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Obsessions: Post Baby Edition

Dec 17, 2013

Today I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite essentials post baby! Frances was 3 weeks old yesterday so these are tried and true favorites around here. I highly recommend for any new moms! 


This swing is amazing.  I can’t sing its praises enough.  I didn’t have this with Sterling and it has been so awesome to have for Frances.  We keep it sitting in our den and use it all the time.  It is compact and doesn’t take up much space which I love and it has five different motion settings.


I am a firm believer in sucking things in post baby.  I swear it helps your stomach remember what it used to be like and shrink faster.  Even Jessica Alba swears by using a corset after her daughters were born and look how quick she bounced back.  I bought this belly bandit after I had Sterling and I have used after both pregnancies.  It is not the most comfortable thing but it really does tighten your tummy.  I started wearing mine the day I got home from the hospital.  For those curious I have a size medium in the belly bandit.


A nice robe is a must in the hospital and at home.  Plus they are easy to nurse in.  Plum Pretty Sugar was sweet enough to send me this gorgeous cotton robe and I just adore it.  I seriously live in it!  It is so soft and washes really well.  This would be an awesome gift for any new mom or mom to be!


I used Aden and Anais blankets all the time with Sterling but never had the Bamboo ones til Frances.  Trust me they are so much softer and better than the regular ones.  They are all we use, plus I am obsessed with the peacock one that came in the set of three package!


I swear Spanx is not paying me or sending me free leggings although I sure wish they would.  But I have to include these on my list because they are essential post baby.  They suck everything in and make you feel good about yourself when you have them on. 


I have been loving the Honest Company Diapers.  The patterns are adorable and they work really well. I love that they are environmentally friendly and contain no chemicals.  Can you tell I love a peacock print?

This drying rack is awesome.  I use it for all my breast pump parts, bottles, Sterling’s sippy cups, and even wine glasses, multi use right there.  I love the sleek modern look.

Trust me zippered pjs make your life so much easier when changing 10+ diapers a day.  I love the ones from gap, they wash really well and are soft.  They are plain and sometimes it is hard to pjs without writing and words- nothing I hate more than stupid sayings on baby clothes.  Plus you can get 40% with code GAPXMAS.
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  1. elisabeth says:

    I'm curious about the Spanx leggings – do they suck you in but then create a weird muffin top above the waist? Nevermind that my "baby" is two years old, I am always on the lookout for suck-you-in things. šŸ™‚

  2. Ashley says:

    I keep hearing such great things about the spanx leggings. For women post baby to anyone! I'm keeping those swaddle blankets in mind for expectant friends!

  3. Great recap. I bought a cheap belly wrap from Bed Bath and Beyond right after my pregnancy and was not very diligent about wearing it, but I actually just purchased a belly bandit from Zulily yesterday knowing that I would like to use it after my next pregnancy. I am also curious to see how your baby likes the Mamaroo after about 6 weeks old. Once my son got past the "sleep all the time" phase, he was not into his Mamaroo at all. It has taken until now (5 months old) that he is interested in sitting in it again but still only for short periods of time.

  4. Sarah says:

    I agree about all of the sayings and appliques on baby items! It drives me bananas. We are expecting a baby girl in March, and I would love if you posted about where you find some of Frances's clothes. We are super picky, and haven't been able to find many items that aren't smothered in words or baby animals! šŸ™‚

  5. Oh my Goodness the prints of those diapers are soooo cute!!!

  6. I love those swaddle blankets!

  7. Sarah says:

    Are the diapers cloth? Do you just order for all stages?

  8. Sarah says:

    Whoa! They are so expensive! $14 a diaper! My little guy won't be rockin these unfortunately. They are super cute tho šŸ™‚

  9. Julia Mills says:

    Totally doing the belly bandit post next baby. And yes zipper pjs are amazing…my little E lived in them as long as he could (I also loved gowns when he was a newborn because my sleep deprived self could get him dressed in the middle of the night).

    Xo, J

  10. Emily says:

    great great favorites!! can't wait to use our mamaroo – so glad you love it!! and just received the bamboo swaddles and the belly bandit as a gift!! going to order some of those gap pajamas now, and i'll definitely be looking into the honest diapers – thanks for this wonderful and comprehensive list!! so excited for your beautiful family!

  11. Great recs! Due in just under 4 weeks, and I'm already excited about getting together my post-pregnancy wardrobe.

    I bought the Spanx at your recommendation…in a small (my normal size). I tried to put them on last night and it practically sent me to therapy. Did you stick with your 'true size' with the order? Wondering if I should order a size up or if they are supposed to really be that tight? I've never had Spanx before. Thanks!

  12. Bookmarking this post for future reference! I have Spanx leggings on the way from Shopbop thanks for the recommendation!

  13. lvmoon says:

    Just bought the Rag and Bone booties. Hope I like them and they fit!! šŸ™‚

    Have you tried Lysee leggings? They are amazing. Suck you in and wash and wear great. Don't stretch out. You can get them on amazon but I originally found them at a boutique downtown.
    I love your blog-this is my first comment. Baby Frances is adorable and I love the name. That was a final contender for my baby girl, too.
    Congratulations and thank you for all of your amazing recommendations and being so honest and real.

  14. Ashley says:

    We have the gap zip onesies in every color! They are the best thing ever for half-awake nighttime diaper changes šŸ™‚ Am super curious about the belly bandit, may have to look into getting one!

  15. Patria Jase says:

    Yes zipper pjs are amazing. I need zip oneness in every color! You can get them on amazon but I originally found them at a boutique downtown. The prints of those diapers are so cute!!! I like them.

    Diaper Bags

  16. Ameen Azzam says:

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  17. Morgan S. says:

    In NYC this weekend, Nordstrom Rack had Spanx leggings on sale, so I grabbed a couple for post-3rd baby! I also plan on getting a Belly Bandit!! Lord knows, Momma wants her flat tummy back – and FAST! You look great! Those diapers are great, I am reading The Honest Life, but I use cloth diapers actually and I love it (well, as much as you can love using diapers, lol)


  18. I still want to get a pair of those Spanx leggings! And I'm loving all of these tips/obsessions for when we have a little one!

  19. Merry Christmas! Your little lady is so precious! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas as a family of 4.
    Love the anchor diapers from Honest Company. I wish I had them three years ago when I had Elle.

  20. sania jamil says:

    watch beautfiul and creative stuff by Turkish art producion i hope you appriciate it Mera Sultan

  21. Mandy C says:

    Great list, I am also a firm believer of the Belly Bandit.