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Thursdays Thoughts

Feb 14, 2013

I think I am the only person not into Target’s Designer Collections.  The Prabal Gurung line is hyped up everywhere but I could care less.  I think the designer lines never fit right for the most part.  I stupidly bought a few things when the Missoni line was at Target and I regret every purchase.  Any of you have good luck with the Target designer collections?

I did however pick up this adorable neon stripped dress while at Target for $22.  It would be perfect for running errands with some cute flats or equally as cute as a bathing suit cover-up.

{Mossimo Neon Stripped Dress} 

I really wanted it this black version but of course it was sold out in our store.  I did a little researching and found it online HERE.  How cute is it??


I also found this fab maxi dress online, it is only online, not in the stores for $24.99. 

{Mossimo Kimono Dress}


I took Sterling to get his first Krispy Kreme doughnut last weekend.  I had not had a Krispy Kreme Doughnut since I was pregnant- 3 long years ago.  I had really been missing out.  I forgot how freaking amazing the hot and now doughnuts are.  They are light as air, I swear I could easily eat 6 of them but I stopped at 2.  Self control peeps.

This is the look I am going for with my hair.  I ended up buying a Conair curling iron at Target and it works well, only my waves always fall out.  Any tips for getting them to stay??  I do use hair spray.


This is what it looks like by the end of the day, just straight, no body- I need help!! I want my waves to last.  After I left the salon last week they lasted for 3 days.  I am obviously doing something wrong.

I am completely over the Bachelor this season.  I will go so far to say it is one of the worst seasons ever- not as bad as Jake’s season but close.  I don’t love any of the women and honestly Sean is started to fade on me too.  It is just plain boring this time around.  We need some fresh meat next season.

Piperlime is having extra 20% off thru tonight.   Use code XOXO for the discount.   As if I needed another reason to shop but my birthday is right around the corner so these are an early birthday gift.   The perfect nude sandal.  I had been eyeing these forever!!

{Joie Menton Sandal}

How fabulous are these mint ice cubes? I don’t drink dark liquor but I bet they would be great in vodka or just water.  I will def be making these soon.

This dollface turns 3 on Saturday, I can’t believe how fast time flies.  Tune in Saturday if you want to read a sappy post.

Happy Valentines Day Loves.  I will be sitting at home sipping champagne and eating lobster + mac and cheese enjoying some quality time with my main man!

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  1. Lindsey says:

    I have the same curling wand…and fine hair. I wash my hair at night, and dry my roots- leaving the ends wet. Then I wrap it in a messy bun (scrunchy and all)and sleep. Curl the strands that look a bit crazy in the morning and done! I also found that the lowest heat setting works best for my hair. Hope this helps!

  2. SARAH HARDY says:

    I feel with the Target collections there expecting to be a huge demand for the items, like a few previous. But there's not, and they just keep trying!! I do like to let my readers know what the newest collection is, so they can decide to check it out or not. Love your Thursday thoughts!

  3. I HATE the designer lines at target. They are always so bad and cheap looking. Overall I think good finds at target are few and far between. I do love the dress I found last summer and I love the ones you found this year. You need some products and a lot of hairspray if you want those curls to stay my dear!

  4. Jill says:

    I did not care for the line at target either!!

    I put styling gel in my hair when it is still wet then I curl with a flat iron. It will last for days

  5. Sarah says:

    I can't stand the Target collabs. Everyone says "oh there she goes in that Missoni for Target cardigan" It's so strange to me when your clothes are that recognizable. Plus, they are expensive and poorly made.

  6. Anna says:

    I have fine, limp hair and I spray my hair with dry shampoo (Dove works best for me) to give it texture and then curl it with a hot tools curling iron. Hot tools are the best! used to have a Conair curling iron and had given up hope that my hair would ever hold a curl!

  7. I thought the Prabal Gurung for Target was kind of awful. The prints were a bit too gaudy for my taste and the fabric looked cheap. I did find the cutest Mossimo striped peplum top though. I plan on mixing into my wardrobe for spring. Sterling is so cute with his Krispy Kreme. Happy Birthday to your little guy! Happy Valentine's too.

  8. Liza says:

    Love the ice cubes! They'll be perfect for Mint Juleps come May.

  9. Mary says:

    I have suuuuper straight hair that refuses to hold a curl. The only two methods that work for me are to curl it with a straightening iron (I don't have to use any product and they stay in perfectly all day) or to spray each piece with a light spray of Kenra 25 hairpray and then curl it with a Hot Tool gold plated curling iron. Make sure you let the curls cool completely before you touch them and they will fall some throughout the day but leave you with nice waves. Seriously, heat is your friend to hold the curl if your hair is anything like mine (I put argon oil on the ends to protect them before I dry it) and just don't even bother with the drugstore brand curling irons. I have bought so many over the years and they just don't work the same. Hope that helps šŸ™‚

  10. Olivia says:

    LOVE that necklace you're wearing with the yellow shirt. Where is it from??

  11. Natalie says:

    Have you tried this curl tutorial? She says it holds curl way better than normal curling. I've never tried it because I have the opposite problem — my hair takes curling so literally and gets seriously huge. Worth a shot!


  12. OMG, the Bachelor is a complete snooze-fest! Yawn! And is it getting more and more awkward to watch each season, or is that just me?

  13. Dry shampoo works well to give you hair some texture so the curl will hold longer. Also, I would try not touching the curls for a few minutes after they cool down.

