pick up your child.
    Improper use of They're, There, Their, to, two, and too(and all the others)!
    People that can't be bothered with returning their shopping cart to the cart corral at the grocery store.

  43. Jen Watts says:

    LOVE this!! I'm so over chevron..I was fine with it until they started pasting it everywhere.

    And one uppers are the worst as soon as you become a mom-ick. As soon as Carsyn learned to count to ten someone else's child did it 3 months ago.

    Lastly, one of the reasons I don't have facebook is the annoying "check in" feature..who cares how many times you eat at Olive Garden?

    gosh…I feel better šŸ™‚ Happy Friday!

  44. haha, I agree with everything you just said

  45. I HATE when people chew their gum loudly…and especially when people tap their fingers/pens on the desks around you–super annoying!

    Finally, I think when people text at red lights and then make you miss the green light, that's ridiculously annoying!

  46. Colleen says:

    Totally agree!
    I need to add…
    People that stand up and wait in the aisle of an airplane as soon as it lands.
    People that wear pajamas in public.
    Also, I hate it when you have to wait forever at a doctor's appointment but if you're 10 minutes late for them they'll cancel you.

  47. willie4 says:

    I dislike the stick figures on cars too! I did see one that had the dad and dog on one side of the window, and the wife and 2 kids on the other side. Did they get divorced and he got the dog?

    I also am driven crazy when people don't use their blinker, or people driving slow in the fast lane while talking on the phone.

    So happy to see so many issues with these types of things, I just thought I was mean!

  48. LOVE this post and everyone's comments. Hilarious! I'm so over ladies from the Real Housewives starting Handbag lines – I mean who in the HELL is buying a bag by "Gretchen Chrstine" ewwwwww, so tacky

  49. I hate who ever invented the stick figure families.

    I am also really over chevron. I haven't purchased as single stitch with this pattern. I prefer herringbone but still, have nothing with this pattern.

    I'll never tire of polka dots.

    I hate people that talk LOUD on a cell phone in a seemingly quiet environment – AND when they don't hang up or put that person on hold to pay for something, SO RUDE!

    I hate people that text/check their phone over dinner. That grates my nerves!

  50. misslily says:

    yikes – i went nuts on that last post. add commenters who post such lengthy replies that they should get their own blog to the list. sorry!

  51. Miss S. says:

    I can't stand those darn stick figures on the back of cars. Its like… gee thanks, I now know how many children, dogs and cats you have because I really gave a **it in the first place, not to mention the creepers out there who could just follow you home. My other pet peeve is those dumer Baby on Board stickers. Like really, "oh my gosh, theres a baby in that car. I better drive extra careful now". Again, dumb!

  52. OMG…I share every one of these pet peeves. So funny! Stick figures are the worst!

  53. M Claire says:

    HA at the stick figure stickers! They are SO lame.

    In kind of the same vein as the people who cross slowly when you stop for them, I'd add this: people who KNOW that you're waiting for their parking spot and then get in their car and SIT THERE for 5 minutes, doing who knows what. Drives me looney, esp. since I read once that it's a form of passive-agression.

    Also Facebook. In general, but especially for people who are obviously trying to convince the world that their lives/relationships are perfect. It's so transparent, how do they not realize?

  54. M Claire says:

    After reading more of the comments I was reminded of another one – when you're on an empty beach and people come on and sit right next to you. Same thing for a movie theater. Ugh.

  55. I agree with LOTS on your list! One of my biggest is just blatant rude-ness. Things like whipping into the parking spot I was patiently waiting for with my blinker on, people that treat waiters/store workers like crap, people on their phones while out at dinner…

  56. Oh and one more thing..the car stick figures! There's a teacher at my school whose husband is a huge video gamer and her stick figure family actually has him playing video games–everytime I think to myself "Really, you're advertising that your husband is a huge bum?"

  57. Amanda says:

    People are annoying as hell- Hilarious! happy birthday sweet Sterling!

  58. Chimmy says:

    LOL! This list is hilarious and so true! I'm so over chevron and moroccan poufs. Enough already!

    It gets under my skin when everyone calls themselves a nerd. It's like I woke up one day and everyone used to be a nerd or is a big nerd. I'm glad nerd no longer has a sting to it, but could everyone stop lying please. We couldn't have all been nerds.

    My number one pet peeve. Sick people coming into the office. Like really noticeably sick people, who would be on the floor if their desk chair wasn't holding them up. Stay home. You are not some corporate super hero saving the world by showing up at your desk and working. You are just guaranteeing that someone else in the office will go down too.

    I'm sorry Sterling's party didn't happen, but it looks like he had a spectacular day with Mommy and Daddy!

    I hope you're feeling better!

  59. Sally says:

    I am amazed at how many of the exact same pet peeves we have! šŸ™‚