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Scenes From Our Weekend

Jan 21, 2013

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  We sure did.  We made not one single plan.  After a few back to back weekends filled with plans we were happy to just sit at home and watch Homeland- finished the first season.  So good!!  Need to get my hands on season two ASAP.

Friday Sterling had no school- no idea why they needed to be out Friday and Monday for MLK but they were.  Days without school can be long so I hosted a playgroup with a few of his friends.  Us moms enjoyed mimosas while the kids played and ate lunch.

How adorable is this picture of the boys praying before lunch?  Melted my heart.  They all go to the same school and learn the prayer “God Our Father” and they sang it before lunch.  Seriously wish I had recorded this sweetness.

My blurb book came in the mail and I could not be more thrilled with
it.  I did only Instagram pictures since they are hard to print.  The
quality was fantastic.  I ended up doing a soft cover book because it
was cheaper and I am so glad I did.  Sterling is obsessed it- my child is totally vein, he loves looking at pictures of himself.  I highly recommend!  The site was easy to use and my book came in less than a week! 

I tried my hand at mixing patterns this weekend.  I am normally not really one for mixing patterns.  I think it looks cute on others but not me.  But here is my look for Saturday errands.

(Joie Stripped Sweater (old), Missoni Scarf, Rag and Bone Jeans, BR Booties (old but similar here))

I went to two different drugstores and Walmart trying to find the Revlon Soft Nude lipstick.  Not one had it of course.  However at CVS for 75% I found the shade darker than Soft Nude called Rosy Nude for a whopping $2.  It is darker than I wanted but actually not a bad color.  And surprisingly the lipstick went on well and stayed on.


Excuse my nasty hair in this picture but this is how the lipstick looks on.  Subtle color and it lasts awhile this was after it had been on about 2 hours.  Totally worth $2.


Upon further researching I found out the elusive Revlon Soft Nude is now discontinued.  I managed to find an Ebay site however that sells them so I ordered one to test out.  You can’t beat the price.

I found some fab new pillows for our guest bedroom from HomeGoods.  Seriously how awesome do these pillows look?  It makes me happy everytime I walk by this room.  Its coming together slowly but surely.

When did my little baby turn into such a big boy?  He is almost too big for the baby swings.  Time flies.

I did manage to force him into a cute outfit this weekend, bribery always works.  Dressing him has become such a pain in the arse and a challenge.    He is so opinionated and all he wants to wear is his spider man shirt.  Every. single.day.

Case and point as soon as we got home from church this came back on. And he wants to wear shorts everyday no matter how cold it is.  So hard headed.

Boys will be boys. 
Happy Monday.  No school again (ahhhhhh)!



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  1. Your lunch looks so yummy! Total motivation to get to the store this morning for healthy foods! I've got to find the time to make a blurb book. Such fun! And you totally did a great job mixing patterns!

  2. Ok you look fabulous in your mixed patterns! You don't miss a beat. Of course your child is vain. Look at him! Holy cuteness. Love your new guest pillows my sweets!

  3. tpatters5 says:

    Fabulous pillows!!! Luv. The book is adorable. Such a cute family!!

  4. Glad you like your Blurb book, too. It's such a wonderful and easy way to actually print out and organize photos.

  5. Haha Matthew is also obsessed with spiderman, but he hasn't taken the obsession to clothes yet! Love the pillows, and the kids praying are too cute! I made a blurb album too, still waiting for it, yours looks fantastic šŸ˜‰

  6. Ashley says:

    I need to try making a Blurb book! I have so many Instagram pictures that need to be saved. I've found the Revlon Nude at Rite Aid's and CVS lately.

  7. I'm wondering why I've never thought to serve mimosas at a morning playgroup…brilliance. The book looks great, such a nice idea!

  8. Courtney says:

    Love the pattern mixing and the little guy is too cute!

  9. I love your book! I've been using http://www.mypublisher.com to make family albums every year. They are huge hard-cover coffee table books. I am obsessed with them! They are $$$ but I will treasure them until the day I die. šŸ™‚

  10. Love that blurb book! Great way to save the Instagram pics. I miss the days when Jonah would let me dress him in cute outfits. Now it's just Under Armour and more Under Armour! So glad Meredith is still a fashionista! lol

  11. I'm so with you on the days without school. Long. Long. LOOOONG. I think a playdate is just what we need…and some good pattern mixing, that outfit is *awesome*! I'm pretty sure my children stopped letting me dress them as soon as they could tell me "no"…it's a very sad day and we've had a lot of super crazy outfits ever since…polka dot/leopard/stripe combos are the bomb.

  12. Jenny Postma says:

    Thank you for reminding me order that Missoni scarf:) What a great price for a classic! Also love your playdate spread & cocktails!

  13. Mimosas are the best for morning playgroups! And as always you have the best "finds" from HomeGoods!!!

  14. 17 Perth says:

    Yum! Looks like a delicious meal—and those little guys holding hands–adorable!

  15. Christina says:

    Sterling does look like he is getting so big! I want to meet the little munchkin. Probably not appropriate to bring him to wine night? ha. Shoot, call me if you need a babysitter. Will babysit for wine during unemployment, haha!

  16. megan says:

    I think I want to make a Blurb book of all of our events / happenings during our engagement! Those guest pillows are so pretty!

  17. Susan says:

    i feel ya on the no school situation!

  18. Courtana says:

    That picture of all of the boys was praying was adorable! So sweet with the hand holding šŸ™‚

  19. Lisa says:

    After your Friday post, I stopped at CVS on my way home from the gym and found the Revlon Soft Nude lip color. I also bought a Colorburst Lip Butter (Revlon) in creme brulee. I tried both with the lip gloss you mentioned. I actually liked the creme brulee better. Love your Blurb book and your outfit/pattern mixing is pure awesomeness! Hope you had a great Monday!!!

  20. Love the HG pillows! I've been stalking there myself lately in search of similar pillows. Unfortunately, having one right across the street from my office can make for an expensive lunch break!

  21. LuLu says:

    I went to two Targets and Ulta and could not find that lip stick.

  22. Anna Hussey says:

    Try revlon's super lustrous "just enough buff" #613 under peach petal gloss! I've been really happy with this combo : )

  23. Love that praying picture–so cute! During our Thanksgiving feast at school, I had a similar experience with my kindergartners: I looked over and they were doing "Cheers!"