  14. Soooooo over the bachelor too. Sean's boring and I'm convinced he's gay.

    I'm wearing the black dress from Target you wanted today. šŸ™‚ Love it – you definitely need it in your closet.

    I hate this collection from Target as well. Blah is the only word that comes to mind everytime I see a commerical for it.

  15. Kimberly says:

    You need a Hot Tools curling iron. Conair or cheaper ones never hold the curl on me. And I use spray wax at the end to keep the hold, spray in my hand, and kind of rub, blot it on. Works better to hold than hairspray on me.

  16. I totally have that black dress. Thinking I'll live in it.

  17. Morgan S. says:

    Do you use mousse? I have hair similar to yours – doesn't hold anything and mousse is my only saving grace. It still has a hard time, but it helps more than anything else. I'm using Suave and Tresemme mousses (I'm cheap, haha. But they work just as well as any other I've tried.) http://www.styleoyster.blogspot.com

  18. Alicia xoxxo says:

    Happy Valentines Day Natalie! Sterling is beyond adorable! Cant believe he is going to be 3!!
    I dont like the designer collections at Target. I have tried to like them, but I just can't.
    For your hair try a gel specifically for curls. I use Pantene. Its cheap and works just fine. See if that helps.

  19. Happy Day to you!!! I have the same problem with my hair and the humidity here in Charleston. I will curl my hair and it looks just right but by the time I leave my house it has mostly fallen out. I think putting product on your hair before and after helps though. And happy birthday to your sweet boy. How are our boys getting so big??!!!

  20. Ok so I tried on that black dress from Target (the one with the brown belt). It is a shirt on me!! It barely covered my butt and I'd having to wear it with leggings.

    Do you use mousse in your hair? That might help with holding the curl.

  21. So with you on the designer collaborations at Target. The Mossimo brand is much better quality anyway. As a regular Target shopper, I'm kind of insulted that these designers think they can trick us into buying $35 of Rayon and polyester. Like, "oh they won't know the difference those silly peasants."

  22. I used to wear dresses like that kimono one all the time while were living in Kuala Lumpur, they are the perfect cover-up! I want to get a curling iron, I really want to start doing something fun and different with my hair (can't help with tips, I'm a complete foreigner in the subject!) Wow Sterling is turning 3 already! That means that Matthew will be 3 soon too šŸ˜‰

  23. B says:

    I will say some of the shoes in this collection were really cute an well made. Of course the heals I liked we're only in store in neon yellow, so by the time I tried on for size and went to order the black online they were sold out.

  24. 17 Perth says:

    Love that quote. And I am not into the designer lines either. (I did just buy a pair of shoes from target that I love–but not "designer" from target. Haha–now that just sounds funny. ) Anyways–I hear ya on that. Enjoy your lobster and mac and cheese–I think I am going the sparkling wine route. My husband is sick–wine never hurts right?

  25. I have fine blonde hair, and have a Conair curling wand–not sure if you have the iron or wand but the wand lasts longer for me. I wand my whole head and then spray w/hair spray before brushing/styling the waves out–I let it "cure" this way while I finish getting ready, then brush/style at the end w/another hit of spray–my waves last all day & night!

  26. Seriously, if you find something that works for keeping waves/curl in hair, lemme know! Mine is totally terrible, especially because of the length it makes it heavy and pulls every bit of curl out {frowny face}. And love me some Target, but I'm with you, the designer collections are a complete bust…over priced for something from Target! Happy Love Day, love!

  27. Lindsey says:

    I love your blog! I have similar hair and it never holds curl. I recently found Living Proof Prime Style Extender at Sephora and I'm hooked. It makes my hair hold the curl all day. Happy Valentines Day!

  28. Try Hot Tools curling iron. I swear it's the only one that gets hot enough and Kenra 25 is the best hairspray in the world!!! Combine the two and you've got killer curls that will stay fo sho. Oh and love those dresses!

  29. Gorgeous post, Natalie! I thought Valentine's Day was a good time to actually comment and send some love to my favourite bloggers rather than just consuming your hard work from behind my laptop! Love the blog. xxx

  30. Shannon says:

    i am loving that necklace you are wearing with that (equally fabulous) yellow sweater! could you share where the necklace is from?

  31. I am not a big fan of the designer labels at Target either. I've found a few things here and there but overall they are never really that great! They are always so overrated and a big let down! I will shoot you an email about your hair šŸ™‚

  32. I've found that when I curl my hair with my flat iron, the curls stay all day and they actually get curlier as the day goes on. I swear by my T3…very much worth the investment!! Also, if you can blow dry and then dont flat ironing it for frizzies, try that. Start the curls a few inches from the root for a more natural look.Works every time

  33. Sara Mueller says:

    I feel the same way about the designer lines at Target. I was hoping to find something from this collection but walked away empty handed. Hope you had a great Valentines day!

  34. Your son is the absolute cutest. You are still cute with curl or no curl šŸ™‚ But use some mousse and some Big and Sexy Hairspray and I mean a lot of it.

  35. I did like the Prabal look book but when I tried them on I was not in love. But I do LOVE the shoes from this collection. Jason Wu may have been my fave, all his stuff fit great.

  36. I use dry shampoo (Suave w/ Keratin is my fave and it's super cheap). I also run the curling iron over each section of hair (after spraying it with hairspray) before curling it to heat the hair up first. I have a cheap-y Conair that I bought at Target 6 years ago, and it still does the trick.