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Scenes From Our Weekend

Oct 1, 2012

Here is what went down.

Did a little Antique shopping with my mom and found the perfect Lucite bench for our bedroom.  Of course it was already sold.  I am still stewing about this.  I actually loved the fabric and it was in great condition.  Figures, right?

Although I missed out on the bench, I did score some sweet vintage jewelry at an Estate Sale we hit up that day.

I loved having my family in town.  This is me,  my mom,  and sister before our art walk we went on Friday night.

Saturday we hit up the Farmers Market and I was so flattered that one of my readers from Atlanta stopped me on the streets to say she loved my blog.  Made my day and made me feel like a quasi celebrity!  So thank you for stopping and saying hi!  Sterling loved the jump castle.

Saturday we did a booze cruise with my rents. I made Greek Salad Skewers- thank you pinterest.  All you do is skewer Feta, olives, cucumbe,r and cherry tomatoes.  Super easy and delish.  Both my dad and Matt commented on how much they liked them.   I figured the men wouldn’t like them but I was wrong!

Our boat ride rocked.   Sometimes I forget how lucky we are to have a boat and live near the water, it really soothes your soul.

My mom had the genius idea of bringing Sterling Big boy underwear this weekend (and no he is not potty trained yet, have yet to attempt it) .  He loved them and wanted to wear them right then of course.  My mom put them on him and told him to tell us before he needed to tee tee.  Two hours later I had honestly forgotten he was wearing them.  He says “Mommy I made a poo, I need you to change it.”  I looked down and there was pee all over our den rug and poo running down his legs.  Big Boy Underwear = Massive Fail. 

This is right before the bath we had to take to clean everything up.  I dread potty training, for reals.

Ended Our Weekend with some delicious homemade Tomato Dill Soup and Truffled Grilled Cheese.  If you have never added truffle oil to your grilled cheese sandwich you are really missing out!  Recipes coming Wednesday!



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  1. What a bummer about the bench. I have to say, every time I see her, your mom looks so young! It is cray. Good for her! Your grilled cheese and soup looks amaze sista!

  2. Nat says:

    That lucite bench is gorgeous- such a bummer- the jewelry was a great find though! I need to hear about truffle oil in grill cheese because grilled cheese is one of my go-tos!

  3. Kyle says:

    The bench is phenomenal! I saw two x-benches this weekend I am kicking myslef for not buying. I am coming to Charleston with my family in a few weeks to visit one of my best friends! Maybe we will run into you at the Farmer's market. : ) I love it and have been there before.

  4. Loving it all my dear and you're making me really miss charleston with your talk of art walks and boat rides on the harbor…..sigh….

    Why is potty training part of our job. It's stressing me out big time. So gross!

  5. Sterling looks like your dad in that pic! lovely weekend!

  6. Henry is potty trained except for the pooping. I just cleaned up a similar mess and it was awful!!

    How fun to be spotted on the street!! I would die. šŸ™‚

  7. Natalie says:

    That bench is gorgeous! And I can't wait for the recipe for that truffled grilled cheese — sounds incredible.

  8. I need to hit up an estate sale! I heard people get designer bags at them. Beautiful ladies in your family! Don't get me started on potty training….

  9. Lili says:

    i swear putting on big biy underwear on sterling is the first step! he'll get it in no time at all!

    dying for that grilled cheese now!

  10. Katie says:

    That bench is amazing, such a bummer you missed out! What antique stores in atlanta are your favorite?

  11. Keely says:

    LOVE that bench! Would love some recommendations on good Antique spots in Charleston. We went to one called Terrace Oaks Antique Mall and it was set up so nice with ALL kinds of neat things…all out of my price range of course.
    Looks like a fun relaxing weekend!
    Cant wait for the recipe, that will force me to remember to buy that oil…I always forget.

  12. Um I saw that bench on your instagram and almost died!! Of course it was SOLD…it was gorgeous though!! Poor Sterling and Mom with his potty training, he will get it though! And I can't wait to see this recipe, I love a good grilled cheese!

  13. Gracyn says:

    Can't wait for the recipes! Looks like a fun weekend!

  14. Ahh, that bench! What a bummer. Looks like a great weekend with your family! …but poor little Sterling! šŸ™

    I was craving grilled cheese yesterday and so we made plans for it tonight. Yours sounds delish! Such a great comfort meal.

  15. Recipes look great. You're making me jealous with the boating. Our boat and warm weather is still in SC… Bummer

  16. megan says:

    So excited that recipe is coming Wednesday! A good tomato soup and grilled cheese recipe can never be too obvious! šŸ™‚ Poor Sterling, he'll get the hang of it soon. šŸ™‚

  17. livingchel says:

    What a bummer about the bench. Its's gorgeous. I love the idea of Greek salad skewers. I am totally making that sometimes soon.

  18. I just made those skewers for my book club- delish with a little Balsamic Vinegar drizzled on them. What did we do before Pinterest?!

  19. Alexa says:

    That bench is out of control! I love it!

  20. Aww poor Sterling. šŸ™

    Grilled cheese and tomato soup is one of my all time favorite things! Yes, I'm looking forward to the recipe. It might be a life changer! haha

  21. Love that bench! Hopefully you will see another one you like soon! I love the picture of you, your Mom & sis!! You all look so pretty! I can't wait to hear about the truffled grilled cheese, sounds so good! I bought a bottle of truffle oil and am not sure what to make with it.

  22. Brooke Wise says:

    Oh myyyy that bench is to die for!! I have a weakness for anything with truffle oil and I could love on cheese alone. Therefore, I must consume this combo ASAP! Sterling is so adorable!


  23. Y'all are the cutest! Dying over the bench!