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Scenes From Our Weekend

Aug 5, 2013

We had such a productive weekend this weekend. It is a good feeling to get things accomplished. 

First and foremost big thank you to my Dad who painted the nursery for us.  He really is a master painter.  He is so tall he can trim with no ladder and no tape and he paints fast!  I went with Pratt and Lambert’s Quartz Moon for our color but halved the strength of it.  It was my first instinct and my mom and sister both picked it in the blind test, so I had to trust my family.  The color went best with the rest of what I envision in the nursery.  I could not be more pleased it is the perfect purple gray.  Here is a peek this is the first coat.

Another big thank you to my in-laws who gave us a King size bed.  Our queen bed was always so cramped with the two of us and we both like our space sleeping.  This literally changed our lives this weekend, I will never go back to a Queen Bed again.  I still need a dust ruffle, duvet, and headboard but for now we are just happy we have a larger bed to accommodate our growing family.  Sterling is already smitten with it and wanted to nap in our room.

Lately I have been obsessed with Thai and Vietnamese food.  If you have any good recipes send them my way.  My mom is equally addicted and every time she is in town we always pick up Vietnamese Tacos from Ban Bah Mi.  If you have never been you must.  The best tacos ever.  Our favorites are the 5 spice pork and beef.

While mom was here we of course hit up an Estate Sale.  Mom is so good at scouring these sales for amazing finds.  

We have trained Sterling well at these sales, this is him patiently waiting to enter.  He was not so patient inside especially when he found the toy room:)

I scored this abstract signed painting for practically nothing.  I mean prices at Estate Sales are so good!  It is hard to see but it is a cream and white abstract and we hung it in our bathroom.

Saturday was a pool and boat day.  I may have fallen asleep on the boat, I have been so tired lately!

We did manage to see another amazing rainbow.  We have had the best luck with rainbows this summer!  As usual once the camera comes out Sterling does not cooperate.

I realized I have entirely too many book on my night table.  Sad thing is I am reading them all.

Sunday I took Sterling to see Smurfs 2 while Matt went fishing with a buddy.  I can not go to the movies and not order buttered popcorn and coke.  It is so many calories but so worth it.

Lastly, I am 6 months along- although I still have a little less than 4 months til my due date. I forget you are really pregnant for almost 10 months and not 9.

I have been obsessed with the brand Riller and Fount for both my pregnancies.  The dress I am wearing is by them and so comfortable.  All their clothes are made out of the softest tee shirt material.

They have the a similar version on Piperlime in Black or Gray. The side rouching is key pregnant or not it hides all lumps and bumps:)

{Riller and Fount Christinia Tunic}

I also own this Kimono Dress by RF and love it.  The black and gray are on sale right now at Piperlime too.  I own the black and live in it!

{Riller and Fount Kimono Dress}

I leave you with this, my child has turned into a picky eater wanting peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for every meal.




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  1. You weren't kidding about having a productive weekend! Pretty sure I accomplished nothing…. Nursery paint color looks great! That estate picture, I LOVE! I'd devour that taco right now, at 7:35am. And cutest pregnant person EVER!


  2. Gah, y'all did have a productive weekend! I love the color you painted the nursery, fun to do something other than pink for a girl! Great score at the estate sale too! Love your quote ending your post-so true!!!!

  3. Busy weekend! We love our king bed. We are small people but we love being able to stretch out. The nursery looks great so far. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  4. E Hayes says:

    Too funny, so not ate we having similar nursery colors we just got a king too!! Coming later this wk, can't wait!!

    Great minds right šŸ˜‰ šŸ˜‰

  5. I am going to need those tacos ASAP! You are looking great mama.

  6. Amy Florez says:

    Love the paint color! So want to try those tacos!!! We love our King bed and anything smaller feels like a cot once you've made the switch! I've always wanted to go to an estate sale!!! Let me know next time you go to one!

  7. I love the paint choice! Looks like a great weekend!

  8. Emily Clark says:

    Made this spicy thai noodle recipe last night and it was awesome!


    I can't handle cooking thai at home if it includes oyster sauce but this recipe tasted perfect. I added a spoon of peanut butter and table spoon of rice vinegar. Perfect!

  9. I don't even know where to start! I'm obsessed with your nursery color! I'm completely jealous of your free king bed. We're saving for one right now. So not what we want to blow money on, but it's so needed. Third, you look so fantastic in all those pictures. The tacos look good, and I love that estate sale score. How do you find out about them? I've seen several signs around lately but never convenient for me to go.

  10. I want that dress!! I love the paint color. So pretty.

    Rich and I are longing for a king size bed!!!

  11. King beds are definitely the way to go, I cannot imagine going back to a queen! You look beautiful!

  12. You look adorbs. And we have had some amazing rainbows haven't we?
    Yep, Bahn Mi is amaze, wish they had more seating. And hooray for a king bed!

  13. So in love with the paint color you chose for the nursery! And yay for your new king size bed, I need one!

  14. Melissa W. says:

    King bed-a must for us next! Dying to see what you do with the nursery! I always pick colors and reduce 50% too! My house is so old and doesn't have many windows, so I always afraid of too dark paint colors! You look like a perfect poster model for 6 months pregnant!

  15. When I saw you instagram the pic of the popcorn and coke, I immediately asked Brandon if we could go see a movie. We couldn't figure out what to go see, though. Little beats buttery movie theater popcorn.

  16. What an amazing weekend you had! Love the nursery color – it looks perfect!

  17. Love the paint color!! Can't wait to see what else you do. We got a king bed a few years ago and we will never go back. I need my space!!

  18. Alicia xoxxo says:

    Whoa! You got a lot done! Love the color of the nursery! I need to go to an estate sale out here. I bet I could score some great things. Owen doesnt look at the camera either. šŸ™ And I love that dress, but no more shopping for me. Must get back on budget. Double boo!

  19. It's always a great feeling to get shiz done over a weekend! And I'm totally impressed that you sat through Smurfs 2, I'm pretty sure that's one that I'm carefully avoiding (c; The little bump is so cute!!! I have to say I have lamented many times that they call pregnancy "9 months", it's such a lie! Give me my credit, dammit! (c;

  20. Megan says:

    Love the paint color, it's the perfect subtle purple/gray! Doesn't the King size bed totally change your life!? Amazing.

    Instagram: megawat

  21. Taylor says:

    looks like such a great – and productive weekend. you look great! I have been reading nonstop, and I have 4 more ready to go too. Even if I am reading trashy books, it still makes me feel intellectual šŸ™‚


  22. Tess says:

    Ahhh so many thoughts!!

    1. I'm totally with on the king vs. queen bed situation. We have a queen (and no kids) and it's already started to feel cramped!

    2. I started Ladies Night – on your nightstand – and I CANNOT put it down. I literally read for 6 hours last night.

    3. The nursery color is fantastic, love it!!

    4. I made a Red Thai Curry on Friday night, and it's SO easy and so simple. My post for it goes live on Thursday if you get a chance to check it. I literally could make it every night of the week.

  23. Leslie says:

    Love the color of the nursery! You're looking great. Happy 6 months!

  24. We seriously need to upgrade from a Queen to a King. Every time we go away and have a larger bed we swear we're going to buy one when we come home.

  25. What a fun weekend!!! And those tacos look so delicious…I have been obsessed with fish tacos lately! Or any mexican food for that matter!!! Loving the nursery paint color too!! XoXo

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