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Spicy Thai Noodles

Dec 18, 2013

I have become obsessed with Thai food this year.  I  thought it was pregnancy cravings but nope I am still craving it.  These Thai Noodles are off the hook good.  So easy to make and they save well in the fridge for days!  I found this recipe on Pinterest, there are about a million Thai noodle recipes on there!   I really liked the ingredients in this one because I basically had everything on hand to make it.  I recommend using angel hair pasta or even better the the thin Asian Noodles in the international aisle at the grocery.  You can save prep time by pre-chopping the veggies and nuts and then just toss everything together for a quick meal!  I think this would be great served with chicken and/or shrimp for a heartier meal.  I made a big batch and ate it as lunch one week.

:: S P I C Y   T H A I   N O O D L E S ::

– 1 package thin Asian Noodles or Angel Hair
– 1-2 tablespoons crushed red pepper- depends how spicy you want it
– 1/4 cup vegetable oil
– 1/2 cup sesame oil
– 6 tablespoons honey
-6 tablespoons soy sauce
– shredded carrots
– sliced green onions
– fresh cilantro
– chopped peanuts

Heat both oils and red pepper flakes in small saucepan over medium heat about 5mins or until heated.   Strain out red pepper flakes and save oil.  Note 2 tablespoons of red pepper flakes makes this dish very spicy.  Whisk in honey and soy sauce to oil mixture.  Boil noodles and drain.  Toss noddles with sauce and then add in veggies. I add in the nuts last and use them sparingly.

Original recipe says to Refrigerate overnight and serve cold, I also thought they were good room temperature too.

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  1. lvmoon says:

    I lovee thai!
    Sandra Lee Semi Homemade recipe for pad thai http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/sandra-lee/pad-thai-recipe/index.html

    is really good and easy too. Similar recipe. I was forced to learn to make thai food when we moved from NYC to the suburbs.


  2. I've been starting to like Thai food a lot more lately. This looks delicious!! If only I could get my husband on board!

  3. Melissa W. says:

    Yum!! I would add Sriracha on top! Give it some more heat! Off to the grocery store…

  4. You had me at Thai and spicy. I love anything Asian – I'm obsessed! I need to try this. Thanks for sharing!


  5. KatiePerk says:

    I love everything about this recipe.

  6. Julia Mills says:

    OMG this looks amazing! I need to make this tomorrow, really I mean tonight! Holy cow! YUM!

    Xo, J

  7. looks so good..I love thai food too

  8. I'm LOVING all of these recipes lately!

  9. I make Asian noodles at least once a week….love this recipe! That big bowl of noodles looks so yummy!

  10. Oh this looks SOOO good!!! I love thai, so this is right up my alley!

  11. This looks delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe! šŸ™‚

  12. Love me some thai food! I attempted pumpkin curry a couple weeks ago. It was ok but turned out rather bland. Which was a bummer! Had I read the reviews I would have known that!

  13. Patria Jase says:

    Wow!!! It seems very delicious and healthy. But the best thing and the feature, it is spicy . I like spicy food. I make noodles at least once a week. I love this recipe looks so yummy!

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  14. Alicia xoxxo says:

    I am so making this! Thanks for sharing!

  15. sania jamil says:

    watch beautfiul and creative stuff by Turkish art producion i hope you appriciate it Mera Sultan

  16. I made this tonight – crazy good. The leftovers in the frig may be eaten after the kids go to bed. Thank you for sharing!!