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Thoughts For Friday

Feb 22, 2013

Thank God for the weekend!  After being so sick last weekend and then tending to my little man who also caught the stomach bug I am ready for a fun weekend with no illness (praying Matt doesn’t get it, hoping he is in the clear since he hasn’t caught it yet).  We have no big plans but I am looking forward to some quality family time!  I can’t wait to hit up the drug store and buy some of the great stuff you gals recommended!

Last week I stumbled upon the most genius food invention ever, Brownie Brittle.  Have you guys tried this stuff?  It is amazing.  Tastes just like a brownie but it is thin and crunchy.  I was skeptical at first but it knocked my socks off.  Buy some you can thank me later or hate me later when you eat the whole bag.

My Forever 21 Dress came in the mail and me likey.  For the price it is a great maxi.  I highly recommend, for all you locals it is not in the store I checked you have to order online.

{F21 Tribal Maxi}

Thanks to one of my readers, Chrystal from Its Fairly Obvious, for recommending Oribe Texturizing Spray.  This stuff works wonders.  I spray it in my hair before I curl or straighten it and it gives it so much more body and it smells amazing.  It is not cheap but I promise it is worth the money.  It serves kind of as a dry shampoo as well as styling agent- double bonus.

For some reason I decided to DVR The Making of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.  If you really want to feel bad about your body just watch this (haha).  And sadly I was eating the mini Cadbury Eggs while I watched it,  which made me feel even worse, I kept thinking put the eggs away look at these skinny girls they don’t eat cadbury eggs.  The girls were stunning,  bodies and faces.   In all honesty it was actually kind of an interesting documentary.   Lets discuss Kate Upton’s Boobs- there is no way these are real, right??

This beauty is on its way to me.  Thank Jenny Andrews for making incredible art.  You guys should check out her Etsy shop HERE.  I love all her work!  Thinking I am going to hang it in our den.

I could not resist this shirt at JCrew for Sterling because well lets face it, he is a real heartbreaker.  Its on sale now too:)  For any of you curious about sizing I got him a 4/5 and it fits pretty well with a little room to grow.  Tell me this is not the cutest thing you have seen?
{Heartbreaker Tee}

I have convinced myself I need a tortoise shell ice bucket.  I saw a picture somewhere of one filled with pink flowers and I loved it.  Then I came across this picture on a bar cart and I love it too!

I did a little researching and found this super affordable one at Nordstrom (Matt a great birthday idea would be to buy this and fill it with pink flowers for my birthday).  This would be such a fabulous house warming gift as well.

{Turtoiseshell Ice Bucket}

Love this quote, something I have been reminding myself alot lately.

Have a great weekend friends!



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  1. Love me some tortoise, I've had my eye on an ice bucket as well. Pretty much since I saw in on Jessie Short's home tour. I've been waiting a polite amount of time before I just completely copy the girl šŸ™‚

    So sorry y'all have been sick. There is nothing worse. Sterling's shirt is absolutely adorable like him. I'm just glad we can make him be Wells' prom date one day. He's going to be very busy when he's older I'm sure of it!

    And that quote is SO TRUE my sweets. SO TRUE!

    Happy Weekend!!!

  2. Maxi dresses looks so good on you, always! Looving the art, I love her work! Have a great weekend darling!

  3. Where did you get the texturizing spray? And do you think it helps hold a curl in your hair? Sometimes I have an issue with that on freshly washed hair.

  4. Great ice bucket buy. And Jenny's latest batch is amazing, she's so great. I've bought the brownie brittle before and considering I'm more of a chewy brownie fan and liked them still, I'd say they're pretty good. Happy weekend.

  5. Elizabeth H says:

    Love the dress, I wish a maxi would work on me…..to short. And the heartbreaker shirt is adorable!! Will have to get one for my little heartbreaker.


  6. My husband thinks Kate Upton's boobs are real. I initially thought no way, but she's pretty curvy in general, so it's possible. My 7 year old daughter saw the magazine in the Teeter the other day and was fascinated.

  7. You always have the best treats! You look adorbs in your dress.I might have to try some of that hair product AND love the tortoise shell bucket!

  8. people have been telling me to try that oribe texturizing spray forever and i just haven't pulled the trigger yet. my hair is such a mess lately.

  9. Oh I need to check out that texturizing spray…where did you find it?! Happy Friday!! xo

  10. Anna H says:

    I have to snag that shirt for my lil' guy! Great find!

    I picked up this one yesterday from Gap…loving the toddler boy t's!


  11. Kate's boobs look real to me. Need to try that spray from my hair! My hair always looks better on the second day after I wash it. Maybe the spray will make it look as good the day I wash it? Great maxi. Have a good weekend:)

  12. So glad to hear you and the little are on the up and up! Stomach flu is the pits, so here's to a great weekend filled with brownie brittle and fab maxi dresses (c; And I would just like to say that her boobs can't be real because that would just not be effing fair. There, I said it (c;

  13. megan says:

    The brownie brittle is so addicting and yummy! That shirt is perfect for Sterling. šŸ™‚

  14. Katie says:

    Brownie brittle!?! Looks amazing…where did you find it?

    That ice bucket rocks! Thanks for sharing, just pinned it! šŸ™‚

    That shirt is perfect…will be getting that for my little man for sure.

    Have a good weekend!

  15. The brownie brittle is calling my name…looks amazing. Also, def get that perfect little tortoise ice bucket. Great find!!

  16. That brownie brittle sounds amazing! I will have to try some. Sterling's shirt is adorable šŸ™‚

  17. Allison says:

    LOVE the ice bucket! I love it so much I actually just ordered it off amazon.com šŸ™‚

  18. I'm so glad you tried that texturizing spray!! It's seriously
    My favorite. It's the only thing I can use a dry shampoo. Definitely worth the money. Hope you have a great weekend.

  19. Celia Smith says:

    Where can I get the brownie batter?!!!

  20. Val says:

    You had me at brownie brittle….Oh yeah – her boobies are real…ha. Amazing huh?