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Scenes From Our Weekend

Mar 4, 2013

We had a fantastic weekend.  It was jam packed with good food, drinks, and fun!

I finally picked up my Cane Back Chair from the Upholster and I am thrilled with the results.  I ended up going with Navy Velvet and brass nailheads.  Very traditional, I feel like I can jazz it up with a fun pillow.

I think I am going to order one of these Kelly Wearstler pillows for the back of the chair.  Which pattern do ya’ll vote for Bengal Bazaar or Confetti?

Friday Night we were lucky enough to score tickets to one of the Food and Wine Festival Events at the Old JailHouse.  It was super fun minus the fact that it was unseasonably cold this weekend!  We were freezing our butts off outside,  but the delicious drinks helped to warm us up.

Chassity and I of course could not pass up a photo op with Captain Jack Sparrow.  He was pretty talented with the eyeliner.

The drinks at the party were so innovative and tasty.  They featured Rum and Tequila, of course the Tequila ones were my favorite!

Saturday we played some ball with our little man, he is pretty darn good with a baseball.  and yes it was like 40 degrees outside but he insisted on no jacket- so hard headed sometimes.

I had a fun girls dinner out at Cypress Saturday night and don’t judge but I wore the same dress I wore Friday night.  I switched out the jewelry and it was totally different people I was hanging with so I figured what the heck!  Please tell me some of you are repeat offenders too with your outfits!

The dress is the BB Dakota Noland Dress that I got from Social Dress Shop, it is sold out there but I found it online HERE.  It is such a great dress, I obviously love it since I wore it two days in a row!  It is a great price too!

{ BB Dakota Noland Dress}

I became addicted to mini Oreos this weekend.  Sterling and I polished off a bag in 24 hours.  These things are so good!  I won’t be buying them again anytime soon after I ate so many of them!  I have no self control around these tasty treats.

My painting from Jenny arrived and I am so smitten.  I can’t wait to get her framed and hang her in our house!

Love this quote, Happy Monday!



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  1. Confetti all the way! Love that red dress! It's a great color on you!!!

  2. You look amazing. Your chair is amazing. Go with the confetti for the pillow!

  3. First of all, that chair looks amazing. I think you will never regret going with something classic and simple for the upholstery. And pillows on etsy are such an easy option for changing it up. Glad y'all had such a fun weekend!

  4. SARAH HARDY says:

    Love the red dress and I love you wore it twice. When it's a good outfit you just have to! Happy Monday

  5. Such fun on Friday! You looked beautiful in the dress, and I love that chair too.

  6. Nat says:

    I say confetti all the way!! Love that red dress, I totally would have worn it two nights in a row I do that with outfits I love all the time.

  7. Preppy Mama says:

    The chair is amazing! Great choice. That dress is gorgeous on you!! You always look amazing. I am in love with the gold necklace in the first pic…where is it from??

  8. Alicia xoxxo says:

    Love your red dress! And yes I am a repeat offender. I totally make outfits look different with different jewelry. Looks like fun Friday night! We went out to dinner Friday night and I thought of you. The restaurant we went to had a huge selection of tequila. I mean pages and pages! I thought you would love it!
    Love love love that quote! So true. I splurged on a dress yesterday and I felt really bad about it. But then I told myself it would last forever and snapped out of it! šŸ˜‰

  9. The chair looks great! Did you get time to have a martini in it yet?

    I like the Bangal Bazaar pillow on the chair, but it really all depends on how it works with the rest of the room, so you'll know best.

    I wouldn't think twice about wearing the dress twice if you love it so much and it fits well, especially if the people are different.

  10. The painting is gooorgeous and I vote for confetti all the way!

  11. A Manolescu says:

    Love your leather jacket! And what everyone said–you look amazing in red (well, and pretty much everything you wear, lol šŸ™‚

    I totally repeat my favorite outfits…even my husband makes fun of me for it!

  12. Alexa says:

    OMG those oreos! I'm dying. Looks like an amazing weekend!

  13. Love the pillows!! I thin I'd go with the Bazaar! So cute.

    Love your dress too!!



  14. Lauren Led says:

    I vote confetti! But love both!

  15. KatiePerk says:

    Pretty lady! That chair turned out so stylish. Love.

  16. Sara Mueller says:

    love your dress! and I say go for the bengal bazaar or another I would try for fun is a mongolian lamb pillow to add some more texture.

  17. Just got two bengal bazaar pillows for myself and LOVE them!!

  18. 17 Perth says:

    What a fun weekend! And I am a definite repeat offender! haha. Couldn't agree more—love it with the black tights. I think your chair turned out great! Love the bazaar pillow for it–but both are great options.

  19. Quote is cracking me up. Such a fun wrap up. The chair looks fantastic. My vote is the first pillow!!

  20. Jill says:

    Best quote ever!!

    Of course I am a repeat offender!!

  21. You look amazing in that red dress! So cute!

  22. Vanessa says:

    I am DEFINITELY a repeat offender with my outfits. Sometimes it's just easier and with some different accessories it becomes a whole new look! Love your blog šŸ™‚


  23. emily says:

    You chair is amazing! I like the confetti pillow!

  24. The chair is simply…amazing! I would go with the confetti print pillow, because it can easily transition to another piece of furniture if you ever wanted to switch things up. Looks really pretty against the rich navy. Your new art piece is sensational. Keep us posted where it goes. : )