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Mar 1, 2021

One of my most frequently asked questions is where to eat in Charleston. I have a post HERE and HERE but wanted to do an updated post with my current favorite spots. Charleston has so many amazing spots to dine, it is a food lovers dream here! Below are places I frequent and my favorite things off each menu! I am sure I left lots of spots off so I may have to a do part 2 to this post!

B U T C H E R A N D B E E | A long time favorite. I love the whipped feta, hummus, crispy kale salad, and Bee salad.

L E Y L A | This is a hidden gem downtown that I am always surprised more people don’t know about. It is the best Lebanese food. In my top 5 restaurants. I love the grape leaves, hummus, marinated cheese, Fattoush Salad, Lentil Salad. Everything is so good here!

L E O N’ S O Y S T E R S H O P | I talk about Leon’s a lot for good reason! It is such a great spot, laid back vibe and great food. Literally everything on the menu is delicious. The Brussels, hush puppies, fried chicken sandwich, roasted oysters, Siam Salad and wedge salad are a must. The little bird is our favorite drink there too.

L I T T L E J A C K ‘ S T A V E R N | a family favorite lunch spot. The burger here is a must and the veggies with avocado dip. My kids also love the bread knots with cheese dip. Also the chopped salad is divine!!

1 6 7 R A W | They recently moved to a new larger space and it is killer. Best seafood!! Try the guacamole, oysters, ceviche, tuna burger, lobster roll, tacos, crab dip- it is all legit amazing.

R I T A S A T F O L L Y B E A C H | If you are headed down to the beach Rita’s is a great spot, family friendly. We love the Tuna Nachos probably our favorite thing on the menu. The chopped salad (this is the same chopped salad as Hall’s) is also amazing and they have a great burger as well.

C O A S T A L C R U S T | They have location on James Island and Mt Pleasant. This is a great family friendly spot. They have the best wood fried pizza. Also delicious is the burrata, prosciutto app and the Italian salad. As far as pizzas we love the Health Nut, Truffled Mushroom, and classic pepperoni!

B I S T R O M Y | This is the best date night spot. Everything we had was divine. This is a new spot owned by Nico who also runs Nico’s in Shem Creek. The tuna tartare, escargot dumplings, lobster and swordfish were all incredible.

X A O B A O B I S C U I T | If you like ethnic food this is a must! I dream about their cabbage pancake- load it with up with candied pork and a fried egg. Also love their black bean chicken, fish, and ground beef dishes.

F E L I X | Great spot for cocktails lunch or dinner. The mushroom pasta, burger, lobster deviled eggs and steak and frites are awesome.



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  1. Katie says:

    Visiting in June! Thoughts on bringing kids to Leon’s Oyster Shop?

  2. Cynthia says:

    These all look amazing, however…can I please ask about your bracelets in the first Leon’s picture? The big thick one and the two (one black and one gold) closest to your elbow??? Love them! Where can I find them?

  3. Rebekah says:

    Perfect timing for this post! This is so helpful! My sisters, mom, and I are coming at the end of March. We’re staying on Folly Island so I’m sure Rita’s will make the restaurant cut. 🙂

  4. Cynthia says:

    I’ve always been an avid follower of yours and told A LOT of my friends about your blog, however I sent a comment that I feel you just ignored! About your bracelets. You responded to others, but never me. Hmmmm! Wonder who you really are now!

    • nataliemason says:

      Hey Cynthia! My apologies I must have some how missed your previous comment definitely not on purpose. I am often distracted by my kids. I usually always try and respond when I have time. You can always email me too with questions I check those often! The bracelets are all Freida Rothman love collecting her pieces. xo

  5. Anna says:

    Have you been to Laurel yet? Dying to try it!

  6. sabina tunnell says:

    Hi, My adult daughter and I are visiting Charleston in April. I’m writing down all the restaurants to try, but was wondering best shopping, best spa and must do while we are there. We have good shopping in Dallas, but wanted some unique shops. We are going to have a spa morning, your thoughts on a good spa? And of course sight seeing, we are staying DT. What do you think about visiting one of the plantations? Middleton? Thanks!! Love your blog!!