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Lunch Ideas

Aug 13, 2019

I had a reader request to share a round up of my lunches. I am pretty basic and eat a similar lunch most days but here are some ideas. If they are recipes from my blog I included a link you can just click on to get the recipe. At the bottom of the post I will list staples from the grocery store I keep on hand for lunches.

Pickled green beans, chili lime plantain chips, heirloom tomatoes, cottage cheese, shaved Brussels sprouts salad, lima bean hummus.

White Bean Tuna Salad

I paired this with my favorite Tuscan Kale salad.

Flatbread veggie sandwich | Fold it Flatbread + provolone + hummus + tomatoes + pickles + red onion + spinach

Roasted veggie couscous + hummus + heirloom tomatoes + cottage cheese + pickled cauliflower + Mary’s seed crackers

Tuscan Kale Salad + Marinated Veggie Salad + Hummus + Mary’s Seed Crackers

Burrata + Heirloom Tomatoes + peaches+ Basil drizzle all with olive oil, salt and pepper and balsamic vinegar.

Heirloom Tomatoes + salami and cheese roll ups + pickled okra + hummus with zhoug + Plantain chips + baby cucumbers

Caprese Couscous + Pickled carrots + pickled cauliflower + Hummus + Mary’s seed crackers

Caprese Couscous– whole wheat couscous, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, fresh mozzarella balls+ arugula. Toss it all with olive oil and lemon juice.

Pantry Staples-

Mary’s Seed Crackers – I buy these at whole foods

Hummus- I love the Roots brand lima bean, black bean and regular hummus

Zhoug- a spicy green sauce I buy at Trader Joes. I love this on hummus.

Plantain chips

Cottage Cheese – I love the Nancy’s probiotic I buy this at Whole Foods

Pickled veggies- I buy these at our Farmers market but Whole Food has great pickled veggies at their salad and olive bar. They have okra, carrots, cauliflower, green tomatoes.

Fold it Flatbread- I buy this at Harris Teeter only 90 calories

Whole Wheat CousCous- great for any sort of salad I buy this at Trader Joe’s

Heirloom Tomatoes- I just think they have so much better flavor than regular tomatoes. I buy these at our Farmers Market or Whole Foods usually has a decent selection.

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  1. Tricia says:

    These look absolutely amazing ! Can’t wait to try.